Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Join the Sparkle Fest

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman
Dear Ones,
You have moved through many energies in the past few days – including the energies generated by the loving, sometimes sad, holiday spirit. Even though there is a solstice and full moon on the calendar, the energies emitted by those forces are less dramatic than what you are accustomed to. That is not to say you will not shift parts of your being during those events, but that it will feel more like a sparkle fest than a traumatic event.

Many question the phrase ‘sparkle fest’ for you continue to display the changes those transition waves create via physical or emotional symptoms. You find yourself experiencing emotional highs and lows, sleep pattern changes, digestive issues or other symptoms. All pieces you have experienced before. The difference is that the symptoms will be less evident and the results more precise.

Think of yourself as a diamond in the rough when you first began your new earth transition. You knew what you wanted, but not necessarily how to get there. The first cutting of your facets was painful and extremely frightening for most. Each shift produced another polish or trimming of facets. You now are a brilliant stone requesting a bit more polish.

Please note the difference. When you first experienced your uncut, unpolished diamond status, you asked for assistance from whomever seemed likely to reduce your fears. Now that you are a polished gem, you decide how much you wish your facets to sparkle.

Just days ago, you were concerned about your direction and relationships. You were cautious about the holiday effects on your seemingly precarious spot in new earth.

Is it possible for you to shift that dramatically in a few days?

Have not so many channels relayed that all would happen in the blink of an eye? And so it is for you – even though you probably thought that phrase related to global/structural shifts not your personal shift.

All are the same. Changing one cell of your totality changes the Universes.

Your physicality has transitioned from a water to a crystalline base. How that effects your reactions to full moons and other water-based events will be noted by many this week.

You and all entities on earth are shifting from a water to crystalline based cellular structure so your Old Age astrological indicators will change also. Astrology, like all parts of your being and structural life, is shifting.

But that thought is not as important as it is for you to know that you have reached a point of clarity beyond anything you conceived of even one year ago. It is the knowingness of your worth that is so different. You experience and express life differently. You sense new feelings and beliefs. You know without a doubt that you are a sparkler.

Many disagree. You state to yourself and others that you feel nothing different. That you are worthless and unworthy. Life is as gray as it has been most of your life – perhaps even a bit more gray as you discard family and friends who no longer blend with your new being.

We beg to differ. Those of you who are feeling less than on the outside merely need to review your inner workings.

Even though you may miss some of those who were part of your life, you do not have a need to return to that life because you have accepted your role internally. Whether that is yet displayed externally is not of great concern for it will be shortly. There will be a sense of joy and sparkle about your new being – just as is true when you purchase a new outfit that makes head turn at your beauty.

You have accepted your new outfit/being internally. So despite your need to feel less than, you will start to sparkle with your multi-faceted radiance in a few days.

For those who already sparkle on the outside, you know you have an absolutely wonderful life. You are gleaming and highly polished, but have decided to add a bit more polish and sparkle to your radiance – which you will receive this week with the full moon and solstice.

These astrological events are now tweaking, sparkling and shifting your inner crystalline structure.
Many believe that such is not possible for your medical doctors are not noting the change. But then, they are not looking. Much as native Americans did not see the first European explorer boats because they were not part of their understanding.

Your crystalline structure is cellular. Your medical world understand cells, but has little need to look at the composition of cells. Their equipment is designed for larger objects. Eventually, the medical world will catch up with your new physical beings – just not today or tomorrow.

Those of you who doubt your worth, look within for reassurance – and then accept the sparkling messages that follow. Do you not feel lighter and more energetic when you read or view a piece about how far you have evolved? Those moments are reassurances to yourself that all is well and getting better.

For those of you who KNOW your worth, grab the additional polishing available in the next few days. Look around. Others are indeed starting to sparkle, laugh and play more – and know that all is wonderfully well in their world.

You have all moved beyond 3D even though you continue to be part of it. Which is exactly what you wished to accomplish prior to your earth entrance in this lifetime – the almost impossible feat of living in two worlds, yet allowing one to dominate your thinking and processing despite continued activity in another.

New earth energies now dominate your being. Your inner-world is crystalline. Whether you believe it or not, your diamond in the rough being has been cut and polished to a brilliance you could only dream of a few months ago.

All that is required is for you to allow that brilliance to radiate from your being, to believe in yourself and to know you have expanded beyond your previous 3D existence.

You are indeed the new being you wished to be when you took your first earth breathe. Celebrate that. Radiate that. You have passed your transition to new earth with flying colors. Now accept your radiance and allow it to shine. So be it. Amen.

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