Friday, December 20, 2013

Saul: All Over The World Love Is Being Shared As Never Before

Channelled By John Smallman 12-19-13

Humanity is waiting with a strong sense that something of immense importance is about to occur. It is a very unsettling feeling because you have been locked into the experience of an unchanging environment in which disagreement, fighting, and war are endemic. And yet you sense, and deep within yourselves you know, that this is all about to change.

For eons, in your quiet and private moments, you have been longing for, hoping for, and praying for peace, harmony, acceptance, and love. But it has all seemed way beyond your reach, impossible to achieve, and it appears to the majority of you that you are unworthy and do not deserve a prize or a reward as wonderful as that. But it is your destiny. You were created in that state by God, and it is where you belong. The fact that you are not experiencing it and cannot conceive of achieving it is all part of the illusion — that strange state of anxiety and suffering in which it appears that you have your existence.

However far back you look in the history of mankind, the driving forces that have guided and inspired you seem to be deceit, betrayal, and war, and because in your seemingly separated state it appears that you are alone and surrounded by enemies, no other way of living makes any sense at all. You are permanently threatened and likely to be attacked at any moment without warning. It is indeed a very fearful and unsatisfactory form of existence – expecting non-existence to overwhelm you and remove your life at any moment.

Nevertheless, you continue to hope. That sense of hope has been with you since the momentof separation, because your Father placed within you the inextinguishable Light of His Love to assure you that you were not lost, could never be lost, and to light your way Home to His loving embrace when you chose to stop playing the ridiculous games that filled you with anxiety and hid the Light of His Love from you.

Over the last few decades – a very short time compared to the apparent eons of separation from Him that you have spent in the illusion – very many of you have become aware of that divine Light shining within. You have not understood what it is or what it means, but you can see that it is accepting and welcoming. And you have started to accept the Love it offers you, thus realizing that indeed you are not alone but one with each other, so that what you share becomes abundant, and what you withhold shuts you down again into the loneliness of separation.

The result of this growing awareness of the oneness of all can be seen in the increasing compassion and generosity shown to those who are suffering locally — close to you as family or neighbors — or on the other side of the world. The effect that this is having is enormous and unstoppable. Yes, the media is still focusing on war and catastrophe – it is what they look for and is their reason for being (and it does need to be brought to your attention) – but all over the world generosity, kindness, healing, and love are being shared as never before.

This wondrous energy, divinely and exponentially expanded, is flowing freely and easily for the benefit of all. More and more of you are becoming aware of this, and adding to it in every moment, as it sweeps you up in its loving embrace and carries you away from the grasping, heavy, and sticky center of the illusion towards the free-flowing freshness and clarity that mark the outer limits of that illusory environment. From there you will be able to see your heavenly Home shining brilliantly as it beckons you onwards. Your arrival there is guaranteed, as is your joy when it occurs. The journey is almost completed.  Relax and accept the divine embrace that envelops you, confident that your Father’s Love for you will carry you Home.
 With so very much love, Saul. 
Saul and John wish you all a wonderful and peace-filled Christmas.

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