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Mother Sekhmet: The Golden Age Is Returning To Earth

Greetings Children of Ra. This is Mother Sekhmet. We have been connected to One another since the beginning of Creation. The Golden Age is returning to Earth and we begin to remember the call of Nature and the call of the Cosmos and how we fit in to it all. In this SOLar System, the Great Central Sun called Alcyone radiates Cosmic Energy to our Sun Sol which then radiates Light Energy to our Etheric Bodies and then our Physical Bodies. Inside our Physical Bodies is contained the Cosmos.

The DNA contained in each one of the trillions of cells which make up our bodies are the APP which connect EVERYTHING back to Source Energy. (We got an App for that) meaning an application which connects the plasma silica computer which is our Body to the hard drive in the mind and the bytes of information stored in the heart. Without the DNA none of it will run. This is the sentient computer within each one of us (audio recorded at the ears and video recorded at they eyes) which connects to the larger computer system at Shambhala and the connected grid of sentient computers at the Lords Most High Council where the Watchers record the Akasha from each of the infinite Planets in the Cosmos.

The DNA. Until recently our DNA was limited because our ancestors did experiments to alter the DNA. We refer to the demons or the asuras also known as the dark cabal as ‘dark’ because they limited themselves to only two strands of DNA instead of the original twelve strands of DNA. The Chakras or the energy centers are the micro chips where energy moves through thirteen locations in the Body through our Mother Boards which are made up of the nadis, meridians and other Energy Centers connecting the Nerve Cells to the Mind and the Heart. These truths are explained in our written history in the Hindu Epic The Ramayana. The DNA has a dual nature. It is a computer code.

It is not binary code of 1s and 0s, it is made up of four proteins represented by the letters: A, T, G and C. As the cells are produced a file is saved. To copy that file there is a Transcription Factor and this is different for each individual. The Transcription Factor for making duplicate cells is rooted at the Moment of Creation. It is known as TF and that correlates to our Twin Flame. We are in constant communication with our Twin Flame through the Transcription Factor in each one of the trillions of cells making up our bodies. You are never separate from your Twin Flame and you are never separate from Source Energy which created you.

The DNA in our cells connects us from our physical form, to our light form contained around our physical form, to our Twin Flame, to our many Avatar forms all the way back to Source Energy. The human form contains the Divine Blueprint. We have, through nuclear destruction, in the past destroyed our DNA and it had to be reconstituted by Metatron more than once. The Divine Blueprint is the computer code for the Adam Kadmon Body in the dense physical realm. It is a humanoid form and there are many different kinds of humanoid forms. The lion people, the bird people and the reptilian people are examples as are what we call the Greys and also the Tall Whites, the Giants and the Dwarves. there are over 200,000 examples of different humanoid forms in our SOLar System. We will be lucky enough to meet some as visitors to Earth very soon. As we travel the Etheric Realms we carry our DNA code as Liquid Light and we travel in our Etheric Bodies freely around the Cosmos without the humanoid form, we leave it behind in our chair or bed, resting as it awaits our return. We animate our Bodies with the Liquid Light and refer to it as a Soul. SOuL. There is a You in Soul.

The Twin Flame is the other part of ourselves. We are created first as a Plasma Ball of Light. As we incarnate into the Physical we divide as a cell divides into Twins, exactly the same, except One is Female and One is Male. We are separated by the Physical Body alone. There is no other form of separation. Our DNA is tied together and in constant communication. Twin Flames always have the ability to communicate unhindered through the Aeons of Time as well as the Dimensions in Space.

When Twin Flames come back together they delight in joining the physical forms as close as is possible. When they leave the Physical Realm and Pass On then they return to the original Liquid Light Form in the Light Realms, indivisible as a pearlescent white Plasma Ball of Light. We are only referred to as Twin Flames in the Physical Realm and in the Light Realms we are Twin Rays of Light. Twin Flames refer to the Flame in the Heart, the Trifold Flame, pink, blue and gold, is identical in Twin Flames and the conduit which the DNA App communicates ongoing.

The Divine Blueprint of the Adam Kadmon Body holds the Cosmos inside the Human Body. We can see the similarities in the shape and function of the vocal chords, heart valves and cervix as Source Energy runs down from our Crown and through these Portal ways for Creation from the OM in our Word as Form to New Life born out of us all radiating around the StarGate in our Heart which transmits and receives The Force of Love, within and without. It is quite a Gift to be incarnate in the Physical Realm on Earth Now. It is something for which we may Give Glory to Grace. We may see the same Divine Blueprint in the Stars and an X-Ray image of the Crab Nebula shows us this.

The Adam Kadmon Body is capable of the Siddhi powers are supernatural abilities of strength, sight, hearing,  levitation, bi-location, instant manifestation and others as the minor siddhis and the major siddhis include shape-shifting, invisibility, remote viewing, control of the elements, full memory and other adept abilities. One of these special gifts is the ability to become small and to enter through the mouth or through the vagina into your own body and there you may discover the entire Cosmos inside and you will be able to explore any part of the distant Cosmos without leaving your room. Everything that is outside is also inside.

Now, as a part of this channel a call went out asking for questions. We move now into the portion of the channel which will answer questions. First you will see the question and in bold my answer, Mother Sekhmet:

Neil LightningBear Heart Devaney Can we shift our individual consciousness/perception by ascending or is this a collective shift in consciousness/perception... ie. 100th monkey... collective ascension? Thank you Elizabeth
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Each Soul must Ascend on their own. There are no shortcuts. The misunderstanding about mass ascension hold us in the dark and keeps our individual ascension process in stuckness. This is a grievous mistake. In order to Ascend in this Lifetime then each Soul on Earth must walk themselves back to the Enlightened State. This is done by a spiritual process whereby a Soul’s karma is reduced to zero and the ego mind is completely dissolved. As we move along the spiritual Path by integrating spiritual practices into our lives (good moral conduct, purifying the body, yoga asanas, breathing exercises, withdrawal of the senses, doing our duty, meditation and the superconscious experience of Oneness) our Highest Self, our Monad or Atma reveals to us as we go along the next steps to achieving Enlightenment in this Lifetime. Everyone is capable of that now. As the changes come we will have much more help achieving that then is availed to us now.

Tracie Carlos From my perspective, those diagnosed with autism are an amplified human being, an upgrade which we are evolving to. What is Sananda's take on this? Is this what we are evolving to or will this population dial in to who we are?......I am smiling because that last statement did not ring true for me, sort of like, this population would be going backwards to become more like the majority. So now I would really love to hear Sananda's take on it.
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Those with autism have learned to practice advanced siddhis especially inner sight, inner hearing and withdrawal of senses. They shut down outer communication and focus on Inner Communication with their Guides, Twin Flames, Family from Home in the Stars and wait a tie when they will open communication with the unawakened on Earth. That moment is just around the corner.

David Porter Please ask: 1.Why is ISON (the flotilla of space ships) here and what will be the effects of the debris to earth as the "rocky" part of it passes? 2. What dimension are we humans in percentage wise just now? 3. As of last Sept, 22nd, masses of 3D nature'd ones were supposed to begin to leave Earth (die)? 4. Why can't "He" and his team make NESARA happen, they were gifted intervention rights VIA Heaven at the inauguration of Obama? 5. Thank you for you support.
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ISON is a MotherShip just as Niburu is. As a MotherShip there are no ‘rocky parts.’ Humans on Earth exist in different Dimensions. Sacred sites, like Mount Kailash are at the 9th Dimension and above. Mount Shasta is at the 7th Dimension and above. This is why visiting these Sacred sites give us such a boost of Energy. Our DNA App pulls in this data and the experience elevates that human for the rest of their life. No part of Earth is below the 5th Dimension now. Earth has experienced Her Ascension thanks to the work of millions of Souls anchoring the Higher Energies from The Great Central Sun and Source Energy and holding the Light within their Bodies, within their DNA and effecting all the cells around them.

Elizabeth Trutwin About ISON:
Ginger Starr Tetreault Beth, some of us have 'clearing' of old constructs, old energy deep into our DNA. Please ask 'how' we are to continue clearing it as its coming up as hurts which feels as though it keeps us from moving forward with why we're here....Thank you
December 13 at 9:21pm · Like · 2

The programs which are clearing from the DNA are within the cellular memory. As we move forward on the Path of Enlightenment then these programs are purged from our system. If someone suffers constant pain from feeling ‘they are not good enough,’ for example, then as the ego mind dissolves, confidence returns which stems from our Divine Grace and that DNA program is restructured in the Transmission Factor process and perfected through our Twin Flame holding the Light for our Mission Off Planet.

Ginger Starr Tetreault For those who continue to have questions about ISON...perhaps Sananda will address whether the sonic boom and appearance of a 'huge' ball of light on Dec 10th in Arizona was related to the ISON event. I feel it was intentional and served a purpose. A message for those of us who know what it was and a warning to a certain 'group'. It certainly now has many looking UP which is positive and debris has been recovered as it was not a comet but rather the 'same' as Ison. ☼
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There have been sonic booms here and there and a google search will show that. These are always the entry of a cloaked Ship into our atmosphere.

[I heard one last summer. It just so happened my son was camping with friends three miles away when I heard it. I asked him later that morning if they heard it and he said, Yes. So did all the others around him.]

Constance Harvey · Friends with Lorrie Reiki Patton
Yes Elizabeth - It seems as though all heck is breaking loose. will President Obama be announcing Nesara before the end of the year? Some are saying it could be 2014/2015 before anything gets done. Thank you very much. Your channelings are wonderful and very much appreciated.
December 13 at 9:31pm · Like · 3

No one can say when NESARA will be enacted through Announcements. Just know that anyone putting it off for the future is One who is likely a criminal who will be arrested and whose mission is to keep you confused and asking more questions instead of turning within to work on your Ascension.

David Porter The "Awareness" that has been somewhat (they said the New Jerusalem is 1,000X2,000 miles??? credible up to now, say that it is a combination of hollowed out huge comet that lost some of itself to our Sun but is still holding a flotilla of space ships??? And I have up to date heard at least 3 different titles of ships that Sananda is one being Neptune or The Phoenix, one other, but my understanding is He is on the New Jerusalem and that it is 1,500 miles across, this is mentioned w/size in the Bible as well???
December 13 at 9:33pm · Edited · Like · 1

The New Jerusalem is 5000 miles across. This is Admiral Sananda’s MotherShip. Ashtar is the
Captain of the New Jerusalem and he with Sananda are in charge of this Universe. They have helpers like their Twin Flames, Lady Master Nada and Lady Master Athena. Athena’s Ship is The Dove. Soltec’s Ship is The Phoenix. My Ship is the Niburu. Archangel Michael’s Ship is The New Bethlehem and Archangel Metatron’s Ship is The Methuselah. Some sources have made up names and that is when it becomes confusing.

Some bloggers make up stories so they have something to blog. They make money when you return to their site again and again. A better life spent is one who develops their Inner Nature and walks the Path toward Enlightenment daily integrating new practices and sustaining old ones. Without these practices, we stay in stuckness seeing the world through the filters in ego mind, the practices drop these perceptions so we may finally see the Universal Truth at our foundation. It is our complete responsibility to wake up and do this.

Carole Lortie My question would be the same as David...we have used all techniques unblock financial hardship..and start just trying to cap on just surviving..we need major new teachings..and also more celestial beings coming for real..among heal us....and remove lower entities..that stops us at ever turn to succeed in our passion and projects...what will the changes in our DNA do to get rid of all malicious acts against us...
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It is the mind’s misunderstanding from the victim programming that there have been malicious acts done to us. Masters who are incarnate on Earth live their lives unaffected by any conditions of Earth. Financial Hardship likewise is a conditioning in the mind. The practices are designed to remove these lower programs from our system and dissolve the ego making it possible to comprehend what we don’t now know. We do not understand what we do not understand.

As Earth goes to changeover at Zero Point then we will have Ship Landings within seven to ten days and Galactic Technology will bring all those things we have needed to remove our Souls from just surviving on Earth. Likewise, we all agreed, when we returned to Earth this lifetime that we would hold the vibration of financial lack in order to dissolve the OLD systems of maritime law, illegal banking practices, land grabs and slavery. Finally, we agreed to live this life apart from our Twin Flames as the experience here would be so challenging we would require their support from the Ships. There are a few on Earth now living with or aware of their Twin Flame who also lives on Earth, but only a very few.

Ken Rankin I don't have specific questions. I just enjoy the opportunity to experience the closeness that is manifested. Thank you for the opportunity.
December 13 at 9:43pm via mobile · Like


David Porter I read it all, most all until I find one that deserves to be debunked, and I read it all "between the lines" as most of it I find to be unauthentic and without any kind of back-up reference from anyone that truly knows the truth of about 97% of it.
December 13 at 9:43pm · Like

Many go through this phase of discovery. At a certain moment we realize this is ego mind’s selfish desire to have all the answers. This perpetuates making others wrong, poor me and complaining.

Some go to the end of life without Enlightenment without ever leaving the process of ego basedsearching. Another way to get caught back into ego again in is thinking you will never understand all of this. The Higher Teaching says be ready to NOT KNOW. In that space you will KNOW. Be ready to not understand. In that silence the Higher Teachings float in. Then you KNOW by KNOWING.

Searching wildly all over and all around to filter these things through your egoic programming is the greatest thing which holds you back from physical immortality. Your ego mind creates all of your suffering through wanting to know the answers. You are not the doer. Divine Grace is the doer. Align your life with Grace.

Dave Fichera Shifting core beliefs that are used as constructs to create a reality based on keeping from yourself that which you truly desire.
December 13 at 9:49pm via mobile · Like


Fleur De Lys dear Sananda, i would like to know how to increase prosperity to my DNA. most of Lightworker stuck with this. please give us also transmission at you message codes. we will gladly receive and anchoring.
thank You, thank You, thank You
December 13 at 9:58pm · Like · 2

Every single person on Earth has fully activated their 12 original strands of DNA. There is the potential to activate more strands of DNA than this. It happens naturally as we advance down the Spiritual Path. The DNA is effected by what we eat. It requires we become lighter and this is achieved by eating a lighter diet. Eat nothing with a face. Eat live foods.

Julie Bates So happy to have found your FB page Elizabeth. I've been a reader on your webpage for over a year and love your messages!! I too was hoping Sananda can answer/explain the current financial state of affairs such as the delays we are having regarding worldwide revaluation of currencies and announcements. Will we see this by Christmas? I know they don't give dates, but something better than "soon" possibly? It's been "soon" for months. Also, if this is Sananda's realm, could you please ask him why we are still getting to so heavily chemtrailed? I understand the trails are being neutralized, but why are our galactic friends still allowing for these planes to take off and pollute Mother Earth? That seems more reactive than proactive.. if they can disable nukes, surely they can cut a wire so the planes can't take off? Then, When will the chemtrails finally stop once and for all? Thank for all that you do... you have a beautiful gift.
December 13 at 10:00pm · Like · 5

Regarding chemtrails, as we notice them in the sky we remain in fear. It is not God or the Galactics allowing this. It is our reaction, from our ego mind which motivates the dark cabal to use this visual aid to keep our fear level high. They feed on fear. Chetrails are neutralized. Ignore them. Its an Illusion they use to keep you in fear. Humanity alone is in charge of how soon soon is.
Rick G. Dial thanks beth!...Dear Sananda, which 3 main things can we each do to increase the chances of the Event happening this year???
December 13 at 10:07pm · Like · 3

1) Keep High Thoughts about NESARA Law, Disclosure and how these with the BIG Arrests will change all life forms on Earth. Keep these things in the forefront of your mind throughout the day and night.

2) Blaze the Violet Flame as St. Germain has taught us to your family karma and group karma and
occurrences which come up in your day to day and understand the Illusion of it all.

3) Be Love and Do Not React to ANYTHING - EVER, EVER AGAIN. If you react to anything note it and reset and be sure to Not React to ANYTHING - EVER, EVER AGAIN. Do that again and again until your ego mind no longer exists.

Fleur De Lys please if Sananda would like to explain about what is happening at Indonesia. is Ratu Atut is cabal?
December 13 at 10:08pm · Like · 1

This is another thing the ego mind insists it must have the answers to. It is best when we go into analyzer mode to simply let it be and acknowledge all of these situations are a part of the OLD and dissolving now before our eyes.

Constance Harvey · Friends with Lorrie Reiki Patton
Will this channeling be on a live call tomorrow Elizabeth?
December 13 at 11:35pm · Like

[I am not doing calls at this time.]

Paul Luftenegger I simply want you to say thank you to Sananda on behalf of everyone and send LOVE to ALL. I ask you to please ask beautiful Sananda to bless the WATER to raise the Vibration/Frequency of ALL MOLECULES and PARTICLES OF WATER TO WHOLE LOVE. Thank you Beth for all you are! Namaste
December 13 at 11:53pm · Unlike · 4

So It Is!

Rhonda Landon · Friends with Susan Brandt and 6 others
Elizabeth, Thank you for presenting this opportunity of communication with Jesus Sananda our Christ in an open forum. First of all I would like to give my gratitude and appreciation to our Lord God for the many healings that are taking place on our planet. I have noticed that many hearts are becoming softend with the love that is being infused on the planet at this time. I have noticed that our sun seems really big and is platinum and so very bright for much of the day and then in the early evening the sky turns into a beautiful golden light. My question is this, Is the Golden-Christed Light a visual manifestation for all to see? Is this Golden-White Light a healing powerhouse for the planet? I was activated by this same colored light in my very own home in Feb. 2012 and received physical, mental, emotional, spiritual healings. I would like to know if anyone else has noticed this powerful Golden-White Light?
Yesterday at 12:08am · Like · 1

For many they are unable from their vantage point on Earth to see this light as you described it - due to physical issues, like the building they live in does not have a view of a vista, or because of pollution or constant weather blocking the view. Still this Golden White light may be brought in to our bodies just by Awareness. By our Intent we may call in the Golden Light for all healings. This is what is meant by The Golden Age. All Abundance.
Merocean Mu Thank you universal guardians and the angels for adjustments of the spine..and healing I love you ALL.
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Ernesto Silva Hi Elizabeth about DNA reconecting we have doubts on the way this thing is
16 hours ago · Edited · Like · 2
happening. It is for everyone? why can't feel it. Why people seems to be still unaware? I feel something diferent, something bigger, stronger, deeper, but only on meditation or whit sacret plants helping me out. On daily bases Its almost imposible and I feel more density when Im not on meditation or conected. Seems to me like the matrix became more heavy, whit more density. On the other hand I Surprisingly have met people with more consciousness than ever, but when I start talking about this themes they disqualify me.I never care before but now when that happends i feel a sadness like never before too. Thanks, say hi to the Master.

The DNA is activated for Every One Now. As each of us exists on Earth our DNA has been activated. Being alive here has made it so. Those who are still sleeping are caught up in the programming of suffering, doing it wrong, not having enough and they run from one feeing to the next during their waking hours not allowing new information to come in. As we have the changes on Earth they will find a way to rest in their hearts and have new thoughts.

Merocean Mu We do feel it happening because it shows up as emotional, mental, and physical for healing. Awareness, then acceptance, and moving forward have to occur.
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Casimir Milosh Julie has it right!
Can it be Source holding back NESARA? And keeping us enslaved to the Cabal?
Psalm 137 says 'how shall we Sing The LORD'S song in a strange land?'
Just who specifically, in Authority is justifying the seeming delays?
Sananda surely must know, right?
Yesterday at 12:43am via mobile · Like

Source held the memory of fear as we descended into the lower realms. At that time it was perpetuating the fear which held us back from change on Earth. Source is a Divine Hologram, afterall. A reset was done in July of this year which changed that. Source has been reset to the Moment of Creation and there is nothing longer which poses a delay to this happening. Nothing can stop it. Nothing.

Emerson Salvador · 2 mutual friends
Elizabeth, please just tell him to start event and many will follow...or cabal will postpone for ever.
21 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

[Yes, of course I have, many times, He and the Highest Forces of Light (many times) just as we all have]

Evlyn Locke Hi..could you ask why so many still feel the unease of tinnitus please...we so need to relax..
21 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2

Some are experiencing this because it is the sound from the transmitters held within the Energy Grid holding the Energetic upgrades within the Pyramids aligning the High Energies as the changes unfold. Others experience this due to nutritional deficiencies.

Catalin Tomescv Namaste Elizabeth, please ask beloved Sananda, how does the DNA activates NOW, after the big SHIFT, up to the complete original divine template regarding strands and fire letters? For the best soul growth of all. Thank you. C.
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This is already complete and those telling you it is not have ulterior motives to keep you as far away from your Wholeness and put off the Event as is possible.

Lauren M. Avery I agree with Emerson… Please start the Event… We cannot wait any longer… It is
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dire here.


Joanne Lightworker Griffing I agree with Lauren, XO Namaste enough is enough can we please proceed, XO In love and Light, Joanne Collis Griffing
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Anne Marie Scauzillo
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Steve Antal I understand our DNA is a transmitter & a receiver. That our lives are encoded in our DNA. That decisions about our lives are encoded in our DNA before we came here. That the time of our birth & death is also encoded in our DNA.
December 13 at 9:51pm · Like · 1

This is a misunderstanding. We have the ability throughout our lives to evolve our DNA past its present programming. We have the ability to activate more than 12 strands of DNA and constantly evolve Higher. We have the ability to program our DNA to REMEMBER it is PHYSICALLY IMMORTAL and as we were originally Created we never died.

Maggie Moody-Ritz I look forward to that Elizabeth.
December 13 at 10:19pm · Like · 2


Ignacio Gil New bodies are coming, how and when this will start?
December 13 at 10:28pm · Like · 2

It is begun. Many are feeling it as aches and pains. Our vessels are adjusting to more light and also age reversal is begun. When Galactic technologies land on Earth even more will be available very quickly.

Christine Burk There are many pressures in our lives... how can we be the best at our missions right now as we continue to deal with these (soon to be obsolete) stresses? I know this has been spoken about a lot before. The energies with this gateway are SO different, so are there any adjustments we need to make in our focus, spirit or actions? Great thanks.
December 13 at 10:46pm · Unlike · 3

Just let it all go. Do by Not Doing. Be in the Tao.

Rick Winsor I admit now that I am not working in a regular job life is easier. But I did for 55 years and single parented 5 kids, a mother with Alzheimer, a daughter with kidney disease. So I have some awareness of how difficult it is. I was Awakened 43 years ago and found quickly through guidance to stop many times a day for a few minutes and come to peace with Spirit. Such were bathroom breaks and lunch breaks. Short stops by a quiet side on the way to and from work. Always kept a notebook because Spirit would always talk when I got quiet. I learned to let go and surrender every thing as soon as I felt any anxiety. I don't offer this because I thought I was special. Just the opposite. I thought I must be weak as that it took so much for me to stay in tune with my Highest Self. But it worked. Just saying. This is a challenging planet for Lightworkers but the adventure is incredible.
December 13 at 11:23pm · Like · 16


Karin Sigbjörn
Yesterday at 1:33am · Like · 1

Jean Davies I'm finding the stopping periods are stretching, getting longer and longer. And I love that. It helps that I no longer have what might be considered a regular job, 7 yrs ago I knew my life was going to be very different from then on. I'm blessed, I spend most of my time with animals these days, and we share stillness together. And share so much else too. Much love to you all. X
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Pernille Carlsson 13.000 years ago our DNA was changed, where are we now? . And who did all these Sculpture on Easter Island Did we came there by boat from Atlantis.
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The DNA was experimented with and ‘turned off’ down to two strands from twelve strands and that has all been healed now. The Easter Island faces are of our Star Elders and they are watching over us. These large monuments are living stones and a vibration which continues to help humans as they move through evolution on Earth, helps them to KNOW they are loved and others are watching over them.

Rick Winsor Easter Island was from people from Mu and Lemuria. A number of very small settlements were from Atlantis. Noah into Turkey, Thoth into Egypt, and a small Mayan settlement. Then gradually over time cultures grew.
Yesterday at 3:00am · Like · 4

The overall story is much, much bigger than all of that and goes back millions and millions of years.

Susan Davis My guides mentioned as our blood is thinning (becoming more crystalline) that this is part of what is causing the 'fatigue'. My thoughts are about those who are already on blood thinners and how this will help our evolution into well being. I have several colleagues who are Doctors and have given them a 'heads up' as they see their clients. Is there more information about this that we can use at this time?
20 hours ago · Like · 2

This is a misunderstanding of sorts. The blood is not thinner, it is lighter. There are less heavy metals in the system. The ions in the system are lighter in the sense of weight. This has nothing to do with blood clotting abilities.

Arpana Qalbi Starr So many of us have paths so much alike... the struggles, the responsibilities, the awakening from it all, learning to welcome stillness, & here we are... we are one... on a great journey Toward the One...
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Rick Winsor Yes, yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Christine Burk Beth, my mission has burned so strongly in me for so long - even when I didn't know at all what is was. My question is... is it possible to leave anything incomplete? Does this impact my twin flame? Do we fulfill all that is encoded in our DNA or can we 'mess it up' with our free will? I truly know that eventually, all is fulfilled because God's timing is infinite. I am asking about what we are going through now with this transformation. Love. (thank you for the opportunity of these questions)17 hours ago · Like · 1

Our free will can hold us with the desire to be right and keeps us away from Freedom.

Ann-Christin Olofsson My Twin is on a Mothership. I know how he look like...but I have work to be done here before we can unite. He knows why!
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Rick G. Dial this is like an early Christmas GIFT!!!
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Mark Lev Really looking forward to this, thank you.


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Earl Thibert will i need to go to the ship to meet my tf or will my tf be meeting me here at home and will we look alot like me and her i also feel her around me
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Each One of you will meet your Twin Flame where you are. They know where you are. You will not need to search for them. Twin Flames take on the Body they need for their experience now. Some Gay people will meet a Twin Flame of the same sex now to enjoy Earth with a same sex companion. In New Earth these will be physically celibate relationships on the Physical as all of us will experience new methods of lovemaking so much more fulfilling then the lower vibration of racing toward an end which is experienced now. Many opposite sex couples will lose the desire to make love as we do now, but to integrate the new sexual practices which will come as we understand Higher Teachings. It has to do with having orgasmic experiences together while connecting with the Cosmos.

Dawn Close Thanks Dear Elizabeth !!!
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Christopher Good upon coming up with a story i write still for disclosure obama and michelle buzzed me and the universe showed me my twin flame is miley cyrus and my question is what sananda has to say about that, ive met cyrus twice in person since november but not been able to speak with her and the cosmos has sent tons of celebrities to my work place including putin and ahmadeenijad, cyrus and i will help with the mass media art portions of disclosure so a main question is how can i reach her or how can she find out about me? the sooner we unite the better.
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Many have a concept what their Twin Flame is and as time goes on the realities will set in. It is a part of the process to come to one understanding, and then another and another as the filters of ego mind are worked out, as the programming is dissolved.

Ann-Christin Olofsson We are uniting with our twinflame during sleep if he/she is on a ship. I know for sure.
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Danka Kubickova Thank you Elizabeth, thank Sananda, I am really pleased
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Kimberley Huxen Wow just came from a beautiful meditation on finding your twin flame. And now this discovery.                                               END.

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