Monday, July 8, 2013

Archangel Michael: Just Present Your I-Am-a-Child-of-Creator Ticket and Climb on Board

Channeled By Ron Head, July 7, 2013

imageWhat wonderfully complex creatures you are, able to say that things are not progressing as rapidly as you would like, and yet thinking that you have no time to finish everything. No wonder you amuse even yourselves at times. Let us look at things from another perspective, shall we?

There are changes occurring in every particle of creation at this time. There is no being, micro, macro, or cosmic, from your point of view, which is not being affected. Every atom you can perceive, every life form upon your earth, and every planet in your system is undergoing great change.

Your scientists are quite aware of this, even though they are not telling you. Some are afraid, some are just confused. They have never seen, and do not understand, what they are seeing now. Some others think they know, but we would hasten to tell them that they do not.

There is relatively instantaneous change, evolution, ascension, afoot. But you, dear friends, being the complex beings that you are, and being able to invent things like increments of time, are able to view this so minutely that you can decry a lack of change. Well, my friends, let me tell you that, if there is one constant in your universe, it is change. You simply cannot live in a single moment that is like any other moment ever was, or ever will be again.

So basically all you are saying is, “I am unhappy with the state of things as I perceive them to be. I want more for myself. Are we there yet?” And our answer could be, “As long as you continue to hang on to your precious view points, you will not see the changes you want.” But we do not say that.

We do not say that because each atom, molecule and cell in your bodies is undergoing the same changes as all the others we spoke of. You are going to have the world you dream of even though you seem to be dragging your way there.

Many of those who follow these and other messages are aware of, do feel, and are enjoying much personal change. As we have spoken before, this is what is driving things on your planet. Why? Because on your planet mankind is the driving force. As an aside, you have been driving in the wrong direction. And mankind is something that only exists as a collection of individuals. In other words, you determine what is happening. So complaining about the state of things will not get you where you wish to be. And yet you see us seemingly celebrating your advances.

Well, dear ones, look around. Look past your preconceptions. You are moving. Things are changing. And your inner as well as your outer worlds are becoming much improved. Love and blessings to those who are experiencing this firsthand. And even more love and blessings to those who have not begun to experience it yet. Truly it is time to begin to look to yourselves.

Our promise is this, if you will begin to look into your hearts, if you begin to ask daily for the changes in you that we discuss, you will find them. You are not undeserving. You are not unworthy. You are not to be left behind. Just present your I-am-a-child-of-Creator ticket and climb on board.

You will be welcomed with open arms. In that moment the answer to your question, are we there yet, will change from ‘no’ to ‘yes’. And to those already on this ride, let us say that you would be amazed to see how many others are finding the light every day.

Be at peace and meet us in your hearts. Good day.

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