Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Fifth Initiate Level: The Ascended Being

Channelled By Peter Phalam


There are not many ascended beings on earth and the likelihood of seeing one is rare. You are more likely to read one of their books written under a pen name. They tend to collect in rural environments favoring mountainous areas that help them preserve their energy field. The vibration of ascended beings is such that it is easily compromised by souls that base the majority of their reality in illusional dream states. Ascended beings serve the earth grid patterns and take on other dimensional responsibilities but rarely engage in social functions of more than 20 souls.

What separates the 5th-initiate level from the 4this the ascended being’s relationship with universal law. They manage both the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect properly. This is an excellent lesson for souls still working on the 4th initiate level. These are the laws that are least understood in the crucifixion stage of spiritual evolution. The mismanagement of these laws is primarily due to thought forms which, through the 3rd-initiate level, were free if not specifically expressed or acted upon. We are given grace in learning the management of thoughts, especially in dense karmic environments where we are constantly challenged.

The ascended being finds the power of thought forms in a positive vein and the wonderful result of this is from the Law of Manifestation. The ascended being knows how not to attract negative energy by thought, word or deed and also realizes how to never act on anything that would create a cause-and-effect situation. They know how to place love energy into places where the former ego became immediately punitive. They enjoy laughing at themselves during the life inventory stage. They are completely enlightened by the choices made during complete separation phases in the life. Separation crept in when the ego had a field day with the consciousness and fooled the soul.

Perhaps the ascended being learning to access the ‘celestial dowry’ created over many lifetimes of achievement is the greatest gift of the 5th level. It is like having access to lottery numbers whenever you please but knowing enough not to enter into that karmic maze and instead, making small, modest withdrawals. The ascended being lives very simply as more and more of the indigenous prahna becomes part of the diet. Because of the discipline of the mind, the 5th-level initiate becomes very psychically sensitive and loses many aspects of 3rd-dimensional abilities. These beings are quite clairvoyant and have easy access to both astral and other dimensional images. Clairaudience takes some getting used to; initiates sometimes benefit from learning to journal the many clairaudient moments during a common day.

The discipline of the mind started for most of these souls when they realized there was not a single advantage to critical thought forms. Even their sense of discernment was slowly disarmed as they realized even healthy discernment can lead to critical evaluation. They slowly withdrew the ego’s ability to arm itself and attack or defend. The dance between the past and the future was ended and the entire scope of the thought process moved to within ten seconds of present, then nine seconds and so on until linear time became meaningless and the quantitative notions of reality passed away. They ended the littleness of the ego’s intervention and became giants on this planet.

They were all amazed at how easy it was once they connected to the part of their mind that had no opinion or attitude on this plane. Some call it the superego while others merely suggest the higher self takes control of mental processes. They fully understood their dharma and all of them have different areas of teaching to evolve. This group is differentiated both by the work they do in their sleep and meditative states with earth grids and their global bi-location ability. The more 5th-level initiates this world creates, the quicker violence is ended. The impact of earth grid energy in the astral plane is amazing in terms of sorting out karma and ending irrational emotional states.

Finally, the doctrines of the 5t-level initiates will be important in the future of this planet. These doctrines will investigate every single level of evolution and, without form or procedure, teach the momentum needed for the next level. Their objective is to completely eradicate all belief systems, having quickly realized after the initiation period how truly insane it was to mandate through process the evolution of the soul. The very simple separation from light is one that is repeated in most souls dozens and dozens of times. That is how big the carrot looks and that is how aggressive the ego is in terms of getting back into the chaos of illusion. Namaste, Peter

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