Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kuthumi: You Hold the Role Of Beacon Of Light For Many Others

Dear Ones,
faeriesI am most pleased to bring to you these words through our beloved scribe. As the energies continue to increase in intensity, there will be periods of time when many channels of light will not be able to bring forth messages from the higher realms of light. Through these many years, we have endeavored to make available to everyone, the information that would assist each person in their personal and collective journeys.

These messages and the guidance therein are available to be revisited at any time. The advice and guidance coming through this scribe was brought forward for just this purpose, so if there are gaps that occur in the consistent timing of the messages published by all channels and scribes, in general, our advice is to revisit their words that were recorded before. The answers you seek will in all likelihood, be there.

If this should occur, it will be a perfect opportunity for each of you to reconnect with your own inner guidance via your own heart. Each of you has the ability to draw upon your own counsel of light and all that is required is to become still, set the intent and allow the connection to be made. It requires a focus to go within rather than outwardly to the happenings occurring around you.

We do warn, however, that with the recalibrations and activations that are taking place for all of humanity, sometimes, even that may not be possible. In those cases, rest and the drinking of much water is advised. The adage, “this too shall pass” will serve you well. Listening to the needs of your body is of paramount importance, for it is the barometer to your health and well being. In most cases, however, each of you will clearly know that what is required is rest because that is all you will be able to do!

Try to muster enough energy, focus and effort each day to raise your vibrational level to the highest that is possible for your physical human operating system to safely handle. Realize that the reasons you may feel long periods of sleepiness or drowsiness is because your body is assimilating, integrating and processing the increased light quotient coming into your atmosphere.

Allow in these times the gift of nurturance of self. Although you may feel that you are accomplishing nothing of importance, acknowledge to yourselves that just being able to partake of these energies in the way that you are doing is of great momentum. Never in the history of planets has mass ascension of its inhabitants ever been attempted. We consider each of you the bravest of the brave as you move through this period in faith and trust.

Other kingdoms on Earth are helping to balance the energies in a way that is harmonious to the people and the planet. There are the elemental beings who work industriously to give all in their jurisdiction the best of their efforts and they perform this service with renewed dedication, diligence, joy and laughter.

Try to give gratitude to them for their untiring efforts on behalf of all. Like you, they also falter at times and acknowledgement of their input uplifts their spirits so that they desire to keep on keeping on their own path of evolvement as they serve the All. As more of this acknowledgement occurs, unification with the Earth and all her inhabitants is becoming a viable reality, for many dimensions are now merging together. They speak and understand the language of the heart and so this is where the connections will be made.

Look for the signs in the heavens and on Earth as the days move further into the greater light of the
solstice. Enjoy the blessings and anticipation of the season that is forthcoming and go forward with confidence that you are each on your path of unfoldment, blossoming into the multi-dimensional facets of your greater selves. Practicing self discipline in your daily actions and interactions and being mindful of the impact you make upon others around you is of prime importance. You hold the role of beacon of light for many others, even though it is usually not acknowledged nor articulated. You ARE the Light in their world. It is a deeply humbling and honored station to be aspired to!

I AM Kuthumi
©2013 Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana (Soo-tam-ah) Keeper of the Symphonies of Grace.

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