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Ashtar: You Are Moving into the Golden Age


Ashtar On The Road Teleconference 12-10-13 

"Greetings Beloved Family! It is I, Ashtar and this entire Company of Masters and Angels, Guides and all Beloved beings from all Kingdoms of Planet Earth are here now with you, with us, on the bridge of The New Jerusalem! And there are others who are here. We are honored to be visited by the great Nelson Mandela, and St. Germain shall be speaking more on this, on the subject of his great, wise and wonderful gifts that he gave to Planet Earth.**

"But for now we invite you to join with us and to feel the energies of all of us here assembled, and of his, this beautiful, beautiful person. Well, he was in the body of a person, and we are welcoming him back as our brother, so stay tuned.

"Now I would comment on the general status, or shall we say, the state of being of Planet Earth because it’s in great shape! You may not think so where you are, particularly if you are feeling a bit of the bite of the cold upon your being. But all is well. It has never been this well upon Planet Earth, since the very beginning, and that is because you, Beloved Ones, have been holding the Light! You have been standing shoulder to shoulder with the Kumaras and with all of the wondrous ones who have been perhaps in a bit of a Higher Dimension than what you know as your 3D Planet Earth, but nevertheless they have been here and they have been joining in many, many ways with you throughout many, many of your lifetimes, in fact – in guidance, in support, sometimes in answer to your most fervent prayers and desires!

"Even when it has seemed as though you have taken your last breath and you are crossing over, there has always been one or more who have welcomed you to the Light, because that, Beloved Ones, is the true destination. There are some who need some time out, this is true, before going on and upward into the Higher Dimensions. But if you have some of the upbringing or even some of the genetics which is based in fear-based religions – False Energy Appearing Real – let it go. Your destination is up, up and away!!!

"Does that mean that you need to leave Planet Earth? No. Does that mean that you need to leave your body? No! It means you have a grand opportunity to bring your bodies with you - slightly modified, or you could consider it upgraded, so as to be able to exist in the Higher Dimensional energies - but you are getting a good taste of what those energies feel like even now, because we are sending them to Planet Earth and to all of you - indeed, to every living being upon Planet Earth!!! This includes the human kingdom, and the kingdoms of the animals and the plants and yes, the crystals, the minerals.

"After all, it is they who can receive the energies and transmit them without what you might call downgrading them - they don’t have to. In your human bodies, sometimes you need to take a little time out or a step backwards. Sometimes you need to stop and get grounded and let the energies move into balance within you before you accept anymore, but the crystals are wide open to receive all the time, and actually the other kingdoms are too, and they are receiving.

"You may have noticed, for instance, when you receive the wondrously heartwarming pictures of the animal kingdom - you know the ones that go around the Internet where you have the equivalent of the lion and the lamb lying together in Peace and Joy. There are many, many of these pictures where, for instance, an animal mother of a different species will nurse a baby who has been orphaned or lost, and where animals from different breeds make friends with each other and become companions. Some very unlikely pairings you might think!

"Why does that cat not eat those birds, why does that cat allow those birds to sit upon her head and upon her back? And so on, and so on. And this is because the energies are coming in and actually awakening the original genetics among the animals. The animals didn’t use to prey upon each other. You’ve heard of the Garden of Eden - that was the beginning of Lemuria - they did not prey upon each other, everyone had plenty. There was not so much eating of the 3D materials, let us just say. So it all worked wondrously well, and everybody communicated with everybody, and everybody loved everybody. There was no such thing as greed, or jealously. There was no violence and no need for it. Everyone knew that all life was Divine and everyone honored the Divinity in all life!!!

"Well that’s where we’re going! That’s what Ascension is. That is what it’s all about and that is the destination for Planet Earth! All those who want to come to this particular paradise, Eden, Shangri-la - you call it whatever you want - you are all Masters and you are all Divine and you all have choices. We are just saying its time for the last 'all-aboard-who-are-coming-aboard' call. Why is this? It’s because you’ve got so much to do and so you need to get on board, or on track, or on the path or whatever you want to call it and start looking out at where you are headed! 

"Now, when you feel a bit of anger or jealousy or any of those emotions you have temporarily derailed yourselves. Is this bad? No. Does it mean that you will not get there? Of course not! It means that you are giving yourselves an opportunity to look back, because you are really done with all of that and that’s what these incoming energies are supporting. It’s just that you still have some 3D-ness about you, and so it is only natural that you might be still in the programs, shall we say, of 3D.

"So when you get triggered - that’s a good word isn’t it – 'triggered' – there’s nothing violent about it. And do not get violent within yourselves. Remember who you are, Beloved Ones, you are Love, you are Light unto the World. And it is simply to say – 'Oh! That’s a part of me still. I love all of me! I forgive all of me, because there is really nothing to forgive - I just quit judging as right or wrong, and I get back on board my own personal train or shuttlecraft, or whatever I have, and I’m ready to move ahead now!'

"The more you move ahead, the more you keep your momentum going, the less you are going to have of those moments because, guess what - where you are going they do not exist anyway!!! So you are in preparation now and you are very close to what we call the first major stop along the way and that’s the Golden Age. And that is a very busy time for every Lightworker, for every holder of the Light, and most particularly for members of the Ashtar Family, because you all have within you blueprints, shall we say, or plans, for what to do during the Golden Age. So if you haven’t started thinking about what to do during the Golden Age - think about it!!!

"Now, we’ve been telling you for a long time get ready to be extremely wealthy in dollars. Well, you heard tonight.*** It is not to be an idle, rich being. It is to, shall we say, determine what these dollars can do. We’ll give you some ideas. It’s about joyful usage of the dollars to accomplish Joy to the World, or Joy to your community or the apartment building you live in, or your family or friends, or the strangers lined up at the soup kitchens, or whatever.

"It’s an opportunity for you to reach out and join with community. Even if you don’t want to go out into the marketplace to do it, there are plenty of things that you can do. And where do you start, Beloved Ones? You start with yourselves! Mother Sekhmet is very fond of presenting the vision of the shiny red sports car. Well if that’s what you want, go get it, and radiate Joy!

"Your main goal here is not to count the dollars in your bank accounts. It’s to radiate the joyful energy that they are capable of sharing with the World! It’s all energy anyway. Thank the trees who gave their energies for these dollars. Thank Mother Gaia who has given of her treasures of gold and silver and other precious minerals. Thank the Planet Venus - a lot of this has come from there you know. It’s all about Love! Gold is actually a very high vibration, when it does not have greed attached to it.

"It’s not about being another King Midas. It’s about being a Divine Master walking Planet Earth, or driving your own shuttlecraft, or whatever! Oh yes, there will prototype off-the-ground conveyances, there are already some and there will be a lot more. You may, if you want to have one of the early models, find that you need to spend some dollars for that too. It’s whatever is going to radiate Joy – money - dollars, euros, yen, whatever – they are units of energy. Start thinking about them as units of energy. What kind of energy? Love! Joy! Abundance for all!

"When everyone has Abundance, Beloved Ones, and when the dark hats are no longer in the picture - and we shall be speaking of that momentarily – when everybody has Abundance, and everybody is uplifted in Joy, greed is gone. It just isn’t anymore!

"And so when there is no greed with everybody making war on everybody else, and scheming to inherit the rich uncle’s gold, or whatever - when all of that is gone, and then money is simply a unit of energy, which is more and more loving energy, because that’s what it really wants to be - every energy wants to be Love!!! There are some that are in lower vibration, but they can be transformed or transmuted, just as a person can rise into Love, rise into the Light, and leave behind greed, war and all of the energies which are the opposite of love, they are FEAR-based – False Evidence Appearing Real!!!

"And all they are is just something that was created to give the dark hats an upper hand and to show Planet Earth how miserable everybody could be who wasn’t really rich. And there are many who are wealthy - they are called wealthy visionaries, who are already in the process of spreading the Joy, by doing what they can do to help, whether it be the kingdom of the humans, or the animals or even the plant kingdoms.

"Look at the ones who bravely go off and spend large sums of money finding new healing plants, for instance, or filing papers in your courts to try and stop the deforestations and all of the other kinds of things. Now you have GMO, the ultimate low-vibe, fear-based - we won’t even call it a food - it is not nourishment, it does not nurture, it does the opposite. And so it is, who’s going to heal the plants? The GMO plants? Think about that, how would you like to be a plant with GMO genetics? It can be done, it can be done by raising the vibrations, by moving into an arena where there is no GMO! It can’t exist there because it is fear-based, greed-based, etc.

"What about the waters of Planet Earth? You could take a sheet of paper and fill it with all of the pollutions and the toxic incidents and the violent events that have assaulted your waters, your oceans, your rivers, your lakes, your ponds, even your puddles that the rain leaves behind. But we are helping to clean them up even now because you, Beloved Ones, have given us permission to come this close in your atmosphere that we can actually do some helpful things!!!

"It isn’t that we are going to do it all ourselves. It is that we need your continuing support, your assistance, and maybe some of you will want to join with us when you receive your unheard of Abundance – unheard of, but you’ve heard about it here plenty of times! You may want to join with us in supporting a clean-up project somewhere. Even if it just means that you spend some money traveling and you stand on the banks of the Nile River, for instance, and you radiate your Love to the waters of the Nile - or where ever you might choose.

"You are still going to need to buy a ticket and a few things along the way with money, but that’s all right because you are utilizing the money for it’s highest and best purposes. Remember, it starts with Joy to you! Do what gives you Joy, treating all others, all other living beings, all other lifeforms, as you, yourself would be treated. If you will just remember to use your gold only in a manner in which you follow the Gold-en Rule, you will be living the Golden Age lifestyle in Divine Perfection!!!

"Then what you will do from there, well, you will have so many choices that you’re not even perhaps seeing them. It’s like the colors of the Universe, you don’t see them all with your 3D eyes but they are there! And the choices you will have are so many that you will consider them to be infinite. So stop any thoughts of being limited in any way and start seeing yourselves as the Divine and unlimited beings we know that you are!!!

"We see all of you - oh yes, your Higher Selves are just dancing right now because they know what we know – that you are Divine beings and that you can do whatever it is that you choose to do! Right now we understand you are in bodies that might have some limitations and there may be times when you are tired. And these incoming energies can really turn you upside down, just like the waves of the ocean here on Maui - sometimes it just happens no matter how alert you think you are. Then all of a sudden you are rolling and tumbling and you don’t know which way is up, and that’s okay. Stop and rest!

"As we have said, if your train seems to be coming to a halt or you seem to be coming into a roadblock upon your path, stop and just honor yourselves for being where you are, for seeing what is going on within your own energy fields. Take some deep breaths, do an Exercise of Meditation and most of all, a Blessing to the Divine beings that you are, and know it’s just part of your experiences and just showing you something that you are leaving behind anyway. It is not to get into a big stew about or to get down in the dumpies, or anything of the kind. It is not at all permanent, you are in transformational mode!

"You are kind of a jumble right now of the old you, and the new you, and the radiant, Divine realization that that’s Who You Are! Just enjoy the ride - yes it’s going to be kind of fast and it can be like a roller coaste,r but just stop and enjoy it, stop and breathe, know that we are with you every step of the way. Practice your telepathic communications because that is a grand help. Who do you want to communicate with? Start with being sure you are connected with that part of you who you call your Higher Self - we call it your Higher Dimensional Self - and then all of your Guides and anyone that you want to talk with.

"Maybe you have an ancestor who has crossed over. Everyone in the Universe is available to you in every moment! There is no disconnect - only that which you, yourselves, create or allow. And of course, a disconnect has been necessary in order for you, yourself to leave the stage and then come back to do more, and so on and so on. That is, the disconnect is in the 3D human mind! But it really isn’t a disconnect - it’s another fear-based story. So you can let go of that one anytime that you are ready, and communicate with anyone, whether they are actually present in body or have been present in body but have gone beyond. Most of all its to radiate your beautiful, glowing Lights, and to send Love everywhere throughout the Universe!!!

"We are in the Holy Days season, and we have a most profound message coming to you, and it’s all about Peace and Love.*** It is for you to remember the purpose of the Holy Days season, particularly in this calendar year. It is to, shall we say, prepare the way! You are the Messengers running ahead, moving ahead, or driving ahead - however you see yourselves - of the majority of humanity. You are the Messengers actually leading the way!!! You could call yourselves the Guides, the Bearers of Light, lighting the way for everyone else on Planet Earth!

"Destination number one – the Golden Age. You could skip it if you want and just go right on up to your Ascension status. But for most you, you have committed to being, shall we say, in the advance group going into the Golden Age. You know what’s coming, you know things are getting a little, or a lot, chaotic, and it is for you to maintain the calm, beam the Love and prepare your own selves! 

"So start putting out some visions of how you are going to be a citizen of the Golden Age, living the Golden Rule and enjoying your bank accounts, or your mattresses, or whatever, that are full of gold. This is a golden time! As you look back on this, you will remember that this is a preparation month and this is the ending of 2013, and the beginning of a most magical year called 2014. Our expectation is that you will be firmly grounded in the Golden Age, or it’s beginnings, because it’s going to go on for a while to give everyone an opportunity to catch up with you during what you would call the year 2104!

"That is where the momentum is at this moment. Remember, we do not do dates. No dates! But we are telling you this, that if the present momentum continues, and we see that it is - because, you see, the dark hats are out of tricks and games and dark programs, they really are done. Oh, there are a few echoes remaining - you know they have already tried to nuke every part of the World in their panic and fear. But remember - No Nukes, because we’ve disabled them all - they can’t do it!

"The poisons that they have spread are being neutralized. We’re talking about what they have done to poison humanity - the chemtrails, the immunizations which have been highly toxic. Remember we said that plants that are GMO have the ability to transform into, shall we say, healthy and balanced plants with their original genetics. It’s not quite time for that miracle yet but the more you support non-GMO agriculture and consumption, the faster that transformation can appear for you! If you were thinking that all GMO plants have to be destroyed, think again. They are living organisms, although they are mutants, but they can be transformed. In Higher Dimensions they already are!!!

"That’s hard to conceive isn’t it? These beings that you are about to eat have a life in a Higher Dimension where they are beings that are not GMO! Well, we don’t go into science so we won’t go into this very much, just to tell you that all miracles are lined up and they are done! When you lift up into the Higher Vibrations, that’s when you get an opportunity to sample the miracles!!! So bring yourselves often to the bridge, bring yourselves often up into the Higher Dimensions where you can actually live! No, you are not quite ready to bring your bodies yet but you can bring yourselves up in your consciousness, your sleep times, your Meditations - however you choose to do it - where you can savor and sample all of the riches, the true riches that will be a part of your ascended lifestyles!

"Even as you prepare for the Golden Age, you are preparing for the next step after that. So you see your momentum is only up -you can say forward - it’s going up, up at a rapid rate and it’s somewhat dizzying - we understand, but you are doing it! And that’s the great message of progress that has been made this year, it is exponential! This Holy Days season is exponentially exponential!!! 
"Come and join us - we are here with you at all times! Just consciously communicate with us, and be One with us and share the beautiful visions that we share. See yourselves as we see you, Beloved Ones, and know that we are Family, We Are One, and we are on this grand path together!!! And so it is!

"By the way, we’re going to have a real good party on what you call New Year’s Eve, so we invite you all to join us. Bring your friends - we will have a wondrous time!

"Thank you so much Beloved Ones, for being with us! Namaste and Salut!"

* Ashtar was introduced by his chosen song, Come The New Jerusalem
** St Germain's Tribute to Nelson Mandela
*** Tara and Rama's A&A Report
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, December 10, 2013.
© Ashtar On The Road Publications 2004-2013. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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