Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Devic Realm. A Favorite Message, About Finding Our Inner Child

The Devic Realm. “Be As The Little Children.”

 By Bella Capozzi - July 23, 2013
Originally received on October 12, 2012.
I was reading through some of my old messages this morning, and I came upon this really sweet one from the Water Deva. I normally will receive messages like this one when I’m by a lake or at the beach.  I’m definitely looking forward to returning home to Florida next month, where I’m sure I’ll be in the right place to get more.  This is one of my very favorites, and it addresses our need to view the world through the eyes of our inner child, and to live our adult lives with much of the lighthearted attitude of our children.  I hope you enjoy it!

✿ In the bright light of day, nothing shall be hidden.  Remember this well in the coming days;  because as  surely as the dawn breaks in the morning, so shall it herald the beginning of a new age.  You shall prepare yourselves for a different way of living by instilling within your hearts a deep determination-a vow-to drop the heaviness from  your hearts and cease giving credence to the chaotic illusions  continually bombarding  your senses.  Be as the little children.  

For, do they pay the darkness any heed at all?  Are the wee ones even mildly aware, nor interested, even?  To be as a child is simply to emulate – and in the most positive sense, might we add – those ones to whom the serenity of Source is the freshest of memories.  

They love purely and trustfully.  To imagine is to make make real.  They know this.  As these are the ones who are able to easily remember and thus embody the most fundamental Universal truths.  Innocence personified, they are.  And they have come in now to show the more jaded hearts the way it needs to be. 

Allow the children to show you ways to recreate your present Home, your Home and Gaia’s Home, our Home-soon to become the most  splendid locale in all of the Cosmos.  Our dear Earth is destined for unparalleled greatness.  If only you could see it and touch it on this day, although in due course you shall know these things and much, much  more.

✿ There is a simplicity to our existence, and to that of all of the residents of the Elemental Kingdoms.  And it is because you are created just as we are and by the same hand, that there is no plausible reason whatsoever that you cannot exist in a state of Divine generosity and gratitude, as we do.  No reason at all, except by your own choosing.  Plants flourish and grow, the fishes swim freely, the crystal kingdom glimmers and radiates bountifully of it’s lifeforce.  The animals romp and play amidst the grasses, the very grasses who in turn cleanse the air and give themselves selflessly over to you as vital sustenance.  Children live and children love.  And the seasoned ones, those of you who are the elder, strain and struggle to make sense of why you even came to be here with us in the first place. 

In your heart of hearts you innately know that the ways of the world are off-kilter somehow, and deep within you now stirs the slumbering memory of your long lost innocence.  You want it back, you must have it, and you shall take back what is rightfully your own.   Now is most opportune moment to reclaim it.  Now.  As the clouds part and the storm abates, a rainbow of unfathomable beauty reveals itself to you as the pathway to salvation.

✿ The stakes are high for Gaia-in truth, they are high for us all.   We who dwell together upon and within this planetary body survive here only by her good graces.  Gaia asks that you respect life, as all life is sovereign.  It is sacred.  The very act of life’s creation  is truly miraculous, and every one of us came into being as a deliberate decision and act of the Creator. 

Creator chose to form each and every one of us,  and breathed life unto us as a means to experience and explore.  To end another life is to take selfishly away from your Creator.  Do you wish to be one who deprives Creator of the right to enjoy a chosen experience?  New ways of sustaining and expressing yourselves  must be found, and in addition you are tasked to devise alternative forms of entertainment, and more healthful means of channeling your worries and frustrations.  

We cannot comprehend Mankind’s fascination with the darker aspects, and his penchant for killing and bloodsport.  It defies all explanation, in our eyes.  We caution you that it has come time to re-evaluate and re-prioritize.  The ways of old cannot long remain as the ways of the present, nor shall they ever be the ways of the new.  You must create other methods of diversion and conflict resolution now, in these last waning days leading up to the time when such issues shall cease to even be a factor of your reality.  It is by way of mutual respect, joy, laughter and the like that positive change shall come about.

✿ Ours is the Realm of the water, and it is mutable and transformative.  The lakes, the streams, the rivers the ponds…it is these places which we call Home.  You have come to know us as The Deva.  The Water Faeire.  We are the vibration of green.  

We share this jewel of a planetary body with you, and alongside you we shall collectively aid Gaia in her grand transfiguration.  May you reign forever young and playful, always .

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