Saturday, December 14, 2013

Classic Bashar Video Scores A Direct Hit!

I can't imagine another bit of Galactic Wisdom or Angelic Insight more to-the-point about how to handle your personal ascension process than this video...DT the ET

“You act on your highest excitement every moment that you can, to the best of your ability, with absolutely zero assumption, expectation or insistence on what the outcome should be.  That’s the formula.  You never know exactly why you are being attracted to the thing that excites you.  It may not be for the purpose of that particular presentation coming to fruition.  It may have just been to get you in a place you need to be.  So what actually needs to happen can more easily happen. Never assume you know where your excitement will lead you because the physical mind does not have the ability to know how something is actually going to happen.  Only the higher mind knows how. “  Bashar

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