Monday, December 23, 2013

We Are The Arcturian Group ~ Merry Christmas Message

Channelled By Marilyn Raffaele 12-22-13

We come to wish you all a very Merry experience in  the season of Hanukkah, Christmas, or whatever you are choose to celebrate in this season.  It carries an energy of joy and it matters not that some may choose to name it something other than Christmas.  It is a season that promotes  celebration, love, and the experiences of Oneness--the underlying energy of Christmas.

Christmas to Christians, means the birth of Jesus but many who call themselves Christians fail to look beneath the rites, rituals, and celebrations of a birth 2000 years ago, getting caught up  in much of it without any deeper understanding of the core truths  of the event.  Rituals in and of themselves  have only the  importance or power they are given, for they are  simply representations of deeper truths.  Begin to ponder the deeper  meanings of this season for the outer, material sense of anything is always an interpretation of its spiritual reality.

Enjoy the festivities and try to let go of any concerns  you may hold.  Stand and observe with a lightness of heart  letting yourselves join whatever activities  resonate with you.    Along with the difficult lessons, you are meant to experience joy and learn to be happy, and now is a perfect time and good excuse for those of you who have difficulty doing this.  For too long spiritual living has been equated dull stoicism and suffering, even to the point of  believing that self inflicted pain will make one more "holy".  This is pure nonsense dear ones, know that  these erroneous concepts were seeded into world consciousness by those who stood to benefit from mankind's' belief in such things.  Joy carries the energy of the Divine.

You are here to learn yes, and a large part of that learning is to integrate the energy of joy and love thus allowing you to then express it, for you cannot flow outwardly  that which you believe you do not have.

The holiday season is bringing  confusion  for some of you.  You are feeling the need to question many of your traditional beliefs and this is good, for it means you are no longer just taking for granted that life can be lived only in a particular way, and that anything other than that one way is incorrect.  The world is a diverse and wonderful one filled with many traditions and different ways of expression for you to experience.  Those who forever stick only to what they know  believing that it is the only way, will never  enjoy the world's infinite diversity.

Anything in your life that no longer resonates with you, have the courage to release.  This does not mean you push it deeper inside, simply walk away, or ignore any human footsteps needing to be taken for these are frequently karmic situations needing to be once and for all, resolved.  Letting go is NOT an excuse to simply avoid something unpleasant that may be presenting itself to you.

Spiritually, letting go  means is that you go deeper within and take a long  look at the particular issue as to  why it no longer resonates with you.  Honestly examine your belief system, asking yourself; "What am I believing about this person, place, event, experience etc." and then ask yourself; "Is this true or is this a concept I am still  holding that is in and of the third dimensional belief system?".  You will quickly begin to see the issue from a new perspective and this  gives you the power to then let it go and at the same time, send unconditional love and light to all involved.  Ask for guidance, your Guides are just waiting for you to ask. Write everything bothering you down and take time to really examine your belief system.  It can be very painful to release something  you have grown accustomed to even  when that something is dense and heavy and you know you would be better off without it. This goes for relationships, traditions, habits, or anything  that feels old and finished.

Open yourselves to the true meaning of Christmas  dear ones, open yourselves to the celebration, gratitude, happiness, and joy of letting the Christ (Light) be born within each of your hearts  not relegating it to one event  that happened long ago.  Let Christmas take place in every moment of every day within you.  The birth of the Christ takes place in a humble (the stable) heart, one that has released and moved beyond ego and self importance (duality and separation). This is the true message of Christmas.  Look deeper.

We celebrate with you, dear ones.  We celebrate with you the remembrance of the message of Oneness as was given to the world through the event of 2000 years ago.  This was and is Jesus's eternal gift to you--acknowledge and accept this gift through your own ever deepening understanding of his messages and then begin to live them without judgement, criticism, or self-righteousness.

Christmas is not just for those calling themselves Christians, for it is a celebration of  universal Oneness, to be interpreted on ever deepening levels.  Many so called atheists and  agnostics practice the truths of Oneness perfectly and often more completely than many calling themselves "Christians".  Try to not place labels on anything or anyone, but simply focus on your own journey to live the message of Christmas.  This is true Christianity and the message of Jesus.

Merry Christmas

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                       

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