Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Mini-Sandra-Walter-Fest...

As is clearly stated on page one of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: DON'T PANIC.   Sage advice...DT the ET

New and Transformational Waves of Light Entering NOW

Posted By Sandra On December 12, 2013

Welcome beloved 12.12! New and intense waves of Light are entering today and will continue through the Full Moon next Tuesday. These frequencies are focused on UNITY to reunite all levels of the Self! Open to receive the purity, divinity and Light of your true Self.

Keep Calm. Dance, move, sing!
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Let the emotions, mind, ego dissolve. Stay in focused willingness to receive.

Go deep into the Heart and align it with the Divine flow of your Higher Self, the Source-Point flow, the flow of the Shift happening right now, in this now moment.

Speak love, gratitude,and compassion in every exchange. This triggers the awakening in others.

Celebrate through creative ceremony in these powerful days. Your unique expression is precious!

Drink plenty of water charged with your intention to Unify through the Heart.

BE in this bliss. You won’t be able to ground, just let it be for now. Float on the Love, rest, be in nature.

                                                        Smile and shine, beloveds!

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