Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mother Mary


Channelled By Tazjima

Note to Reader: Never before have I brought forth a message from beloved Mary, but tonight on Christmas Eve I feel Her Presence. She is very familiar to me, her signature frequency as I have interfaced with the Archangels through the years. Occasionally she visits me at night and tonight, she blesses all of us with hope for the future. Adding my blessings to Hers, I give you Mary...

Mary: The Magick of the New Dawn I Am Mary and I greet you on the dawn of the morning of the Christed Ones. You are the ones you have been waiting for and now is your time. Even as the stars gather in the heavens, and the waning moon shines bright, we see your Light brighten the world and all within it.

You are the Ones of whom the legends spoke; you are the Second Coming of the Christ. In you will manifest the beginning of a new way of life for all upon your world.

As you awaken to the love that flows through your blessed hearts, you will begin to feel a lessening of worry and anxiety. No more will you accede to the demands of tyrants, for you have tasted freedom and now begin to claim your sovereignty.

See yourselves as beings filled with possibility, for within each of you is the creativity and genius necessary to bring salvation to your world.

As your burdens ease, you will find yourselves able to decipher the mysteries of magic and alchemy. You are masters all and merely are reconnecting with those long lost parts of your Self that you left behind voluntarily when you came here.

And now, you are bringing Home to this world, as the frequencies of the planet rise, so you will, too, rise and reclaim your mastery.

As did my son, Yeshua, bring light into this world, you have brought it also and in greater measure for there are many more that have come for just this purpose. Never think that you are not worthy of love, for you have brought love and light back to planet once covered in darkness and despair. You have answered the call of Gaia and came in your legions. And now you begin to see the effects of your hard work.

There is an underlying change in the air, in the feeling within your hearts. Do you not feel that you can more easily connect heart to heart with your friends near and far? You do not know one another when you meet, even though it be through a message, a phone call or video? You recognize each other because you are family.

Each of you reading these words is a member of the Family of Light, made up of beings from the many corners of the Universe, from several star systems. Some of you are solitary in representing your people, but you are accompanied in spirit by your home worlds, for the eyes and senses of the Universe are upon you.

This planet earth, ensouled by the beautiful Gaia, is the fulcrum of the shift of the Ages, one that is affecting the entire Universe. You are but the beginning, for all beings here will shift, starting here at the lowest dimension and working up through the finer, lighter dimensions. And as you gain in mastery, you will be able to travel in mind and body to all of them.

How say you? Are you ready to travel to stars? Dream on these. Watch the ships dance across your night skies. Visit your star families during your dreams. Play with the fairies. Work with the elementals. Hone your skills. Claim your gifts and graces. Awake to the possibilities that lie before you. There is much to discover.

We carry you within our hearts, for we are also your Family. And we send you our blessings as you move into a new year and a new world, with the realization that, yes, there are changes and they are real. As you let go of the old and embrace the new, the changes will begin to manifest in your outer world. They are doing so already, as the revelations is well underway. All secrets are being uncovered; the time for transparency has arrived. No more secrets; no more control over others. Each being is now sovereign and master of its own fate.

Learn about the Laws of the Universe. There is much to remember, but know that by listening to the still voice within your own heart, you will receive all the guidance that you need. You will begin to know that you know without anyone telling you; and you will begin to listen and rely on your intuition more. Do so, for to move forward into the new world you need to trust and to love yourself. These two things are keys to reconnecting with the greater parts of your Self, for much will not make sense to your rational mind, a construct of the third dimension.

We bid you to release your imagination and remember the magic within; you are the alchemists who are engaged in the process of turning base metal into gold. As the golden light of unconditional love shines forth through your hearts, it will transform your world. You will see in the coming days of what we speak and wonder will lighten and transmute any remaining doubts and fears.

We smile and look upon you as our family, our children and our kin. We welcome you back into the realms of light.

Yes, there is much to be done on your world, but the transformation is well on its way. Go forth and discover what it is that you are here to do and create magic, for you are Magick, magicians and mages all.

Copyright© Elizabeth Ayres Escher – All Rights Reserved.

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