Thursday, December 12, 2013

Message from The ‘Team’: Label It A Miracle


Received By Peggy Black, 12-11-13

We are here acknowledging your continued expansion. We observe the process of your consciousness contracting and then expanding. This happens on a personal level as well as a global matrix level. We are dedicated to your full and total awakening and empowerment. We continue to invite you to own your personal power.

We are aware of the imagined limitations that are continually imposed upon the collective. However, there are those like yourself who are moving through these limitations recognizing they are just false beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation.

This is a time of great and wonderful change in what was once a mystery and is now being understood. When you honor your magnificence, when you stretch the imagined boundaries of you are and recognize what you can create or call forth, you truly begin to realize that you are powerful beyond measure.

We will continue to remind you of this awesome fact as often as necessary until you claim your personal sovereignty. It is from this truth that you begin to truly transform your world. You know this is true we are just reminding you with a gentle nudge to own it, to live it and express it fully.

Your reality is made up of energy vibrations. You always impress this energy with your thought and emotional signature. If you have been given a false belief or carry a frequency of dense emotions you impress the field with those vibrations, and the results that appear in your reality do not please you.

 You know this; we have shared this with you often. It is a universal law. Energy follows thought!
It is in this manner that you continue to claim your limitation. The more you focus on any limitation the more these limitation manifest into your experience. This is true for the global reality as well as your day-to-day experience. Again, this is not new information for you. If you are reading this message you are aware of all that we have been sharing.

We encourage you to acknowledge this information, claim and use this truth in the most powerful and awesome manner possible. Begin to own the realization that you are living in an energy field of infinite and unlimited possibilities and potential. Begin to claim that you are pure energy and pure potential. You are unlimited and infinite.

We invite you to step into this knowing, play with the possibility, stretch the boundaries of what you think could and would manifest if you held a clear focused vibration and called it forth.

You are really doing this each day, however you dismiss the results. You do not acknowledge them as the results of your emotional vibrations and repeated thoughts, statements and actions. Remember this creating of your reality works for the issues in your life that are limited as well as the experiences in your life that are expansive.

You are a creator! Pure and simple! You are offering your personal frequency with every breath, and that is influencing the energy field you call your life experience.

We are inviting you to call forth incredible, awesome and wonderful results into your life. You have done this many times, however we are now inviting you to do it more consistently and with more awareness. Usually when something occurs in your life that is wonderful and unexpected, you label it a miracle.

Let us for a moment share our definition of the word your call miracle. A miracle is a response from the universal field of consciousness to a focused request. When your focused attention or request has been one of limited funds or lack, and it manifests, you do not call this a miracle. It is, however, the same principal.

Let us assure you that this event you call a miracle is really how your life is meant to be moment to moment. As a divine multidimensional star being you are empowered to focus your frequency and intention on something that you desire and which is a benefit to all and then allow it to come forth. Simple!

The Universe, the quantum field of all possibilities, will respond to your request, usually in the most amazing and simple ways. This is the reality we are nudging you to claim.

Be a miracle force. Be a miracle inviter and creator. Call forth the reality that is life sustaining to you and to all. Really stretch your ability here. Imagine a world in which peace and well-being is available for all.

You are here in this dimension and this time-frame to transform dense dysfunctional energies. When you continually focus on these dense dysfunctional realities, you are just adding to their continued manifestation. Refrain from the focus of what does not work; refrain from talking about it, judging it, energizing it.

We invite you to begin to collect and acknowledge events and happenings in your life that you might call miracles. Look for and acknowledge even the simplest occurrence, which seems a bit out of the ordinary, out of the box of limitation or possibilities. Begin also to notice when some limitation appears in your life, perhaps it has been a worry that you have focused upon. Remember it is the same principal.

We remind you that you are divine consciousness in physical form. You are a multidimensional galactic being with incredible abilities and intelligence. Step out of any perceived or programmed limitation. Make the conscious shift to begin to notice where you place your focus. Do you constantly claim your problems by talking about them or thinking about them?

What if you took a period of time, put those issues aside, and engaged in a simple game. Make an agreement with yourself to play or pretend that you could change your reality. Begin to speak of the satisfaction you feel with your employment, your family your finances. We acknowledge we have just pushed all your limitation buttons so to speak.

It might be easier to start this game of creating miracles in smaller ways. You decide how big and grand you want to play. But begin to take ownership of what is in your life experience. If it does not please you or satisfy you or fulfill you, begin to stretch into a place that will allow this to begin to shift. Step by step with focused intention and the matching emotional vibrations, you will call forth, create and manifest the reality that is more fulfilling and satisfying. Begin to welcome into your life more and more these experiences you have called miracles.

It is a subtle yet powerful shift of the use of your focused energies, remember the universe, your reality, the quantum field will always match what you are sending forth.

It is also your level of allowing that either speeds this up or slows this down.

Make a list of your desires; focus on feeling the nature of this in your life. See it, feel it, be grateful for it appearing; celebrate with gratitude this focused desire coming into your life in the most amazing and synchronistic manner. In addition, be prepared to acknowledge yourself as you own your ability by claiming and using this universal law of creating miracles.

We are honored to share these words with you. We delight in your expanded consciousness and your ability to truly transform your reality. We know that you will expand this ability to create these miracles in the larger arena of global events.

You will gather with many others who know this truth and use these focused intentions and emotional vibrations to transform your world.

We are here to celebrate your success and support your intended good for all as you champion and promote life-sustaining actions. Know that you are seen and acknowledged. the ‘team’

©2013 Peggy Black All Right Reserved.

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