Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Musings From The Pleiadian High Council

Excerpts From A Channelling By Wes Annac

July 30, 2013 -

Training for the Earth’s Ascension

As we said above, more souls will become open to the reality of our presence.

Souls who’ve come from our collective and from various other collectives working with the Galactic Federation and the Light Forces overall, have incarnated on your world in a direct effort to become bridges between the higher dimensions and the Earthly realms they’ve funneled themselves down into.

Various awakening Lightworkers take roots in our collective, as well as those of the Andromedans, Arcturians and Sirians.

However, beyond the races of the Galactic Federation incarnated on your world to bring forth truth and Light and act as conduits for our energies and impressions, there are a plethora of souls on your Earth now who’ve trained for the ascension taking place throughout various Earthly Lives.

You’ve each experienced incredible challenge and diversity as you went about your Earthly growing and learning, and you’ve largely completed your training as you seek in this final Life of yours on the lower-dimensional Earth to awaken the populace and help your entire collective to feel the energies you’re bringing through yourselves and absorbing in increasingly pure measures.

Flourishing Communication & the New Earth
More souls will become open; not just to our energies and impressions, but to those of so many other beings and collectives situated in these blissful higher realms.

Communication from the realms of spirit will flourish as strongly as rock n’ roll music flourished in the 1960s on your planet, as so many souls will find themselves imbued with the natural ability to communicate with the beings existing in the higher dimensions.

A renaissance will occur in your collective; a revolution of sorts that will see every soul seeking the higher dimensions and working together to rebuild your planet in ways that act in accordance with the needs of every Earthly soul.

Wes: Could you paint us a further picture of the New Earth we’re heading into and building? I’d love to hear some more about this future and about the work we’ll be doing.

PHC: We’ll explain these aspects of your future with joy and Love, dearest Wesley.

We would first ask you to keep in mind that you’re each Creating your realities individually and collectively, and while what we’ll give in regards to your future is indeed set in stone as we’ll be giving a general prediction, the details of your future and just how it’s brought about have always been left up to you.

We ask you to envision an Earth that works in the interests of each of its sovereign citizens. We ask you to envision a world literally glimmering with beings of pure consciousness and understanding, who’ve worked through the bulk of unawareness and density they’d fed and allowed to accumulate, and collectively found the realms of full consciousness.

We ask you to envision a world where the citizens have peacefully uprooted those in power and influence, and have taken to running your Earth in the ways that work best for each citizen. Envision, dear souls, a world where every soul is given a specific position to help keep the Earth and your society in good health.

We ask you to envision a world where money is not a factor; a world where money was once a factor and currency was used in the initial stages of that world’s collective’s building of their future, but where it’s since long faded away from use as it’s become outdated.

The New Earth Cont.

Envision a Galactic Earth with advanced technologies shared all around, and engineered crystal buildings that give off soothing energy that’s so very pure in structure. Envision an Earth where all the resources are shared by all, as there’s more than enough to go around.

We ask for you to imagine separation being a thing of the past, in every single way, as this is the future you’re heading into.

Again; this is the general future that’ll accompany the Earth you’re building, but we rely largely on you all to build this future and to get your collective to the time we speak of. We know and can feel in our hearts that you can do it, and you’ve always been meant to.

The ascension plan has detailed those of you on the front lines of awakening the collective and uplifting the planet, doing just that.

While those of you who’ve contributed much to the Earth’s ascension already will continue to contribute much, your contribution will be seen as just as valuable and needed as that of every Earthly soul who’ll come to find their own specific ability and use such ability for the restoration of your planet.

Every Earthy soul will be involved in building the utopia we’re confident in your ability to build. Not one soul will be excluded, as you’ll all find yourselves and your actions quite needed.

Wes: Thank you for your explanation, dear friends. This is all very wonderful indeed!

I’m going to let you speak uninterrupted for a small time before wrapping up this message.

PHC: We’ll be happy to speak and continue to offer our energies for as long as you feel appropriate, dearest scribe.

Telepathy: The Main Form of Higher-Dimensional Communication

We so enjoy directly interacting with you, and in the time ahead when your ability and that of every other channel actively involved in bringing our energies through will have expanded, we’ll be able to speak to humanity very, very directly; not just through scribes but in person as well.

We say this in this manner because we’ll be able to be with you directly on your world, and at the same time, we could come through channels still if we wished and speak to you directly.

The telepathic abilities of each of you will grow much stronger than they are now in the immediate time ahead, as telepathy will become the main form of communication once you reach a certain precedent along your growth.

You’ll largely grow out of the near-ancient method of speaking and attempting to communicate and convey things that simply cannot be expressed with Earthly language, and you’ll find yourselves vastly uninhibited in your ability to express yourselves.

You’re going to enjoy expressing yourselves so very much when doing so from a telepathic perspective, as you’re able to express so much more than simple words, sentences and phrases.
Each bit of insight we give you comes about as a result of our scribe’s mental interpretation of the impressions we’re giving, and while we’re indeed answering his questions and giving specific and requested information, for the most part what we give arrives with and is a result of our energies.

There’s so very much we could say and so very much we choose to express as our energies are absorbed, but as long as our energies are absorbed and felt, the communications coming with them can be interpreted in any way.

The Learning Process

It’s all part of the learning process on the part of those of you opening up to our communications, and you’re coming to find yourselves able to bring us through in much purer ways as you respond to the energies you’re being delivered in every moment.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we thank our scribe and those of you who’ve willingly attuned to our energies and absorbed this communication.

As we mentioned in our previous communication with the dear Ascended Masters, our energies will now be left to linger in the minds and hearts of each of you, who can take the lingering remnants you’re feeling and find an unbridled connection with us.

It’s always been your right and your destiny to return to the realms of spirit and make real contact with us beings in the higher dimensions, and you’re finding yourselves now able to with the grace and ease of our Creator, who Loves and cares for you all deeply.

Wes: Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.
Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

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