Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Is It That Bad?

Fear 22As I look around the web, I see many lightworkers worrying that we’re sinking further into chaos, violence, corruption, and enslavement.

And I realize that, although this blog is covering the exposure of corruption, which we believe is necessary to awaken the population and speed the departure of those planetary controllers who will not stop, we’re still not joining the general hue and cry.

Yes, there are many, many areas of planetary life which urgently need fixing – the situation of the homeless, starving, and sick highest on the agenda, and next to that the mistreatment of women and children. I certainly don’t doubt that and am dedicated to the building of a new society in which those conditions are gone, as I’m sure all my colleagues (and you) are as well.

But that having been said, our sources have assured us that we need not fear such things as the imposition of martial law, an extension of government repression, world war, etc.

But, some might say, the NSA is surveilling us. Folks, President Obama and the Company of Heaven are using the NSA to gather evidence on the cabal for its prosecution. (1) Now I admit that that perspective is not probably generally accepted, but I regard it as a true statement. And one that would only be known to readers of channeled literature.

Others might say that the chemtrails are still happening. Those chemtrails that happen are to the greatest extent neutralized as soon as they leave the planes. (2) Yes, some detoxified trails are being permitted to keep us actively opposing chemtrails and the cabal that produces them.

Yes, some of us may continue to react to them. I’m very familiar with how sensitivities work, having been an asthma sufferer long, long ago. But in general there are no more toxic chemtrails.

Still others might say, but there are still wars happening. Yes, there are some karmic situations still occurring, some of them serious and heart-wrenching. And there are some cases where people with long-standing warrior mentalities have need of working those tendencies out before they can let them go and move on. (3)

But you can see, even from today’s stories, that events are moving ahead on all fronts. Sage has posted a story today that says that the leader of the brutal Zetas has been captured in Mexico. When in former years would that have happened? Every day we see the breaking up of another corrupt ring of pedophiles, online predators, tainted religious figures, financiers, and media controllers.  Every day the noose tightens and the world sees the boundaries of corruption pushed back.

I know that things are not moving as fast as we might like them. (Later they’ll be moving too fast!) But (a) they are moving, (b) they are moving fast behind the scenes, and (c) there is a Divine Plan that events are following which it’s not possible to countermand.

We stand perhaps days, maybe weeks, away from the first shot in the global abundance campaign – the revaluation of currencies. That just may be the first external, tangible evidence we have that things are happening – things that affect us directly.

But, even if nothing were happening around us, you can surely see the changes in yourself.

So please assure me that I need not feel guilty because I (or we) are not taking up the hue and cry and seeing an enemy under every bush.

This is just too important a lifetime to yield to fear and anxiety. I refuse to do that. I refuse to lapse into vindictiveness against those who’ve harmed us or to place myself. I refuse to have this life be about service to self and protectiveness.

There are many others who are detailing the bad news of life. But my heart is expanding at such a rate that I can no longer go there. And I guess I just need you to know that.


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(3) “You may say: ‘What about murders, and war?’ These experiences are usually karmic and are part of a soul lesson necessary in order to shift an individual beyond a particular state of consciousness–often one the person has held for many lifetimes. There are many still holding ancient warrior energy that needs to be re-experienced in order to be released and activated in a higher-dimensional sense.” (Arcturian Group, July 14, 2013 http://www.onenessofall.com/Welcome2.htmlhttp://www.onenessofall.com/Welcome2.html.)

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