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White Cloud: A Showering of Love Upon Your Planet is Close

White Cloud came through Blossom Goodchild on An Hour with an Angel, July 29, 2013

I’m going to post his transmission now and follow it with our interview with Blossom so that readers have the benefit of reading White Cloud’s message in the daily digest today. He makes the surprising statement, which Saul has been hinting at as well, that Ascension, which he calls “the Event,” is coming sooner than we may think. We are close to crossing the finish line, he says. It will be a showering of love. Thanks to Ellen for our transcript.-S.B.

White Cloud:  A very warm welcome to you, Mr. Steve. I would like to call you that, and I would also like to say a very warm welcome to all of those who have taken the time to listen to my words this day.

SB:  Thank you, W hite Cloud. And welcome to you as well.

WC:  Many thanks to you. I am aware of that which you suggested that we might speak about, and it was for the first time in a long time yesterday, as Blossom says, I was given an airing, and it was beautiful for me to be able to speak. And that you are perhaps interested in the fact of how close, how close, my friends, you are coming and getting to crossing over that finishing line.

And I wish to say to all of you, you are tired. You have traveled a very long way. But do not consider for one moment giving up now! You have journeyed so far! You have come to a place where, as I said yesterday, if you were running in a race, your legs would be very tired, and yet you know that you only have one more lap to go.

And when, in that knowing, you grasp that truth, is it not that you are spurred on, that you think, “It is right. I only have one more lap to go. I can find inside of me that strength to run faster than I have done so far. Because I know that once I cross the finishing line, I will be where I am trying to get to.”

So, my friends, although at times so many of you feel like giving up, like giving in, like the feeling of, “I cannot do this anymore!” I say to you, go deep within your soul and recognize that you came down here because you were chosen, because you, each one of you, have with inside of you the strength of great warriors of light. It was that many of you volunteered to come.

And many of you were chosen. But there were many who were just as strong as you that did not get chosen. Because there are only a certain quota that can be down on this planet at this time. Therefore others have to do the work from elsewhere.

There were others that volunteered, my friends. And yet they were not strong enough to see this through. So it is that my message to you this day is to understand that you are the ones that are changing your world. Because you have the knowing to do so.

You knew before you came how intense it would be. You knew how difficult the difficult times would be. You were shown it. You even were given an experience of the feeling of it. And yet you still agreed. You said, “Yes. I will go down on that mission, because it is of the greatest importance. And if you choose me, I will see to it that I see it through, to my fullest capacity.”

So, therefore, my friends, I wish you to remember that. And those times when you think it is too hard, and how can your light shine in this density, remember, remember that you were chosen to come here because it can shine through. You, as your light, now more than ever, can shine that light out of you, out through your heart, out through your eyes. And that, my friends, is all that you came to do.

Would we consider that difficult, to shine your light out? No. what is difficult is for that light to break through the darkness. But that is not your concern. All you have to do is allow the light to shine from you in each and every moment.

And I would add to that, when your thoughts are becoming confused and darkened and weakened, and you wonder how you will continue on, put that little light inside your head, so that it disperses all those thoughts, and your head and your mind is therefore filled with this light. And when it is filled with this light, there is no room in there for all these doubts and fears.

Become in fullness the light that you are by knowing in fullness the light that you are.

And, my friends, I’m just having a little word with Blossom. One moment.

Yes, it is all right. I would say to you, Mr. Steve, if there is a question, if we have time, that you would like to ask, then I would be happy to answer it, but I do not know how we are doing for time.

SB:  Oh, we’ll make time, White Cloud. Not to worry about that. But I do have a few questions.

Ashtar said that he believes that the final stage could be in September. Archangel Michael has said, no, it’s probably more likely between February 2014 to February 2015. But then there are other channels — I won’t mention their names — but they are saying just what you’re saying, that it’s quite close.

First of all, can you give us, not a date, but a kind of an approximation of just how close we are? And then I have a couple of other questions as well.

WC:  I would say to you — and if you were to see your Blossom at this time, all the time you have been speaking I have a huge grin on her face, because there is this… the word I am giving is ‘desperation’ for people upon the planet that are so eager for things to really begin to transpire, if you like. But I would say to you, because Blossom knows this, and many know, that we do not give of dates anymore.

SB:  Yes.

WC:  Because it is too… when it cannot work in the way we had, perhaps, planned, et cetera, it is too detrimental, in the long term. What I would say to all about this is, if you are to live your life in the way that is desired — and that is by living every moment that you can in joy — working with that, concentrating only that, focusing only on the joy of your life, then it is that you are raising the vibration.

And the more the vibration is raised, the more quickly these things shall come about, that you are desiring.

But when so many of you — and we, to a certain degree, understand why — are saying, “Please,” when Blossom looks up at the sky and says, “Please, will you show yourselves?” it is not because she does not believe that such a thing can happen. It is not that she needs proof, it is that, when that takes place, in the deepest part of her she knows then that the plan is well underway, so to speak. And that is what so many are yearning for.

But what I wish to say again is that it will happen by you concentrating on the joy of your life. When you stop wondering when, with all due respect, and take the focus away from that and focus on the moment of “Do I feel happy right now?”

I spoke yesterday as well of ‘the Event’ that many speak of; and many thought it was to be after December last year. But I am saying to you, this Event has not gone away. This Event will be taking place. And it is a showering of love that will descend, if you like, upon your planet in a way that has not been done before. But that Event can take place, for simple terms, depending upon the happiness of those souls on Earth.

Does that assist you in anyway?

SB:  It does. And maybe we can clarify a spiritual matter here, for listeners? And that is that there are two lines of commentary. One line of commentary talks about being detached and not going off the deep end, I think people often say, and staying balanced, and what have you.

And then there’s another line of commentary, more recent, that says, oh, no, you can get quite joyful in anticipation of Ascension, you can get quite joyful in anticipation of the global currency reset, or NESARA, or Disclosure. I think some people are confused. They don’t know whether they should be balanced and detached or allow their joy to come out. Could you comment on that, please?

WC:  I am saying to Blossom, it is being detached from any outcome. The joy within the self is not about… I, for me I would say the Event that is coming, yes, that is joyful, it is indescribably joyful. But the soul self knows before it came, in the great knowledge of itself, that this Event shall take place.

I am repeating myself, but it is so important. By wanting to be joyful about what is coming ahead, you are not being joyful about the moment that you are in, because you are desiring that something in the future will bring you joy instead of concentrating upon the joy that you are in now.

And I would just say, with all things, although I am veering off the subject a little, be detached from all outcomes. Just be, in the presence of yourself in each given moment, so that whatever lies ahead will be joyous. Because you are not putting expectation upon something, because you are concentrating fully on being love and light in this very moment.

The hope that others have for what is to occur ahead is perfectly all right to have, but it is more profitable to simply concentrate on yourself right now. Because then what takes place ahead will do so in its own way, and what one experiences will be in fullness, if you like, of what it is rather than what they were hoping it might be.

SB:  Okay.  I do understand the distinction. We are joy, and you want us to experience the joy that we are to…

WC:  That is why you are here, my friends.

SB: …to be joyful in anticipation is not the same. It’s not being joy. That’s thinking about something in the future. So I do understand, and I’ll make that clear in a few articles as well.

Now, I just want to check whether this Event that you’re referring to, when you talk about it, are you talking about for the whole world, and by that I mean only the people who choose it, or are you just talking about lightworkers? (1)

WC:  No, I am talking about everything, in the sense it is not just for lightworkers. Why would it be so? With all respect, there is no judgment or… everybody is equal. This Event, I would say to you, is for not just your Mother Earth and the people upon it, but it is for galaxies and universes. Because everything is One, as you know. So it cannot not affect just a few! It has to affect the All. Because it is a… I am saying, it is beyond universal. It is an event that every living aspect of life is involved in. Because you cannot…. As you know, an action of one has to affect another.

And therefore the effect that this Event shall have will affect everything, but regarding souls on Earth, for instance, and, well, I would say everything else as well, it is depending on the vibration that that living aspect of something resonates upon. Because the energy that will be coming through has to be at degrees to suit everything that is alive. It… if somebody is incredibly evolved, and aware and awake with their soul, they will get, if you like, a less diluted version of that energy, whereas somebody who is still asleep, it would have to filter into their being in a much more diluted fashion, so as not to — and I say — not to literally kill them!

SB:  Right.

WC:  Because the intensity of that energy will be adjusted naturally to every living thing. And yet I say to you that this Event will bring about an energy…. You know that an energy came in on December 21st of last year, and it is affecting many. But nonetheless that energy is there in a more subtle sense to each soul. Whereas this will be, I would simply say, far less subtle.

SB:  I guess what I was wanting to clarify was whether this Event that you’re talking about was what Archangel Michael has talked about as early waves, or whether this is the Event. And you have answered that. You have said that it is “the Event”.

Just a few more questions. The Earth, as I understand it, is the first planet to go through this experiment of physical Ascension. So, is that why all the galaxies and universe are watching us?

WC:  Sort of giving to Blossom one moment. I am showing to Blossom, it is like the image of your Earth as one with its greens and its blues and its whites, et cetera, of the clouds. But within that, she is seeing a newborn child curled up within that ball. And it is such a phenomenon if you like. My answer to you in simplicity would be yes, my friend. But it is that everywhere else is focused on it because it is the cradling, the nurturing of this new experiment.

And that is why also that there are those who were not chosen to be on this planet at this time, not that they wished to be so, because it is such a privilege to actually be present upon the Earth during this immense transition.

And yet, remember, if one is in a lift, an elevator, it goes up many floors, many levels. And that is what I am showing, in a bit. It cannot go from the floor to the top floor without passing through the other floors, if you see what I mean. And that is what I am showing is happening, and will continue to happen with that of your planet.

SB:  Geoff West has asked me to ask you, can a hint be given as to whether this Event will be an Earth-created/experienced event that resonates to the cosmos, or a celestial-created event that resonates from the cosmos to Gaia, humanity?

WC:  What I am saying is, please understand, that before you came, you knew that you would be in the privileged position of being present at this event. Therefore, the preparation of the soul\Self for that event must have reached a certain level, if you like, of the Self and the whole of the individual selves, if I may put it that way.

And yet it is that this influx of divine energy to boost the whole project shall be coming from the divine Source. Where else, if you like, can it come from?

But I wish to go back to the word I use, “to boost.” I showed to Blossom as I said that that it is like the boost of a rocket being launched, that, when this Event happens, it will have an immense impact. There will not be one living soul or animal or insect or creature or plant, anything that is alive that will not be affected by it. They will not sleep through it or carry on watching the television. It will
affect all.

I have just put across, inside Blossom’s eyes,  golden white light, because there is no other way we can possibly describe to you what is to take place until it actually does.

SB:  Wow. Okay. Geoff has slipped in another question here. He asks, What is the potential impact of the Star of David alignment on the 29th?


WC:  We are waiting. One moment. Our time is up. I say this, my friend, only because, as you are aware that Blossom has a fever this day, andshe was concerned that I would not be able to come through at all. But I am saying that at this time that Blossom is getting very, very hot.

SB:  Sure. Yes.

WC:  I could stay, but it would be detrimental to her well-being afterwards.

SB:  Yes, indeed. Well, you would have to cut me off, because I probably would go on forever asking you questions. So, thank you very much, White Cloud, for talking to us today and answering such important questions. Thank you.

WC:  That is my pleasure. And if, as I always do, I would just like to close down for myself with the blessing that I always give.

We give thanks to the Divine Oneness for allowing this meeting to take place. We ask always that we may remain humble in order to serve and to receive, and that we may continue to walk boldly as the light and the love. Adieu, my friend.

SB:  Thank you, White Cloud. Adieu.

WC:  Adieu.

(1) Archangel Michael, for instance, has talked about waves of Ascension. Is the Event that White Cloud discusses a wave for the early risers rather than the total event for the whole world?

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