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Cayce On Atlantis via Tyburonn

We seem to be healing all of the unresolved fractals of the collective case of PTSD that the human race was burdened with over 13,000 years ago.  In light of that fact I feel it would be instructive to review some of the history of those 'end-times' from the galactic perspective provided by Metatron and Cayce with great appreciation for James Tyberonn for his channelling work it is.  DT the ET

Edgar Cayce's Atlantis

By James Tyberonn

The Law of One & The Golden Age of Atlantis

Edgar Cayce is the most credible and genuine 'channelers' of not only the past century,  but perhaps the past millennia.  His medical,  past life, past civilization readings are acclaimed and studied by millions at his institute, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The executive director for the A.R.E is the esteemed John Van Auken. He has written over 30 incredible books on Edgar Cayce's readings, and was involved in the Atlantis Research project. He will be one of the featured speakers at the Earth-Keeper Star-Gate Gathering in May 2014 at Scottsdale and Sedona, Arizona.

According to Edgar Evans Cayce, the son of Edgar Cayce, over 700 of Cayce's 2500+ life readings refer to Atlantean incarnations. Cayce said the Golden Age of Atlantis was led by a very spiritual society called the 'Law of One'. The Law of One was primarily based in the Atlantean region called Poseida. The Law of One, as stated in the Cayce readings, held the highest level  of spiritual consciousness ever achieved on the Earth.

The 'Law of One' were able to continue vibrating at the very highest level of light and energy, and remained very close and true to the one Creator/God, even as the other groups on Atlantis began to fall into the throes of downward spiral through greed, & self aggrandizement, choosing power and material gain over love.

Cayce speaks of an Atlantis which was extremely advanced scientifically with very complex, highly developed technology which allowed them to have aircraft, very unique air-balloons, submarines, elevators, a broadcasting system similar to television, and even computers! Crystal technology was used to power almost everything. ( Although the Atlanteans also utilized gases and electrical forces as well...but their major source was crystalline energy).

To be clear, although the 'Tuaoi Stone' was referred to a the 'Mighty & Terrible Crystal' more often it was called the 'Firestone or Tuaoi'.  Cayce indicated there were many 'generations' of crystals, and this technology was advanced both in use for 'industrial' purpose and spiritual purpose over thousands of years. The crystals themselves were not 'terrible' in fact quite the contrary, they were awesome and beneficial when the power within them was used in a benevolent fashion.

The crystals were never misused by the 'Law of One', but as the 'Sons of Belial' of Aryan became more and more focused in density and became an elitist power minded society, they were able to take control of the crystals through cunning and deceptive political maneuvering. This remains a deep seated area of regret by the Law of One.

Some crystals had industrial and energy generation purpose and others were Temple Crystals used for creating energy fields of high resonance, calibrating chakric systems, healing, cosmic travel, education and even rejuvenation. Cayce speaks of certain Crystals used for channelling , out of body experiences and channels of communication with the 'Saints' and 'Infinite'.

The industrial crystals were used for power source generation, energy field projection, creating optical agricultural conditions, creating hyper-dimensional tunnels, powering movement of physical matter, excavation of inner earth tunnels by vaporizing strata, and creating 'tractor beams'. (Cayce spoke of many 'generations' of crystals, implying that the technology around their use increased in complexity over time).

In what was termed the 'Golden Age' many souls on the planet were not yet in 'human bodies'. Many extra terrestrials manifested in light form, especially the Sirians, Pleiadeans and Arcturians. Those in physical bodies were able to live extremely long life times, some as long as 10,000 years through the rejuvenation processes.

After the 2nd breakup of Atlantis, the continent broke into 5 islands, 3 primary ones called Aryan (the largest), Og and Poseida. Much of the cohesiveness was lost, and the people of Aryan fell under the spell of a militaristic, corporate driven leadership. The Aryans cleverly and deceitfully gained control of the technologies.

According to Cayce, Atlantis was destroyed by massive 'mega-explosions'. The final destruction came from the misuse of their advanced technology by the Aryan Group, in stark opposition to the 'Law of One' group of Poseida.

The final destruction lasted over a period of months ... not just days or weeks, but months. The final end came around 10,500 BC.

All the readings indicated that ample warnings were given and than many Atlanteans were, in fact, able to escape prior to the final 'sinking'. Some sought safety by going to Europe and Africa whilst some found refuge in North & South America.

Although many of the life-readings given by Cayce were expressed in 'biblical' terminology that was often quite difficult to understand at first sight, by studying the texts very carefully and piecing many of them together as one would a jig-saw, we are able to obtain something of a general 'over-view' of the History of Atlantis according to Cayce's prolific information.

The earliest Atlanteans are described by Cayce as being light-thought projections and having a semi-physical form in which both sexes, male and female, were present in the same 'body'. These Atlantean thought-form 'beings' - projecting 'vibrations' of pure white light and energy - gradually began to take on a more material shape and density and began to engage upon acts of sheer self-indulgence. These physically-encased thought-form projections, through the passage of time, began to separate into two groups; those who followed the Laws of One and those that chose to follow the Sons of Belial based on the island of Aryan.

The Law of One still maintained the highest standards of consciousness and were able to continue vibrating at the 'very highest' level of light and energy; and still remained very close and true to the one Creator/God. They were a benevolent loving society, with matriarchal, peaceful & nurturing characteristics and aspects.

The Law of One were completely peaceful, absolutely non-violent and were as a society somewhat vulnerable to the cunning and cloaked political intrigues of the Aryan Group. To an extent the non-aggressive, focus on peace and honesty that was held by the Law of One, became the tools used by the Aryans to set up a complex and cunning deception that enabled them to take control of the crystals. The Aryans became involved in the accumulation of power and used the advanced technology, including the genetic engineering capacities and crystal energy for untoward goals of world control. The developed a race of genetically engineered 'slave workers'. The Aryan faction began to use the technology to dominate the world. The Tuaoi crystal was used to create earthquakes in other areas, and used as a death ray. This destructive use imbalanced the system and led to the destruction of the crystal satellite motherboard. Its crash and explosion created a series of earthquakes and explosions throughout the energy system.

Most of the surviving 'Law of One' migrated to Egypt, Bolivia-Peu (OG) , Yucatan and Arkansas. For a few generations some areas retained higher educational status, and sustained technology. But with the land masses gone, in time the areas fell into disconnectivity and disarray. Atlantis was gone.
Once the end came, there was a 'too-late' recognition on the part of the 'Law of One' that the utopia was lost. But they vowed to return one day, and never again be naive, or duped. The return is happening in 2012 and forward. Were you part of the Law of One.

Below: Approximately 255 million years ago ( MYA) the earth had one surface landmass, a singular super-continent called

 Keep in mind that geologist believe the Earth to be 4.64 Billion years old, so many many changes have taken place, as Cayce stated. The earth has been at times totally covered in water and ice with no 'surface land masses'. Tectonic plate movement began in the slow geologic dance only after the surfacing of Pangea.

Above - Land Mass of Pangea (255 MYA)
  Below: USGA Land Map 100 MYA

Above: Land Mass Eastern Hem- Earth 100 MYA - Per USGA

...In giving such an understandable manner  today, it is necessary to  know the conditions of the earth's surface and position of man in the earth's plane (at that time), for changes have come often since the early ages of man's indwelling. Many lands have disappeared and reappeared again and again during these (early) periods. At that time of (entry) only the (present) lands of the Sahara, Tibet, Mongolia, Caucasia and Norway appeared in Asia and Europe. That of the southern Cordillas (Andes - Chile-Bolivia) ) and Peru in the southwestern hemisphere and the plane of Utah, Arizona and Mexico in the northwestern hemisphere... the number of souls being 133,000,000 (entry) .That period in the worlds existence from the present time being 10,500,000 years ago.....(Reading 5748-1)
Below : Earth 10.5 MYA , based on my interpretation of the the  Cayce Readings

The Below is Excerpted from :
 The Fall of Atlantis
Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

All Copyrights Reserved

Poser Fields & The Crystal Satellite

Throughout Atlantis, power grid crystals, called posers, were triangulated and connected through an alloyed  gold-copper rod under a spherical dome that could be angled to receive specific stellar, solar and gravitational energy waves. This was the system used to power homes, offices, media, and theaters, manufacturing concerns, medical centers, schools and businesses. The poser system was received in each structure by receiving crystal units of various sizes. The poser system was also able to receive specialized refracted light and feed it into the ley energy system for use in the interdimensional tunnel system and feed crystalline light into conductive earth currents to raise the frequency into a semi- aware electromagnetic plasmic field of benevolent energy capable of retaining spiritual frequencies.

A great crystalline satellite, referred to as the second moon of Atlantis, floated above in the skies and received, amplified and reflected refined energy back to the crystals for various beneficial purposes. It served both the posers and the Master Crystals used in temples. Specialized energy fields were projected into agricultural and crystal growing areas to amplify and accelerate growth, as well as into universities, hospitals, schools, offices, factories and work places to create a sense of well being and invigoration for the workers and students. We will speak more of this 'second moon 'later in this assay.

Now, the Temples were astonishing works of sacred geometry and stunning architecture. Many of the great temples were covered in a dome of projected crystalline amplified light somewhat like a glowing force field. Others were set within Pyramids degreed at very specific angles. The energy fields projected above both the sphere domes and pyramids  were of various colors and glowed in day and night like the Aurora. These were varied according to the purpose of the temple complex, and the colors were obviously  more clearly visible at night.

 Some temples projected domes and fields of vibratory light and resonate sound frequencies that amplified the senses and chakras, others amplified the receptive learning ability of the mind, and others enabled multidimensional consciousness, communication and transport. The pyramidal form was used primarily for multi-dimensional receival  and transmission . The dome spheres were used to amplify the fields received for specific purpose. Most of the  major populace areas and cities during the Golden Age of Atlantis had crystalline power domes of energy plasmic fields above them.

When observed from a distance, these energy plasma fields would appear as if they were a tangible glass, but they were not solid, rather subatomic plasma.


Each of the Master Crystals, and there were 12, were networked with a series of satellites.
After the second deluge, only, the capital city of Poseida had a full crystalline energy dome, and it was an incredible emerald green color.

Prior to the deluge of 17,500 BC, most major cities, including Meruvia, the Capital of Aryan had such power domes over the perimeter. The one in Aryan was a soft ruby red.

In the Golden Age of Atlantis, the Pyramids were three and four sided, depending on their utility and
generally made of marble, granite and complex crystals. The three-sided pyramids were used as antennas to draw and amplify energies and fed them into the Poser grid to power homes, factories and create energy fields for various utilities. The crystalline satellite was used to reflect the angled stellar energy waves into these triangulated grids. There were over 100 of these triangulated pyramidal grid complexes. They were set up in concentric triangulation patterns all over the planet. They established a hemispheric grid network of crystalline and electromagnetic energy dividing the areas of Atlantis, America, Africa, Mediterranean Europe and South America into different demographic centers-for powering population centers, and to modulate weather patterns and tides. The areas of Mongolia and Tibet were also part of this complex, connected by interdimensional ley tunnels. But the largest groupings of these were in the homelands of Atlantis.

The four- sided pyramids were essentially Temple complexes set as full octahedrons and used for healing, learning, regeneration and spiritual purposes. These were not triangulated, and generally set on hilltops or along the coastlines to receive both telluric and celestial energies. The lands below the center plane were excavated to allow for the downward pyramid of the octahedron design construct, thus connecting energetically to both above and below.

The 'Law of One' contingency of Poseida were devoutly spiritual people and sought equality among the people and a unification of Oneness. Their skin was toned as a golden hue, but was very translucent. Their auric fields were visible to all. Thus the stages of spiritual mastery  were immediately discernable by the colors and size of the Auric Mer-Ka-Na . The highest among the Atla-Ra exuded Mer-Ka-Ra, the energy of the Avatar. They were able to operate in complete consciousness of multi dimensionality, to manifest and regenerate at will. As such they cannot be truly compared to present humans, the bodies were luminous and the degree of physical manifestation was far less dense than humans in the present paradigm of reality. In Mer-Ka-Na and Mer-Ka-Ra format, the Masters of the Atla-Ra did not truly consider themselves of the Earth. The Mer-Ka-Ra field of the Avatar, even in physical manifestation in 3d, was primarily in Earth via 12d . They required very little food consumption as their bodies were bio-plasmic in nature. Thus the longevity, for they were above linear space and duality time. When they did eat, it was of a form of krill.

In their wisdom and nature, they were quite detached from the density aspect of the Earth. They existed above the polarity, yet were in a form of light physicality. That detachment above polarity is in part, the reason they did not karmically oppose the Aryan decline into physical  density, as the 'Sons of Belial' became engrossed in what may be termed military-corporate power lust.

 Although much technology and quality of life had been lost in the prior two breakups of Atlantis (the first in 58,000 BC, the second in 17,500 BC) technology still remained at an advanced level. Yet the harmony experienced in the Golden Age of Atlantis spiraled downward after the break up into island s in 17,500 BC as the islands grew into separately governed entities, which held to very differing ideologies in the initially chaotic and difficult period of reconstruction immediately after the break up.

Poseida and the Atla-Ra

A highly disciplined and evolved sect of scientist priest held the technical wisdom and expertise of
managing the crystal power grids. The vast majority of Atla-Ra were of the tall golden race, but there were also members from the bronze, white, LeMurian brown and Cetacean races. At that time there were still Avatar level Cetacean dolphin beings that walked on two legs, verbally communicated and breathed air in a similar fashion to humankind. The Avatar Cetacean were golden in skin coloration, and are the source of those termed the 'Golden Dolphin'. The Golden Dolphin were harbingers of the aspect termed Matriarchal , an energy that you term Feminine Divine, although they were primarily non-gendered in the physical sexual sense of the present paradigm.

The sect of scientist- priests were referred to as the Atla- Ra. The Atla-Ra  maintained the highest standards of consciousness and were able to continue vibrating at very high frequencies of consciousness, at and above the level of 12th dimensional light & energy, remaining very pure and resonant with the true 'Oneness' concept of the Creator/God. They sustained higher dimensional -telepathic contact with the advanced space brethren from the Pleiades, , Arcturius, Andromeda and Sirius.

The Atla-Ra Priests were highly disciplined, revered and traditionally separate, above & exempt from governmental controls, and thus kept the knowledge & senior management of crystal technology largely in the wise & benevolent hands of the sect, although there  were some technicians and crystal engineers from the Poseidon populace involved who were not in the Atla-Ra sect. The Scientist Priest of Atla-Ra were both male and female and were capable of great life spans, both through the regeneration of mind power and through the technology of same in the Temple of Rejuvenation. Many lived lifetimes in the same biology for 6,000 years, some to 12,000 years! Thus was the technology preserved through this holy sect. Many brilliant souls were among these. The entities you know as Galileo, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Tesla, Edison, Marcel Vogel, and DaVinci were among the Atla-Ra. Tyberonn and Oneronn were part of this group of scientist priest, who lived very long lifetimes.

Many of you, especially your artists have great recall of the capital city of Atlantis located in the region of Poseida. It was termed the Emerald City because of the glowing green light dome projected over it. Some of your artists in fact have made renditions of the city that are quite accurate. It was an exquisite marvel of architecture, culture and engineering, by far the most beautiful metropolis that has ever existed on your planet. It was breathtaking. The city, also named Poseida, as was the state, was composed of a series of concentric walls and encircled by flowing sea-green canals. It was full of beautifully constructed Temples, Universities, Theatres and Museums.

At the very center was a hill, and on top of the hill the majestic and stunning Temple of Poseidon, which was visible from everywhere in the holy emerald city. Inside the temple was a massive gold statue of the God of the Sea showing him driving six winged horses made of extra terrestrial platinum. The statue was embellished with precious gemstones of every color and type. The Temple was octagonal and along each of the 8 walls were built convex enclosures with platforms for amazing crystals that stood twelve feet high and glowed like transparent diamonds. Poseida had been the least damaged of the major Atlantean cities after the break up into islands, and was still of a very high frequency and quality of life.

Aryan and the Industrial Complex

Aryan was the largest of the islands and the most populated. Aryan was the commercial center and yielded the most influence from the economic, agricultural and military perspective. After the 2nd deluge, Aryan was significantly damaged and the infrastructure required a chaotic stage of rebuilding. In the process, the state became controlled by an elitist, affluent 'white' race, who gained control of the economy, military powers and island-state government, even though the majority of the populace were of the bronze or red race. From Aryan grew a corrupt power-minded aristocracy who sought to block the 'Law of One' and utilize Atlantis's technology for control of the world, this through the utilization of crystalline energy for weaponry, and use of genetic science for development & retention of an inferior race to serve as workers and soldiers.

The genetic engineering was based in Meruvia, on Aryan. It had originally been used for benevolent purposes, for seeking improved physical vehicles for those that had incarnated into physical bodies that mutated into half man half beast abominations. The genetic work had been processed and developed on Aryan and was used to remove appendages, claws, feathers and reptilian skins and scales. This was done in the Temple of Purification, somewhat of a specialized medical centre. Again, we emphasize that during the Golden Age of Atlantis, its utility had been quite benevolent. Tremendous genetic advances were made and a great understanding of cloning and adjusting physical limitations for betterment came in responsible, ethical utility.

In the chaos of the reconstruction period, genetic engineering came under the control of the Belial group, and then denigrated into corrupt uses of greed and power. The genetic engineering began being used for dark ends, in creating a race of worker- slaves and hybrid man animals. Just as in Nazi Germany it was conveyed to the masses as development of a 'pure race'. In fact many of the genetic scientist were initially kept unaware of what their research and development work was being used for until it was essentially too late for them to stop it. Some of you carry great guilt to this day as a result of this work.

Law of One and Sons of Belial

This use of genetically engineered servant classes led to the great rift between the Law of One and the Sons of Belial, the latter of which became so engrossed and hardened in the materialistic ambitions of the industrial machine that they lost sight of the spiritual ethics that had prevailed over the continent of Atlantis in the Golden Era. Literally hundreds of thousands of hybrid mutations were created to work the fields and monstrosities were created with controlled minds to robotically do the biddings of their 'masters'. The agro-industrial society of Aryan became quite dependent on them. Souls became trapped in cloned bodies termed 'things' and 'others' with genetic lobotomies and nullified, sexuality and emotional abilities. Many who were trapped in monstrous or sub intelligent androgynous human bodies, still carry that horrendous pain of being imprisoned in physical embodiments that allowed for, no advanced learning, spiritual growth or emotional expression.

For several millennia the two ideologies remained head-locked over this issue and governmental agencies were in a state of delicate impasse. The Poseidon's were far too cultured and gentle in nature to attempt to fight the Aryans and sought to educate them and spiritually influence them into changing their ways. The Aryans, who outnumbered the Poseidon's 3 to 1, dared not attack Poseida lest they have the crystalline energy that powered the nation shut off.

Colonial Wars

In the interim outbreaks of war erupted between the Aryan controlled Atlantean military as the former colonies of Atlantis located in the Mediterranean areas broke traditional ties and developed their own independent governments. The colonies, particularly those in Greece and Turkey saw the change from the utopian Atlantis to the military-fascist state controlled by Aryan and sought to break away. Although the Aryans had the military edge, the Mediterranean states did not succumb, and regional colonial wars raged on with neither side able to dominate the other. Factions within Aryan increasingly sought to use crystal energy to quell the adversaries. This was firmly refused by the Atla-Ra and 'Law of One' populace of Poseida.

Several futile attempts to terrorize the Poseidon's were attempted by the Aryans, and each was quelled. The Poseidon's retaliated by shutting down the power and negating the Aryans. The Aryans responded by stopping food supply and manufactured goods. A great impasse ensued.

The Atlantean Unification Congress

In a great deceptive scheme, disguised as a plan for unification, the Aryans approached the Poseidon's with the formation of a renewed National Congress to work out their growingly tense differences and bring harmony to Atlantis. Representatives from the Law of One were sent along with the representatives from the Sons of Belial. The Congress was formalized with an equal amount of representation from the two parties. Within short order a federation of sorts was sanctified with the promise of greater harmony. It appeared for several decades that the promise of change and betterment might come about from the National Congress. The Poseidon's were encouraged and many of them let down their guard. The Atla-Ra remained wary of the motives and sensed deception.

Initially the National Congress did improve relations and many minor superficial laws that promised unity were set in motion. Yet the primary points of opposition, the genetic slavery and crystal energy management remained unresolved.

However, from within the Sons of Belial had risen a hypnotic charismatic leadership who seduced the masses in Atlantis into believing they were the answer to returning Atlantis to its lost Golden Age of prominence and abundance. The leaders of this group were the souls that you know as Hitler and Himmler, indeed the supremist Nazis of your World War II. Large militaristic legions were formed and gained the edge in covert political persuasion and power. The hybrid mutants were used to terrorize those who opposed them in Aryan and Og, and one occasion this was futilely attempted in Poseida.

The powerful Aryan contingent were masters of manipulation and media. They presented well thought out arguments that masked their true intentions and promised mutual compromise The propaganda seemed quite feasible on the surface and convinced many including moderates and some from the Law of One of its hope for harmony.

In what appeared to be a great opportunity for resolution, a law was proposed by the Belial group to bring the genetic engineering, heretofore controlled by the state of Aryan under federalized control, and in return, bring the crystal poser system under the control of a governmental agency. A great discussion and debate occurred under great national scrutiny. A vote was set, but failed in the congressional vote.


However, a compelling compromise was offered by the cunning leadership of the Belial, which allowed for the law to be passed on the basis that a council staffed with 5 Poseidon's and 4 Aryans would head a new government agency for federalized Crystalline- Energy control. The fact that the Law of One were given apparent majority control of the council made the plan seem very promising to the populace of Poseida. The law allowed that no changes could be made without majority consensus of the council, but included the caveat that while the Atla -Ra would remain in departmental head positions, they would no longer be exempt from governmental controls. A training program was included that would allow engineers from both parties, outside the Atla-Ra, to be trained and taught the complex engineering.

Initially, despite the wariness of Atla-Ra, the system appeared to be working and bringing a better harmony.

However, within two years, the wars in the Mediterranean roared back in full escalation, and the rebelling colonies seemed to be gaining the advantage. Pressure mounted to use crystal beams for war purposes under the guise of national security. A discussion, debate and vote was scheduled for the Governing Council. National security was touted and a misaligned sense of manipulated patriotism swept the land.

Then the deception rolled into effect. To the great shock & chagrin of the Poseidon's, one of the Law of One members of the Council, switched positions. He was neither of the Atla-Ra, nor the Golden race. He had risen politically as a charismatic leader, a trusted negotiator, who had pledged allegiances to the Law of One and gained their full confidence. He had been targeted and seduced by the Aryans, and fell victim to his ambitions.

In the aftermath, this one felt great remorse, and spent subsequent lifetimes attempting to make up for the mistake. For truly he did not foresee the catastrophic ending, and had allowed himself to be blindly compromised under promises of power and position.

Dear Ones, such is the illusion of power. You see when one gains power, that which may seem right can often be an illusion of ego. Each on the road of Mastery must eventually decide between power and love. Even the one you call Hitler thought the master race scenario would enable a better future for the earth, with one supreme physical embodiment being the single eventual race that all souls would reincarnate into, reducing disease, and eliminating racial division by having only one 'Master' race. Even the one you call Judas in your biblical allegory thought that by placing Jeshua ben Josef in detention, he would be forced to use his divine powers to reveal his Mastery to the world! Indeed the paradox is that what you term as 'Power' is often the polar opposite of love. Do you see how ego and power can deceive? Do you?

Thus through 'legalized' governmental control, the use of the crystal power complex & grids came under governmental control under the sons of Belial, and sadly could not be reversed.

The Second Moon of Atlantis

That which was known as the 'Second Moon of Atlantis', the crystalline poser grids and fire crystals came under governmental control, and their usage became altered as the Aryan knowledge of the programming grew. The Atla-Ra were able to defer the usage initially, but in time were stymied.

Now as we have mentioned earlier, that termed the second moon of Atlantis, was in fact a massive crystalline satellite. It was of Arcturian construct and managed by the Priest Scientist of the Law of One. The crystalline satellite was an enormous unmanned sphere of brilliant engineering, approximately five miles in diameter. It has been in use since the Golden Age of Atlantis, and served myriad benevolent purpose. It amplified and controlled the various crystal beams sent from the fire, healing and energy crystals. It was somewhat of a computerized macro-chip that refracted, amplified and reflected powerfully refined beams of energy for use in agriculture, weather control, tide control, healing temples, regeneration temples and the enhanced ley-energy systems generated by the crystal poser system. It loomed in the skies over Atlantis and appeared as a golden 'harvest' moon, and thus was known as the second moon of Atlantis. A rainbow kaleidoscopic energy band of antigravity plasma swirled around the sphere, and often appeared as what you now term the aurora or northern lights.

The satellite crystal moon did not orbit the earth, it moved as programmed, self directed, constantly shifting locations in order to perform its myriad tasks over Atlantis, Africa and the eastern seaboard of Brazil.

After the Crystalline Grid complex legally came under federalized Aryan control, the Belial group integrated their own technologists into the engineering group, quickly replacing key department heads with their own. The Atla-Ra attempted to block their attempt to reprogram the satellite for war usage, explaining that overloading the satellite would dissipate the antigravity field that maneuvered it, and a catastrophic crash could occur. The Aryan scientist debunked the claim. Some of the Atla-Ra were threatened and removed, others began to mysteriously disappear. Many of the Poseidon's felt intimidated and powerless as the governing council allowed for the satellite to become a 'strategic defense weapon', certain it would function as programmed, and bring a quick end to the rebellion wars.

The Belial scientist, with council approval reprogrammed a system bypass and began sending destructive thermal light beams used to initiate volcanic eruptions and massive earthquakes against colonies and nations who refused to give into their demands. These were aimed in the areas of what is now Greece and Turkey, and caused great devastation. Indeed it gave the zealous Aryans the battle advantage they so fervently desired, and they jubilantly increased its usage, with support of most of the populace.

The Beginning of the End

The Crystal Moon began to 'overload', weakening the anti gravity field that kept it afloat. The Atla-Ra
understood the implications of what would soon occur when the programming crashed, but their pleas to the council continued to be ignored.

After several months of prolonged war use, the satellite began to erratically swerve and shift, and power blackouts began to occur. Tireless attempts to correct it were unsuccessful. The Atla-Ra were asked to lend support in correcting it, most refused. Some agreed to try and stabilize it to prevent the impending disaster. All attempts failed. The council refused the suggestion to incinerate the satellite, disbelieving that it would crash, and minimizing the effects of an impact even if it did.

Relocation of the Crystals

Tyberonn & Oberonn gathered an inner group of loyalist within the Atla-Ra and Law of One to plan a circuitry disconnection & imminent relocation of the fire and energy crystals to various 'safe' locations before the impending crash of the master satellite. This was done with the technology & assistance of those from Sirius B.

The relocation of the precious crystals was very risky, and required careful planning and great secrecy. It had to be done before the crash of the 'second moon', and without knowledge of the governing council.

Simultaneously other trusted members of the Atla-Ra worked furiously at hastily and safely gathering data recording crystals, crystalline skulls and engraved historical records for secure placements in Yucatan, Alexandria and Giza. This was only partially accomplished; so much was not able to be saved.

Atlantis had numerous power crystals located throughout the 5 islands and along specific relay routes of the underground labyrinth system. The Atla-Ra knew that once the modulated 'motherboard' of the crystal moon satellite lost its antigravity field, it would crash in a huge explosion and its crashing would subsequently wreak havoc on the major and poser energy crystals, creating catastrophic secondary explosions of a nuclear-class within hours or days of the crash.

The Atla-Ra and Sirians wanted to insure the master crystals would not be destroyed or used for any further negative purpose, and be saved for a time when mankind could use them as they were intended. They understood the power required to transport them would be lost after the crash, and that urgent expediency was required.

Seven of the enormous primary crystals and two slightly smaller but incredible Arcturian crystals were relocated within the bulk transport systems of the underground tunnel system with help from Sirius B. Three huge primary crystals were relocated to the Atlantean crystal fields of Arkansas, two were relocated to the underground crystal farms of Brazil in the areas of Bahia and Minas Gerais, one was relocated to underground chasm below Mount Shasta, and the great fire crystal was placed underground in a chasm below the Bimini Bank in the Sargasso Sea. The two sacred Arcturian crystals were relocated in the chasms below the area of Tiajuanaco, Bolivia near Lake Titicaca.

All nine were put in dimensional locks, essentially powered down into energetic dormancy through the technology of the Sirians. Dozens of other Master Crystals were lost.

The rest, in your vernacular is history, poignant lost history from your mainstream perspective. Truly the paradox of the forgotten history is that it is contains the most purposeful of lessons!

Indeed after a few months of being utilized for the thermal 'death ray' technology the great crystal satellite overloaded, its antigravity cushion weakened and it crashed with the accelerated velocity of a massive comet in a horrific explosion that devastated most of OG and critically weaken the tectonic stability of the Atlantean plate, vaporizing massive sections of substrata. The great crystal satellite shattered into billions of fragmented crystalline shards, which now fill the deep trenches of the Atlantic. Massive clouds of dust and smoke erupted, hiding the sun. Waves of earthquakes and tsunamis devastated the island and sent great waves over two thirds of Aryan. Within minutes the remaining power stations exploded with the strength of nuclear bombs. The remains of one such crystal power station explosion can be seen to this day in the area of northeast Brazil called 'Sete Cidades'.

Atlantis, and the eastern coast of Brazil and the western coast of Africa were devastated with subsequent earthquakes. Panic and havoc ensued for weeks as the remaining dry areas shook and landmasses collapsed into the sea. The land bridge that connected Poseida and Og to the Yucatan remained above water initially and was literally filled with hundreds of thousands of Atlanteans frantically attempting to escape in a horrendous panic filled exodus. Every type of sea going vessel was filled with the surviving terrorized refugees.

And then in one shattering gasp, the remaining lands collapsed downward into the sea. The displaced seas that became known as the great flood sent dozens of enormous tsunamis that spilled over South America, Africa and Europe.

It is a scene that has for many many lifetimes plagued and darkened the memories of many of you, who were indeed a part of it. Dear Ones, it is time to let it go.

Intent & Highest Good

So many of you believe that everything happens as it should happen, as it is 'meant' to be. Dear Ones that is not always the case. Things happen as they happen, as a set of many potentials. And indeed from the higher perspective events happen as they are 'intended' to happen, and we stress the word intent. You are creators of your event horizons. But Dear Ones, events do not happen in the highest good until you create the highest good. The Fall of Atlantis was not the highest good, and will not be until you recreate it as such.

If all happened for highest good, you would not reincarnate. In the dramatic school of hologramic 'reality' you will cycle and recycle until you learn this. Do you understand Dear Ones?

...End Excerpt....The Complete Channel is in 'Metatron Speaks' by James Tyberonn

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Edgar Cayce's Atlantis

Portions of the below Text are excerpted from World Mysteries

Edgar Cayce was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, on March 18, 1877. He grew up in the sort of environment that most people grew up in at that time, raised by a family of average means, surrounded by his extended family in an idyllic rural setting. The late 19th century, the period he was born into, was a period of tremendous religious revival around the country, and as a result, Cayce grew to be a man of deep religious feelings, very well versed in the Bible and in the Christian faith. He made a habit of reading the Bible from cover to cover once every year, and even taught Sunday School, being renowned for his ability to make the Bible "come alive". However, though Cayce was from all outward appearances a typical man of his time, he had since his youth displayed numerous psychic abilities, abilities that would forever dominate his destiny.

At the age of six or seven, he told his parents that he could sometimes see visions, occasionally talking to relatives who had recently died. For the most part, his family attributed these experiences to an overactive imagination and paid little attention to them. He found comfort in reading the Bible and decided to read it through from cover to cover, once for every year of his life. Its stories and characters became familiar and very real to him. At the age of thirteen, he had a vision that would influence him for the rest of his life: a beautiful Angel appeared to him and asked him what he most wanted in life. He told her that, more than anything, he wanted to help others - especially children when they were sick. Shortly after the experience, Edgar displayed a talent that could no longer be explained by his family in terms of the boy's imagination: he could sleep on his school books and acquire a photographic memory of their entire contents! It was found that he could sleep on any book, paper or document, and upon awakening, be able to repeat back, word for word, any length of material - even if it contained words far beyond his limited education. 

Despite these abilities, little more of consequence occurred for some time, and the young Edgar Cayce matured into normal adulthood. This period of normalcy continued until Cayce was in his early twenties. However, around the turn of the century, an unexpected event occurred that was to set into motion a series of events that would change his life forever, and shed potential new light upon our understanding of legendary Atlantis.

The Sleeper Awakens

One day young Edgar found that he had developed a severe headache and, after the headache had gone, he found that he had developed laryngitis and was unable to speak for several months. The cause of Cayce's laryngitis could not be diagnosed  by any medical doctors, many of which had tried and failed to cure him. However, a hypno-therapist by the name of Hart, offered to help. Hearing of young Edgar's difficulty, he invited him to be hypnotized in order to cure him of his persistent laryngitis. Oddly enough Cayce, though he was unable to speak normally while awake, was able to respond perfectly well to Hart's questions while in a deep hypnotic state, though the condition returned once he was 'awakened' and returned to normal consciousness. One doctor suggested that Cayce undergo even deeper hypnosis to see if he could diagnose his own ailment through self-hypnosis. A local hypnosis expert, Al Layne  taught self hypnosis and began to work with Cayce.

 Cayce was actually able to put himself into a hypnotic trance, but in the 'testing and teaching' process Layne inadvertently  discovered that Cayce was able to uniquely respond to question with great accuracy and clarity from deep levels of the subconscious. Layne noted that when he directed direct questions to Cayce in the super subconscious state that amazing information came forth in response. Upon asking Cayce the question on how to cure himself of his laryngitis, Cayce quickly responded, giving extraordinary detailed instructions on what should be done.

 The recommended cure was remarkably successful, and Cayce's ability to speak returned immediately. The date, March 31, 1901, marked the first time Edgar Cayce would give a psychic reading.  Layne realized something special , something very unusual had happened, and knew Cayce had an exceptional gift. Layne pleaded with Cayce to continue to do the psychic readings, and Cayce reluctantly agreed, with the strong caveat that the information thus uncovered could only be used to help people. This was, of course, the life purpose that he had requested so many years previously when he was visited by the "beautiful angel" in a vision, a life purpose that was now clearly coming to fruition. For the next 22 years, through his readings he helped countless people heal their physical ailments by recommending various combinations of dietary supplements, exercises, special medicines and, in some cases radical, previously unknown forms of treatments and surgery that became the standard years later.

These amazing insights into human biology, physiology and medicine could seemingly not have come from a simple man with limited education and no medical training.Yet  Cayce's insights into human physiology via his psychic 'medical' readings were so incredibly helpful, and astonishingly technical, brilliantly accurate  that he single handedly started what is now called the 'holistic' health movement. He truly became  the first 'channel' of the 20th century. Soon the 'gift' would expand from the medical arena to an even greater scope.  He began to realize his unique talent was a gift  from 'God', and he adamantly insisted it could only be used to help others.

Life Readings

 In 1923, Cayce was doing a health reading for a printer from Dayton, Ohio, when he offhandedly mentioned as part of his reading that the printer "once was a monk in a previous lifetime"

 Cayce had inadvertently added the fact that the man  had lived a past life as a monk, though this had not been the intent of the original reading. This caused a crisis in Cayce's faith, as he believed from his orthodox Christian upbringing that each person lives one life. after much contemplation and research he reconciled reincarnation as being  compatible with Christianity. He found a biblical reference that seemed to verify that John the Baptist had been on the earth in other lifetimes. So his guidance was that reincarnation is a part of our cycle,  even though the King James bible states that men are born only once.

 The fact is many religions believe in reincarnation and teach it. In fact there are more people on the planet (if you include Buddhist, Shinto and Hindu) that accept reincarnation, than ones that do not. Cayce  fortunately continued his readings after accepting the truth of reincarnation, and was comforted to learn that the  Essenes & early Christian Gnostics were absolute believers in reincarnation. The readings revealed that Jesus was an Essene. Future readings on this topic stated quite clearly  that the bible had been altered  to filter out reincarnation teachings and that the bible was changed over time by the political 'church' in order to gain control over the populace.

This acceptance of the souls  true cycle opened up a new comprehensive and expansive direction  for Cayce's readings, and a new form of reading, the "life reading", was developed to include the past lives of souls. Accordingly  "Life Readings" became the standard , dealing with an individual's previous lifetimes, as well as the person's potential and purpose in the present. The principle and universal law of karma, 'cause and effect', often included important information revealing that the core issues  one faced in the present were due to activity in past lives. In time, the topics in the readings were further expanded to include mental and spiritual counsel, philosophy and contemporary spirituality, meditation, dream interpretation, intuition, history and ancient civilizations and even advice for improving personal relationships.

  Between that fateful day on October 11, 1923 and his death on January 3, 1945, Cayce gave over 2,500 life readings. Over time, Cayce came to the conclusion that a person's life path is determined by "the will of the individual, together with influences from past incarnations". He developed (or redeveloped) the concept he called "karmic patterns" that  arose from a subject's past lives.  Cayce counseled his patients to do good in this life in order to balance out previous errors, mistakes and  imbalances. These were sometimes referred to as ' karmic', but the readings were clear in stating that all karma is 'toward the self' and were chosen lessons to help us 'grow'. "Thus the soul is to make use of its successive rebirths to balance the positive and negative karmic patterns by subduing selfish impulses and encouraging creative ones." 
The Akashic Records

In order to acquire the information his patient was requesting, Cayce first contacted the soul or  'higher self' of the person requesting the reading. Then he entered a realm of what he called the Akashic records.  The "Akashic Records" were also referred to (by Cayce) as "The Book of Life", a  universal, spiritual hall of records in which the lives of all people who have  lived on the earth  throughout history were recorded in every detail. The information Cayce provided from the 'Hall of Records' was truly astonishing and remarkably detailed.

When performing a reading, in order to retrieve his patient's "file" from this hall of records, Cayce underwent a mysterious journey, which he describes here: 

  "I see myself as a tiny dot out of my physical body, which lies inert before me. I find myself oppressed by darkness and there is a feeling of terrific loneliness. Suddenly, I am conscious of a white beam of light. As this tiny dot, I move upward following the light, knowing that I must follow it or be lost. As I move along this path of light I gradually become conscious of various levels upon which there is movement. Upon the first levels there are vague, horrible shapes, grotesque forms such as one sees in nightmares. Passing on, there begin to appear on either side misshapen forms of human beings with some part of the body magnified. Again there is change and I become conscious of gray-hooded forms moving downward. Gradually, these become lighter in color. ...  

 Then the direction changes and these forms move upward and the color of the robes grows rapidly lighter. Next, there begin to appear on either side vague outlines of houses, walls, trees, etc., but everything is motionless.... As I pass on, there is more light and movement in what appear to be normal cities and towns. With the growth of movement I become conscious of sounds, at first indistinct rumblings, then music, laughter, and singing of birds. There is more and more light, the colors become very beautiful, and there is the sound of wonderful music. The houses are left behind, ahead there is only a blending of sound and color. Quite suddenly I come upon a hall of records. It is a hall without walls, without ceiling, but I am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book, a record of the individual for whom I seek information.  ...

Each person's "file" in the record contains everything they ever thought, said or did throughout their entire lives, and contains the same information regarding what they would do in the future. Once he had retrieved that person's record, Cayce would then provide his patient with a sampling of information that would be most beneficial to them at that time in their life sojourns."  

One of the most common recurring themes in Cayce's life readings has been Atlantis. Many people who formerly lived in Atlantis, according to Cayce, have been reincarnating into bodies in the twentieth century in massive numbers. Many are bringing the knowledge of highly advanced technologies that were utilized in Atlantis. This then brings a great responsibility to use this knowledge and technology wisely, and not make the mistakes that led to the destruction of Atlantis.  

There were , per Cayce,  three major  "ages" of Atlantis : The beginning of Atlantis to 50,000 b.c., Atlantis from 50,000 to 23,000 b.c. and from 23,000 to 10,000 b.c. to the final destruction of Atlantis. It is implied that the 'Sons of Belial' Atlanteans used genectic engineering and created a race of 'automatons' or robotically controlled sub-humans, some as animal-man mixtures to serve as workers and slave like servants. The Law of One group  however were very opposed to this enslavement.
The First Age of Atlantis - to 210,000 to 50,000 BC

In Cayce's visions, the geography of the world at the time when human history began on Atlantis was dramatically different than it is today. Many areas of Earth that today are ocean were once dry ground, and many places that were once lush and fertile are now desert. Much of central Europe was underwater, Norway and the Caucausus forming the western boundary of what we now call Eurasia, their rivers flowing into the Atlantic.

Of what is now America, the desert southwest and high plains areas of Arizona, Utah and Nevada were above ground, the Midwest being almost entirely underwater covered by  a huge salt lake,  and the East Coast formed  the lowland areas of the continent of Atlantis. The Mississippi river was much wider, the mountains of Arkansas were large islands.

Tse, the Nile, flowed west across the Sahara into the Atlantic, instead of north into the Mediterranean.

The desert areas that are now the Sahara and Mongolia were lush, fertile plains, the area now known as the Sahara being the cradle of humanity. However, though these differences were dramatic, the most dramatic difference of all, according to Cayce's readings, was that the Earth was - from our perspective - actually upside down, the north pole now occupying the area that once was the south pole, and vice versa!  Also, according to Cayce, Atlantis occupied the much of the same position it did in Plato's writings, though Cayce's information is far more precise: 

" The position ... the continent of Atlantis occupied in between the Gulf of Mexico on the one hand and the Mediterranean upon the other. Evidences of this lost civilization are to be found in the Pyrenees and Morocco, British Honduras, Yucatan and America. There are some protruding portions ... that must have at one time or another been a portion of this great continent. The British West Indies, or the Bahamas, are a portion of same that may be seen in the present. If the geological survey would be made in some of these especially, or notably in Bimini and in the Gulf Stream through this vicinity, these may be even yet determined. "  According to Cayce, man's experience on Earth has been much longer than currently accepted by the scientific community, perhaps millions of years. As a result, man has seen many Earth changes in his time as, according to Cayce's visions, Earth's surface is highly unstable, and has undergone dramatic changes over the millions of years that humans have inhabited it. "Many lands have disappeared, many have appeared and disappeared again and again during these periods."

Cayce also stated that the population of Earth at the time of the foundation of Atlantis was fairly large, over 130,000,000, and that man has been in existence for over 10.5 million years.

"The numbers of human souls then in the Earth plane being a hundred and thirty and three million (133,000,000). The period in the world's existence from the present time being ten and one-half million (10,500,000) years ago. When man came in the Earth plane as the lord of that in that sphere, man appeared in five places then at once - the five senses, the five reasons, the five spheres, the five developments, the five nations. "

The Origins of  Man

Cayce described the beginning of mankind as five different races, planted in five different places on earth, which he referred to as "the five projections". Cayce explained that five was the number of mortal man, as he is divided into five races, black, brown, red, yellow and white, he has five fingers, and five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

"This, as we find, is that element which represents man in his physical form and the attributes to which he may become conscious from the elemental or spiritual to the physical consciousness. As the senses; as the sending of the various forces that bring to man the activities in the sphere in which he finds himself."

Edgar Evans Cayce interprets this statement thusly: "As I understand this statement it refers to the five physical senses: sight, touch, hearing, smelling, taste. It sounds as if spiritual beings projected themselves into materiality, specifically to participate in experiencing these senses or sensations common to a physical body."

Cayce's description of the first beings on Earth is interesting and fascinating.  According to his visions, before Adam was created, a group of spiritual beings  manifested themselves into the physical plane by sheer force of will, creating 'thought-form' semi physical bodies for themselves that were not truly physical or human, as we understand humanity.

"As to their forms in the physical sense, these were much rather of the nature of thought forms, or able to push out of themselves in that direction in which their development took shape in thought - much in the way and manner as the amoeba would in the waters of a stagnant bay, or lake, in the present. As these took form by the gratifying of their own desire for that which builded or added to the material conditions, they became hardened or set - much in the form of the existent human body of the day, with that color as partook of their surroundings much in the manner as the chameleon in the present."

These beings, according to Cayce's testimony, predated Adam. A survey of Cayce's visions on the subject gives the idea that a race of humanoid beings inhabited Earth before God created Adam, but not before animals, which also predated Adam in Cayce's visions. Animals were also created before man according to the account in Genesis (1:24-26). Most likely the animals of Genesis 2:19-20 were the animals we know today, and the animals of the time of the "pre-adamic race" described by Cayce and covered by the account in Genesis 1:24-26 were probably those of the Pleistocene Period , (1,800,000-9,000 b.c.) - that is, mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and primitive manlike creatures.

Cayce's son, Edgar Evans Cayce, explains the odd nature of these early, "pre-adamic" humans: "I would interpret it as implying that the Earth was proceeding along an evolutionary pattern (remember animals inhabited the Earth long before man - there probably were man-like creatures) which was interrupted by the projection into materiality of these thought forms. It sounds as if they, in many cases, mixed with animals, the results being sometimes quite bizaare.

Pre-Adamic Race

So, according to Cayce, there was indeed a race of humans, or at least humanlike beings, before the creation of Adam.  "In Atlantean land before Adam - [the entity was] timekeeper for those who were called things or servants or workers of the people."19   These spiritual beings who had taken on primitive fleshly forms apparently decided that the material forms they had originally taken on were too inefficient to perform everyday tasks efficiently, and decided a new form of mankind had to be created:

"In Atlantean land when one individual first saw the changes that eventually made for that opening for the needs of, or the preparation for, the universal consciousness to bring into the experience what is known to man as the first created man ... in the days when the sons of God came together to reason in the elements as to the appearance of man in the physical on Earth's plane." 

Cayce describes the original creation, including how plants, animals, and the pre-Adamic race of proto-humans , pre physical beings of light came into being as thought form projections: 

"In the matter of form, as we find, first there were those as projections from that about the animal kingdom; for the thought bodies gradually took form and the various combinations (as may be called) of the various forces that called or classified themselves as gods, or rulers over - whether herds, or fowls, or fishes or manlike creatures. These took on many sizes as to stature, from that as may be called the midget to the giants - for there were giants in the Earth in those days, men as tall as ten or twelve feet in stature, and well proportioned throughout. The ones that became the most useful were those as would be classified as the ideal stature, that was of both male and female; and the most ideal was Adam, who was in that period, when he (Adam) appeared, as five in one - See?" 

So, apparently the pre-Adamic race encompassed a wide variation of sizes and shapes, but it was not until  the 1st 'Adam' entered  that the ideal combination of size, shape, intelligence and manual dexterity had been achieved.

The original "prototype" workers, the giants, were capable of lifting great weights and were more likely to survive under hostile conditions, but they also likely lacked the ability to perform detailed work, due to the large size of their hands. Moreover, their food requirements were much larger than the new Adam-class human, which made them less efficient.

The dwarfish- 'Hobbit' type proto-humans were a reality in Atlantis, per Cayce. It appears these were between 3 and 4 feet in height, and  gentle, rather hairy people. They were a bit more akin to the 'elementals' or  Devic life of the Fae Kingdom, than other humanoids of the time. They were very industrious and had a great sense of playfulness and humor. Their ringing belly-laugh was contagious and hear warming.  They existed for thousands of years, and many souls were part of the 'Hobbit' realm of dwarves. However, as time evolved this population dwindled to chosen extinction, as the smaller size put them at a disadvantage. Souls chose better fitting bodies for reincarnation. Yet they were a large part of pre-Adamic earth.

 Cayce gave a descriptive reading for  one of the pre-Adamic race in one of his visions. 

"In Atlantean land in those periods before Adam was in the earth, among those who were then thought projections and the physical being had the union of sex in the one body, and yet a real musician on the pipes or reed instruments."

He also speaks of the original 'Red Race' coming from Atlantis.  There, the "red" race came into being, those that in appearance look most like Native Americans, both of North, Central and South America:

"[In Atlantis arose] the red or mixture peoples - or colors; known later as the red race. These, then, able to use in their gradual development all the forces as were manifest in their individual surroundings, passing through those periods of developments, as have been followed more closely by that of the yellow, the black, or the white races, in other portions of the world; yet with their immediate surroundings, with the facilities for the developments, these became much speedier in this particular portion of the globe than in others."

This rapid increase in technology was used in different ways by the descendants of the pre-Adamic race, those humanlike creatures that the fallen angels had "projected" themselves into, and the Adamic race, which had been specially created by God for his use. Whereas the Adamic race used the technology to improve the standard of living for all of their fellow men regardless of their racial background, the pre-Adamic race instead used it to enslave their fellow man.  

"In Atlantean land during periods when there were activities that brought about questionings that arose between the two great forces, the period before the first destruction of the land - among children of Law of One who cared much about those "things" that were parts of the activity having been brought about by the great teacher in those experiences - entity aided in helping these to overcome, when they became aware of the relationships of the individual entity to the universal consciousness of God."

Sons of Belial

Over time, with the advent of civilization and technology, the divisions between the Adamic and pre-Adamic races became increasingly more apparent. Whereas the Adamic race held on to the belief in the one God who had specially created them, the pre-Adamic race refuted the belief in the existence of God, instead focusing on the acquisition of wealth and power - worshipping the creature rather than the Creator. As these differences became more and more clear, the world came to be divided into two basic divisions: the Sons of the Law of One, those who held to the belief in the one God as the Creator of the universe and of mankind, and the Sons of Belial, those who denied the existence of God and instead worshipped themselves.

Cayce explained it thus: "In Atlantean land during those periods of early rise of sons of Belial as oppositions that became more and more materialized as the powers were applied for self-aggrandizement."

This "self-aggrandizement" took the form of the accumulation of wealth and power into the hands of a very few, with the result being extreme social stratification, where perhaps only a few dozens or hundreds of beings ruled over millions of slaves. This situation, of course, was unacceptable to the Sons of the Law of One:

"We find that in those periods there was not a laboring for the sustenance of life (as in the present, but rather individuals who were children of the Law of One - and some who were the children of Belial (in the early experience) - were served by automatons, or THINGS, that were retained by individuals or groups to do the labors of a household, or to cultivate the fields or the like, or to perform the activities of artisans."

And it was concerning these "things" about which much of the disturbing forces grew to be factors to be reckoned with, between the Children of the Law of One and the Sons of Belial."   Much like the issue of slavery which, in the nineteenth century, sparked off a bloody civil war in America, this division over the treatment of these slaves,  among other things, appears to have touched off a civil conflict in Atlantis which led to the First Destruction of Atlantis her things, appears to have touched off a civil conflict in Atlantis which led to the First Destruction of Atlantis.

High Technology & The 1st Destruction

While The Sons of the Law of One were busy developing harmony and using technology for benevolent means and to advance Godly  plans for mankind, the Sons of Belial were greedy and power hungry...and had been hard at work developing weapons of mass destruction in order to enslave mankind.

"In Atlantean land at the time of withdrawing from the Law of One - establishment of Sons of Belial - [the entity] was a priestess in temple built in opposition to the Sons of the Law of One - during time when there was the creating of the high influence of radial activity from rays of the sun that were turned on crystals in the pits that made connections with internal influences of the Earth."

From the sound of this, it appears that in Atlantis, the peaceful coexistence - and possible intermarriage - between the Sons of the Law of One and the children of Belial ceased, and two distinct factions developed. The sons of Belial had apparently tired of the compassionate, humanistic approach of the Sons of the Law of One and, instead of using their technological prowess to help benefit mankind, tried to use it to conquer the world.

The Atlanteans, both the Sons of the Law of One and the children of Belial, had developed a high technology using crystals and solar energy that they used to create electrical power for lighting, heating, travel, and related needs. The sons of Belial, however, broke ranks with the Sons of the Law of One and attempted to use that technology as a weapon. According to Cayce, the children of Belial had actually developed that technology to the point where they were able not only to harness the power of the Sun, but of the volcanic forces of the earth itself. However, they foolishly underestimated the power that they unleashed, and instead of releasing themselves from the yoke of the Law of One and conquering the world, they instead brought destruction on themselves, and great damage to the island of Atlantis in the process:

"In Atlantean land during those periods when there were the destruction or separations of the land during the period of the first destruction - [the entity was] among those who aided in the preparation of the explosives or those things that set in motion the fires of the inner portions of the Earth that were turned into destructive forces." 

The children of Belial attempted to harness the volcanic forces of the Earth in order to defeat the power of the Sons of the Law of One, and enslave mankind, but they instead brought great destruction to the island of Atlantis. As a result of their arrogance, they released forces that they were unable to completely control, and the resulting release of volcanic energy resulted in the division of the island of Atlantis into several lesser islands, with a substantial portion of the island falling into the sea.

"The use of these devices by the Sons of Belial brought, then, the first of the upheavals; or the turning of the rays from the Sun - as used by the Sons of the Law of One - into the crystal for the activities of same - produced what we would call a volcanic upheaval; and the separating of the land into several islands - five in number. Poseidia ... then became one of these islands."

This, then, was the end of the first age of Atlantis.

The Second Great Destruction: 50,000- 10,500 BC

Great Atlantis had been greatly damaged, but not destroyed by the arrogance of power displayed by the sons of Belial. The majority of the original continent remained, though it was now separated into five lesser islands, the greatest of which was the island of Poseidia. It was here that the Sons of the Law of One remained steadfast in their beliefs in God and their mission to serve mankind. Having been proven clearly right by the disastrous failure of the children of Belial, the Sons of the Law of One continued developing technologies for the betterment of mankind.

"In Atlantean land during those periods of greater expansion as to ways, means and manners of applying greater conveniences for the people of the land - things of transportation, the aeroplane, as called today, but then as ships of the air, for they sailed not only in the air but in other elements also."

These technological advancements allowed the Sons of the Law of One to develop ships that would allow them to travel through the air, on the land, and under the water, just as we have today. Moreover, they also had developed forms of wireless communications just the same as we have developed today:

"In city of Peos in Atlantis - among people who gained understanding of application of nightside of life or negative influences in the Earth's spheres, of those who gave much understanding to the manner of sound, voice and picture and such to peoples of that period.... In Poseidia the entity dwelt among those that had charge of the storage of the motivative forces from the great crystals that so condensed the lights, the forms of the activities, as to guide the ships in the sea and in the air and in conveniences of the body as television and recording voice. "

The level of technology of Atlantis even after the first destruction was more advanced than it is today. Atlantis had many of the same technical advances we have, including television, radio, though it was even more developed. Television was a 3d projection, and no doubt they enjoyed a form of 'internet' that was also a 3d projection of sorts. Their ability to travel was highly advanced including rapid forms of air, land and sea travel.  Atlantis at its peak was extremely technologically advanced.

Yet divisions began to form between the Aryans and Poseidons.  Before the 2nd breakup, Atlantis had been harmonic and united, but after the separation into islands, the grew apart. Aryan was the industrial and agricultural center, and they lost site of spiritual values, become densely ingrained in 3d. An elite class emerged and they sought money, power and control. Poseida was more spiritual and kept true to the tenets and harmonics of high value.

"The Atlanteans (of Aryan) were becoming decadent, or being broken up owing to the disputes between the Children of the Law of One (Poseida) and the Sons of Belial (Aryan) " .

The level of technology available to the upper class privileged  at that time was impressive, and apparently the technology  was available for a good long time, as the period before the first and second destruction of Atlantis was roughly 40,000 years, according to Cayce's timeline. However, as it is today, technology invariably finds its way into military uses, and the Aryans, or 'Sons of Belial', came under an aristocracy  leadership  that became greedy for power and dominance.
The Crystals

Cayce often mentioned in his visions powerful "crystals" through which tremendous energies were harnessed. The Crystals were originally maintained by the initiates of the Sacred Scientist-Priests of the Law of One. These were the tall Beings of Poseida, averaging 10 to 12 feet in height.  The scientist priest (Atla-Ra) were initiates and maintained crystals for benevolent purposes. However as the Aryan industrial might gained greater power, the Poseidons were duped by cunning political maneuvers and Aryans took over the crystals over time.

The Aryans began to use the 'mighty crystal' for military use.

"In the Atlantean land at time of development of electrical forces that dealt with transportation of craft from place to place, photographing at a distance, reading inscriptions through walls even at a distance, overcoming gravity itself, preparation of the crystal, the terrible mighty crystal, much of this brought destruction.... Before the second destruction when there was the dividing of the islands, when the temptations were begun in activities of Sons of Belial and Children of 'Law of One'. Entity among those that interpreted the messages received through the crystals and the fires that were to be the eternal fires that are the eternal fires of nature."

The Mighty & Terrible Crystal

The entity that Cayce was receiving this information for in the reading was once one of the sons of Belial, who once again began using the crystal technology for offensive purposes. Like our modern satellites, these techniques could see over long distances, even through solid barriers, and could even deliver energy over long distances, for constructive or destructive purposes. The whole Atlantean power structure was apparently based upon one or more of these giant "crystals", which the Atlanteans referred to as the firestone or 'Tuaoi' stone.

"About the firestone - the entity's activities then made such applications as dealt both with the constructive as well as destructive forces in that period. It would be well that there be given something of a description of this so that it may be understood better.... [The firestone was housed] in the center of a building which would today be said to be lined with nonconductive stone.... The building above the stone was oval; or a dome wherein there could be ... a portion for rolling back, so that the activity of the stars - the concentration of energies that emanate from bodies that are on fire themselves, along with elements that are found and not found in the Earth's atmosphere. The concentration through the prisms or glass (as it acted upon the instruments that were connected with the various modes of travel through induction methods which made much the [same] character of control as would in the present day be termed remote control through radio vibrations or directions; though the kind of force impelled from the stone acted upon the motivating forces in the crafts themselves. The building was constructed so that when the dome was rolled back there might be little or no hindrance in the direct application of power to various crafts that were to be impelled through space - whether within the radius of vision or whether directed under water or under other elements, or through other elements.... These, then, were impelled by the concentration of rays from the stone which was centered in the middle of the power station, or powerhouse (as would be the term in the present)."

Not only did the ancient Atlanteans have air, land and sea craft, as well as the ability to communicate with that craft via television and radio, but they even had the ability to transmit energy to the engines of these craft "through the ether" via these crystal "firestones". Like the methods Nicola Tesla would (re)invent thousands of years later, the Atlanteans were able to transmit energy through the air, without the benefit of wires. However the sons of Belial  began to use this high technology for destructive purposes:

"In Atlantean land during those periods when there were those determining as to whether there would be the application of the laws of the children of One or of Sons of Belial in turning into destructive channels those influences of infinite power as were being gained from the elements as well as from what is termed spiritual or supernatural powers in the present. Entity wavered between choices and when the destruction came about by the use of those rays as were applied for beneficial forces, entity misapplied ability."

 First Exodus to Egypt & Og

Once again the children of Belial were on the brink of destroying Atlantis, and the Sons of the Law of One decided that it was finally time to begin leaving Atlantis, before the inevitable destruction came.

"In Atlantean land during the periods of exodus due to foretelling or fore-ordination of activities which were bringing about destructive forces. Among those who were not only in Yucatan but in the Pyrenees and Egyptian land."

Cayce's visions spoke of exoduses to a number of places, most particularly South and Central America, Spain, and Egypt, as well as North America, in the area of Nevada and Colorado, which at that time was called "Mayra". (Note the similarity to Maya )

Not long after these exoduses began, another great destruction, the second great destruction of Atlantis occurred, and the islands became even smaller and more divided than before. Many of the law of One, and some of Belial, however, had already begun building up new homes in the more stable lands surrounding Atlantis, a colonial period that would characterize the last great age of Atlantis before its final demise.

The 3rd Age & Final Destruction

More than half of Cayce's life readings concerning Atlantis cover this period of Atlantis' history, a period that covers approximately 10,500-9500 b.c., near the end of which time the final destruction of Atlantis and the Great Flood of Noah occurred. Cayce believed that he had an incarnation during this period in the form of an Egyptian priest named Ra-Ta, who was renowned for his ability to communicate with the Atlanteans who had invaded the land of Egypt in force after the final destruction of their homeland. And, as we shall see, once again the warring factions of the Sons of the Law of One and the children of Belial continued on during the Egyptian sojourn.

A thousand years or more before the final destruction of Atlantis, which did not occur until somewhere between 10,500 and 9500 b.c., many of the Law of One had emigrated away from Poseidia and the other islands of Atlantis wherein they had dwelt for so many thousands of years. They traveled to many places, including North America, in that portion that is now the desert southwest, Central America in the area of the Yucatan, South America to the area around Peru and Europe around the Pyrenees area of Spain and France. However, by far the largest single contingent of Atlantean refugees came to North Africa, particularly to the area now known as Egypt.

The Final Egyptian Exodus

The Egyptian sojourn was somewhat different for the Sons of the Law of One than their experiences in battling the forces of darkness on their home island of Poseidia. As the last remnants of Poseidia and the rest of the islands of Atlantis began to slip beneath the waves as a result of the children of Belial's unceasing warfare, more and more of the Law of One decided that they would best be able to serve mankind from other, more stable locations around the Earth. However Egypt, though it was geo-physically stable, was undergoing a sociopolitical earthquake.

Edgar Evans Cayce explains the situation in Egypt around the time of the final destruction: From between 10,000 and 11,000 BC  a tribe from the Carpathian region invaded and conquered Egypt. One of the leaders of this tribe was a priest named Ra-Ta. Ra-Ta was Edgar Cayce (or Edgar Cayce was Ra-Ta, depending upon your point of view). In Egypt Ra-Ta's religious teachings attracted a large following. However, there was already political friction in Egypt and tension between the ruling classes and the native Egyptians. Ra-Ta was caught up in this political intrigue, and after a native rebellion, he was banished for nine years to what is now Abyssinia.

At the height of the confusion refugees began arriving in Egypt from Atlantis. The Atlanteans, scientifically more advanced than the Egyptians, found little in common with the inhabitants of Egypt, and began to set up their old way of life. Leaders of the ruling class and leaders of the native rebellion soon realized that these incoming Atlanteans with their superior scientific knowledge and radically different social and religious views posed a new threat. A leader had to be found, around whom the people could rally, to turn the power of the Atlanteans into constructive channels. In an effort to bring some order our of the chaos the leaders in power decided to recall the priest from banishment. Only he might correlate the activities of all these conflicting groups.

This move was successful and with the cooperation of the rulers of Egypt, the priest, the Atlanteans and the natives there ensued a period of great advancement in human relations. The then civilized portions of the world enjoyed a period of moral, mental, spiritual and physical development.  In order to accomplish this sociopolitical revolution and blend the three races together seamlessly, institutions were developed to help facilitate the movement towards consolidation. "Combination hospital and educational institutions (called the Temple of Sacrifice and the Temple of Beauty) were set up, and probably functioned like the psychiatric wing of a modern hospital. There the masses flocked for mental as well as physical therapy."

These institutions were needed both to heal the people both physically and psychologically. The Temple of Sacrifice focused on physical healing, including routine healings, surgeries, and even what appears to be radiation treatments and chemotherapy, where the Temple of Beauty focused on psychological healing, functioning as a combination psychiatric hospital/finishing school, helping heal mental illnesses and teach proper social behavior.

However, they accomplished even more than this, as Edgar Evans Cayce (son of Edgar) explains:  
Evidently, besides low mental development and/or lack of moral judgment and self-control, some people classed as servants or "things" or "automatons" had physical deformities linking them to the animal world. They may have had tails, feathers, or scales. This was a holdover from the early projection of souls into materiality for selfish purposes at which time monstrosities as well as creatures of beauty were created....but may also have been a result of deliberate genetic engineering to create a 'slave race for manual and filed labor.  All the trappings of civilization were added to the new blended culture, including social skills, education, a written language, a law code, electrical power for lighting, heating, and related needs, even recipes for Atlantean cuisine.

However, even as the last remnants of Atlantis were sinking beneath the waves, the sons of Belial among the Atlanteans who had migrated to Egypt began once again to exercise their influence over the newly found institutions of health and healing, twisting their abilities to maintain a 'control' over the 'things' of labor. "In Atlantean land when groups were being sent to other lands for various purposes - among those coming to Egypt. With establishing of Temple of Sacrifice entity set about to use truths and tenets that had been part of Atlantean experience, these used as suggestions with elements and drugs used as sedatives for activities in Temple of Sacrifice, or for surgery, in preparing individuals for definite services by  removal of those things that would cause one to be different-minded."

Although the wording here seems benign enough, the actual meaning of this statement is that the Egyptians were brainwashed into accepting Atlantean rule using coercive psychotherapy combined with drugs. Even worse, those subjects who refused to accept the new order had their brains surgically altered. In other words, they were lobotomized, their free will physically taken from them. In their desire for order, the Atlantean balance between the Sons of the Law of One and the children of Belial again fell towards totalitarianism and, even though their intentions may have been noble, they began to treat other races as slaves once more. This tendency became more and more pronounced until they began to develop mechanical means of controlling, even enslaving, large masses of people at once.

Edgar Evans Cayce explains, "With the use of chemical-brain control agents it may be possible to control the individual and the masses and to do this unobtrusively and without the active cooperation of the victims ... the following extract sounds as if a similar technique was used in Atlantis: '[The entity was] among those that were set upon to apply their abilities in relationship to the various conditions that were to be brought about to impel a people to submit to the influences that might be brought to bear.' (Additional data in the reading indicates that electrical and mechanical appliances were used to accomplish this.)" 

So, even as their home islands of Atlantis were sinking beneath the waves, the sons of Belial were still trying to use every means necessary to conquer and enslave the world. The innocuous sounding "electrical and mechanical appliances" actually indicates an extremely sinister agenda on the part of the sons of Belial: to turn everyone on earth into remote-controlled slaves, even from birth - shades of  the MATRIX !

Edgar Evans Cayce, (son of Edgar) writing his commentary on these visions in 1968, was quite cogent in his assessment of the sinister implications contained in these statements:

"Some day tiny radios placed in the brain may make possible the enslavement of entire nations. Such equipment might be used to equip a child with a socket mounted under the scalp from which electrodes extended to selected areas of the brain. Later a miniature radio receiver and antenna could be plugged into the socket. Schafer says, "From that time on, the child's sensory perceptions and muscular activity could be either modified or completely controlled by bio-electric signals radiated from state-controlled transmitters. The "once human being" would be the cheapest of machines to create and operate."

The Hall of Records

Fortunately, the Sons of the Law of One had foresight enough to compile all of their records in several places that were very difficult to destroy. The most well known of these places, according to Cayce, is Egypt:

"In Atlantean land before the final destruction - when the priest came from Egypt to Poseidia to gain understanding of the Law of One (or God) that there might be records carried back to Egypt.... Entity had charge of records brought to Egypt [and] was one who PERSONALLY cared for the records that were brought by the leaders of that people for preservation in that portion of man's experience in the Earth.... Entity aided the priest in the preparation of the manner of building the temple of records that lies just beyond that enigma that still is the mystery of mysteries to those who seek to know what were the manners of thought of the ancient sons who made man, beast - as part of the consciousness."  

This "mystery of mysteries" is of course the Sphinx  which, as we have discussed in, is believed by many to be the guardian of an ancient Hall of Records as described by Cayce. These records are located either under or near the Sphinx, between the Sphinx and the "Pyramid of Records", as described by Cayce:

"The entity was among the first to set the records that are yet to be discovered or yet to be had of those activities in the Atlantean land, and for the preservation of the data that is yet to be found from the chambers of the way between the Sphinx and the pyramid of records."

Cayce, unlike modern archaeologists, believes that the pyramids were built around 10,500 BC  to house ancient information about the history of mankind, specifically about Atlantis. As we have seen, though the date of the building of the pyramids is probably the conventional dating of 2500 BC., the building of the Sphinx, based upon water erosion all over the Sphinx and the Sphinx Enclosure, was most likely built around the time of the Atlanteans, ca. 10,500 BC. However, we will never be certain until the ancient Hall of Records is opened and the relevant information is deciphered.

Cayce even gives detailed instructions on what the records are and where the Hall of Records can be found:

"A record of Atlantis from the beginning of those periods when the Spirit took form, or began the encasements in that land; and the developments of the peoples throughout their sojourn; together with the record of the first destruction, and the changes that took place in the land; with the record of the sojournings of the peoples and their varied activities in other lands, and a record of the meetings of all the nations of lands, for the activities in the destruction of Atlantis; and the building of the pyramid of initiation, together with whom, what and where the opening of the records would come, that are as copies from the sunken Atlantis. For with the change, it [Atlantis] must rise again. In position, this lies - as the sun rises from the waters - as the line of the shadows (or light) falls between the paws of the Sphinx; that was set later as the sentinel or guard and which may not be entered from the connecting chambers from the Sphinx's right paw until the time has been fulfilled when the changes must be active in this sphere of man's experience. Then [it lies] between the Sphinx and the river."


Cayce's Atlantis is quite enigmatic and matches on many points with both the Bible and Plato's accounts of the ancient world. Cayce is considered to be the most credible of modern day psychic visionaries and truly his readings are compelling and consistent in their details. Though skeptics may state that it is possible that Cayce may have simply had an excellent imagination and sharp memory recall, some of the things he predicted, such as television, lasers, and atomic power, were not yet available at the time of his visions. Though purists would argue that a study of Cayce in context of the Bible is only marginally useful, some of the information gleaned from his insights has, as we have seen, proven to be extremely enlightening. And even though the Great Flood of the ancient world wiped out all life on Earth save that saved on the ark, records of the ancient world apparently still exist in various parts of the world.

Moreover, and more interestingly, Cayce said that only at a certain time, "when the time has been fulfilled", can the secret chamber be entered again, and the Hall of Records found, with their precious cargo of truth. And when is that time? When Atlantis Rises Again !

"It would be well if this entity were to seek either of the three phases of the ways and means in which those records of the activities of individuals were preserved - the one in the Atlantean land that sank, which will rise and is rising again another in the place of the records that leadeth from the Sphinx in Giza to the hall of records, in the Egyptian land, where the temple there is overshadowing same. The third in the lands of the Maya."

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