Monday, July 8, 2013

Mother Mary: You Are Such Precious Jewels of Eternity


Channelled via Fran Zepeda

July 7, 2013 -

Mother Mary
Hello my dear illustrious Beings. I come to you on yet another auspicious day. Energy is accumulating for ever more shifts within each of you and I am here to tell you to be as open as you can, be as expanded as you can and as fluid as you can be.

By now you are experiencing more of your gifts, more of your hearts that are opening to the divine within you. Grasp and behold the beauty within them as you embark on your continuing journey back to Oneness.

I and all the ascended masters of the company of jeaven hold the space for you to enter further into your wholeness, into your majesty, into your Beingness – your divine Beingness.

There are so many pockets of energy opening within you now. Go easy with yourselves as you explore them and enjoy them and be in the wonder of them, dear ones.

Above and Beyond you is so much to encompass Into you and Of you. You are in the process of melding into this vast energy as you awaken the same within you. And it is glorious and magnificent and so full of possibilities. Expand dear ones; encompass, and enjoy.

En-joy, dear ones, Be in Joy as your natural birthright. You don’t need to look at these times of expansion as work or struggle. Look at them as glorious opportunities to get to know who you really are, who others really are.

Delve into the recesses of your memory and remember those times when you were whole and complete and so full of light that if you saw yourselves now as you were then, you would feel blinded. You are slowly and steadily coming into that now, dear ones. So behold and accept the changes within you that are bringing you to that state.

I beseech you to let all notions and subtle experiences of your energy to be present within you. Think of it as a gemstone that you are gazing at and with each focus you notice more and more facets of color and light that you didn’t see before. That is what is unfolding for you dear ones, as you allow yourselves to open to all the facets of yourself.

I am your mentor in this; I am your supporter in this. I am your comrade in this. I delight in your growing knowledge of yourself. It is a beautiful sight to see. It is a beautiful experience to share with you. It is a delight to all of us in the Company of Heaven to finally see you all evolve into your True Selves.

The fun is just beginning. Hold on to your beautiful “hats” – your crowns of glory – and allow the energy to burst forth from them as you light up and expand with so much Christ light that it becomes a shower of golden light emitting from your crown chakras and your heart chakras into Infinity.

You are such precious jewels of eternity, sparkling and shining for all to see. Share that Light and sparkle further, no holds barred, and watch as you light up the world with the pure essence of divine energy that you are.

You are my precious bundles of love. If you imagine that you are merely a fraction of what you could be and realize how great you are already, you would be astounded and blown away at the possibility of expansion you have waiting before you. Relax into it, dear ones, and enjoy the ride.
My Love is always yours,

Mother Mary

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