Saturday, July 13, 2013

Archangel Michael : Please Do Not Disrespect Yourselves Nor Sell Yourselves Short Any More

Channelled by Ron Head On July 11, 2013 

imageAt the risk of being seen to repeat myself endlessly, let me begin by pointing out that once again you are being flooded with vastly more amounts and higher vibrations of light than ever before. You will notice, however, that even though that is so, you are more able to adapt to it than ever before, as well. This is exactly as intended it should be.

The progress being made by you in becoming the new humans that you chose to become is remarkable when you consider the relatively short time in which you have achieved it. Yes, there is still some short way to go, but your evolution is nothing short of amazing.

You will likely have noticed, therefore, that the events of your world are beginning to reflect the new energetic environment in which they are happening. Perhaps they are not completely to your liking yet, at least we hope not, but it would be hard to deny some progress in the right direction. As we have told you over and again, you are the change-makers. Perhaps you do not perceive of yourselves as being on the front lines, so to speak, but we assure you that it is so.

The doing part of the event, as it is a peaceful change we are , and that means you and us, the doing part of the event that we are creating is the doing of energies and intent. No, you very likely will not be written up in any future history books, except those which are spoken of now as the akashic ones. But in those records, we assure you, you will never be omitted. Your generations, those which are living this time right now, will be told of forever. And may we add this, you are respected and revered even now.

So, dear ones, please do not disrespect yourselves nor sell yourselves short any more. You have a penchant for doing that, you know. You find it easy to read of, and even say that, you are the strongest and the best. But in your hearts, too many of you feel that we must be referring to others. No, my family of earthbound angels, we are referring to you, the one who is reading or hearing this. So, when you enter into your prayers or meditations, endeavor to find and feel the truth of that being, that you, of which we speak in this moment.

We promise you that being, that divine being exists in you and as you. Find her/him, accept these universal energies with gratitude, and watch yourselves grow with ease and grace.

We look forward to speaking with you again soon. Good day.

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