Monday, December 23, 2013

Golden Age Messages From The Masters: Living In The Joy Of The Season Part I

A double-dip from Goldenlight on Cape Cod...Enjoy!   DT the ET

A Brief Solstice Message from the Council of Angels Pleiadian Council 
We want you to know that you are transforming into a higher being of light; that your
multidimensional self is “coming online” so to speak and that your world is also transforming likewise… That the release of the global prosperity funds is being planned for after Christmas, that the liberation of your planet from the dark forces is very real. That there will be a ‘time’ that will intersect with your ‘now’ timeline wherein we will intersect our star nation societies our energies our love our higher dimensional technologies and so much more.

That global prosperity which seems so far out of reach to many will become a very tangible part of your reality and allow for the release of the slavery system on earth; that there will be a great equalizing occurring for all of humanity and that an unconditional love and infusion of golden light into your airwaves will lovingly penetrate to the very core all who inhabit your planet. That this intersection of the reality of global prosperity peace and goodwill towards all will tangibly intersect with your now realities. That I am the Source Creator Energy of All that lovingly provides for you and am the Source of All in the Infinite Now Time of All. That you are my beloved creations who I care most lovingly for and that you inhabit a planet which is the first piece or domino in a chain reaction that is going to sweep across the universe and that you are all a part of this plan… My grand plan of Creation… and that this beautiful Golden Age upon which you are entering has been planned by me for eons and that there is no stopping it. That your lives on earth will irrevocably change as you continue to raise your frequencies and that all that has been going on behind the scenes will now begin to manifest in your realities. That I love you beyond measure, beyond space and time and eternally and unconditionally.

Living in the now is living in the Presence, and living as the Presence of God embodied is truly the you are on Earth to live as the glorious Presence of God that you truly ARE and that is a real cause to celebrate the joy of this season!
only everlasting joy there is in your world or any world! This is indeed simple to understand, yet truly living as the Presence of God and the mastery that goes along with living moment-to-moment in unconditional love has eluded the minds and hearts of humanity for untold centuries. We delight in sharing with you that the time has come for each of you to fully remember your origin ~ because in remembering your origin, you will know that

~ Jeshua and Mary Magdalene

The great awakening from the slumber of the ages is happening around the world and this is cause for great celebration!  Imagine living in a world where everyone knew there really was no limitation or lack ~ there really was ENOUGH love and enough of everything! The majority of humankind has been living behind the veils of illusion for so many centuries that they finally forgot that they were the actual offspring of the Creator! Allow that to fill your heart with joy and gratitude as it means you truly are here to co-create your life and your world with God!

Most people have spent lifetimes seeking and inwardly yearning for a better way of living on Earth. Many have spent a great deal of time hoping and praying that something or someone would come along to make their life more enjoyable or simply more tolerable. The desire for more in order to feel good runs deep within the 3rd and 4th dimensions of the soul’s consciousness, yet if you go deeper into what is truly driving this yearning, you would discover that the core of this insatiable longing has really been driven by the deep desire of the soul to reunite with the God Presence within.

This season often brings to the surface many unrealized dreams and desires that then get translated into shopping and the giving and receiving of gifts, yet we tell you that the biggest gift you can truly give is to see the Presence within yourself and one another. The desire to live as one’s Presence on Earth is the primal desire shared by every soul and when it is not realized, it then becomes the major driving force that brings one back to Earth time and time again until this ancient longing to live on Earth as the Presence of God is fully realized.

Only the fulfillment of this primary desire will really bring lasting satisfaction to the soul. If it is not understood, the energy of desire will keep creating a false sense of lack within. This is your time and your glorious season to remember that you are living masters who are here to celebrate one another as co-creators of your new Golden Age of Freedom and you are free right now to celebrate the Presence of God in one another. All else is illusion and all else has been created to entertain the soul, which brings wonderful temporary satisfaction, yet it does not bring you into an eternal state of joy and bliss.

You already are that which you seek, so be at peace this season and rest within the core essence of your Divine Being, knowing that you are already one with Source and are therefore abundant and fulfilled in every way.

Whenever you reconnect with the core essence of your being, you will find that there is never any lack and that the old desiring game is a hindrance to actually experiencing the blissful state of your Presence. Stay relaxed, fully open and receptive and the Universe will shower its gifts upon you.

Everyone is a facet of your own being, the ONE Being that we all are and as you become increasingly more aware of the Presence of God within you and all of life, then you become a living demonstration of what it looks and feels like to live in Unity or Christ Consciousness where Divine Love can become the foundational essence within the core of every heart and soul around the world. Then you are naturally living in the joy and bliss of this holiday season now and always.

All of us at the Ascended Masters Mystery School wish you and yours a most blessed holiday season of great joy. Thank you for implementing these teachings in your life and for being a beacon of Light in the world and a living demonstration of Divine Love as you co-create a new Golden Age of Freedom.

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