Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Sirians: Greetings From Your Star Kin


Channelled Via Tazjima 12-23-13

Greetings! We are the Sirian emissaries of whom our scribe has written in recent weeks. We come in peace and with greetings of joy as you reach the end of one year and enter a new one. And as you enter a new world and leave an old one behind.

We know that this past year has been a difficult one for many. The rate of change and the thrust of different agendas have torn countries, communities and families apart. Change will continue to dominate your awareness, although it may take on a more refined appearance or strain the very edges of your ability to hold your center. We encourage you to all embrace whatever change emerges into your world and to open up to the possibility that challenges mean new opportunity, both for growth and experience.

In this new year and the ones following, our star-born children will begin to truly awaken to their gifts, that have been locked away in their DNA to be activated by the incoming cosmic waves of Love that you have been experiencing lately. You will see many begin to step from the shadows and claim their birthright to be sovereign and powerful. And it is these formerly quiet, sensitive beings that will lead the rest of humanity into the new dawn. They have the ears to hear the symphony of heaven and the eyes to see the silver path that lies ahead drawing them onward towards their hidden goal.

Gifts long forgotten in the vales of men will come forward. Men will begin to speak mind-thought to the animals and plants around them. These are ancient gifts and have not been forgotten in the edges of the world where the old indigenous cultures still exist. Long has there been a war upon the shaman and holy men and women of the tribes, but they have persisted despite all efforts, and have kept the secrets of the inner world locked within their hearts and secret societies. For many years, they have begun to step forward to share these gifts with others, outlanders, but now these gifts will spring forth from the hearts of those who live in cities and suburbs, as new grass grows in the fecund water meadows of the wilds. And they will be the ones who turn to the elders for explanation of the new feelings that they are experiencing.

Many of you have walked the path of shaman, healer priest, priestess of sun and moon, holy hermit, druidic teachers and other spiritual paths; the gifts and graces that you won in those lifetimes will now begin to anchor into your waking consciousness in this life. Now is the pivot of the vortex, the beginning of the spiraling dance that will lead out, again, into the Cosmos. The human race is about to discover its true birthright and leap into the stars.

Whether this meeting of human and star kin comes in this next year or twenty years into your linear future, know that in our present Now moment it has already occurred. Remember that our conception of “time” does not fit yours. We do not experience time in a linear, past, present and future mode. We experience it all at once and can pick and choose among the various timelines upon which we would enjoy more experience. Soon enough you will garner enough sensitivity to be able to do this yourself. Right now, you can imagine yourselves as masters of time, time lords, who can travel to when or whenever they want. It would be a useful skill to exercise, don’t you agree?

For your planet, this is a special time of the year when many cultures celebrate the Festival of Light, depending on the religion or faith of their ancestors or family. We tell you that the celebration that is called Christmas by Western Christians is far, far older, and based in what is expressed as pagan religions that actually had root in the ancient traditions of Lemuria and Atlantis.

The Lemurians and even the more priestly classes of the Atlantean worked with light and crystals. They were far more powerful than your present day scientists and proved incapable of controlling their egos and the ancient karmic patterns they had carried from forth from the destruction of Mars and Maldek and even more ancient cultures in other star systems.

You see, dear ones, you are not native to this planet upon which you now reside and make your home. No, every one of you has derived from far more ancient roots than the roots of your mountain ranges, as grand and tall or as short and shrunken as they may be now after millions of years of wear and tear from wind and rain. Your present home is of a fairly recent origin, but you will soon discover the truth of what we now share when you finally come face to face with your star kin.

Many of these ones will not carry faces that are familiar to your current sensibilities, but know that they will begin to appear in your dreams and imaginings in preparation for their coming to this world. You will meet beings with fur and animal-like faces, with scales and tails, with multi-colored skins, with fangs and assorted other accoutrements, but in all cases they will be sentient fully conscious beings, capable of traveling through space with or without the use of equipment. They are both your ancestors and your kin, for many who walk among you, dressed as humans, are their starseed, planted here in preparation for this transitional age, when humans would step forth from their sheltered existence and become a galactic race.

Look to the imaginings of your writers, artists and musicians who see with more than two eyes, who see with the inner eye of imagination. They will lead the way for the many to be able to accommodate and accept the huge changes that loom in your near future. Whenever that future may arrive will depend on your collective consciousness so it is important for those of you who are awake NOW to prepare your hearts and minds for this happening.

Open your hearts, dear ones, as you have long been locked into a mind-set and belief system in the necessity of separation, from each other due to gender, religion, culture and country, or whatever form of separation and potential conflict that could be imagined by those who wished to control and conquer the collective imagination of humankind. Controlled and dominated, made to fear others and those who were and are different, you have been compelled to live lives believing that you were not worthy of love, deserved to suffer and born to die. Nothing of this is true and you will discover the truth for yourselves as you begin to break down the barriers that have been erected around your heart centers.

Humankind was not meant to fight and die for control over anything much less a patch of ground or a ragged banner of honor. War is designed to keep you from realizing that your real potential, to keep you scattered, leaderless and devoid of hope. We give you hope now. You will emerge stronger for your suffering but you will emerge into wholeness and no longer need to suffer. You never needed to suffer; it was not the original intent of your creators. Your future was hijacked by others a long time ago, but now the cycles have shifted and a new opportunity to break free of your jailers and from the mis-alignments has come.

Step free of the despite that seeks to bring fear into your hearts when you sense the shift of the winds of change in your world; you are now free to choose the direction into which you will now step. Pause and consider and then move forward, listening to the flow of energy through your own body, to the frequencies that play upon your eyes and dance through your heart. You are in the process of awakening from a long and troubled sleep. And we will be there to greet you as you come forth, at first as individuals and later as a collective being, divine humanity, and galactic humankind, reunited with kith and kin from many places among the stars that twinkle in your night skies.

We are one of the star races that gave birth to humanity and we greet you as our kin. There are many starseed among you who are now remembering their origins with us; who even remember the ones who they left behind, husbands and wives, children and in some cases, their rank and Masterhood. You are just on the edge of rediscovering your true Wholeness and the ways are now open before your feet. Will you take the first step and meet us in your dreams, dear ones?

Copyright© Elizabeth Ayres Escher – All Rights Reserved.

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