Sunday, December 15, 2013

Ascension Update: 12-12 & The Sealing of Ascension

Channelled By  Polona Aurea Dawn On 12-15-13

Here is my latest Ascension update. Boy, I haven't done one in quite a while. This one incorporates everything from the portal of 12-12, the sealing of our Light body vehicle/Merkabah, and Self empowerment as we move through the Gateway between now and the December Solstice ... entering a new energetic year of 2014.

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Here is another message about the portal of 12-12! I asked Spirit about what is there to know about this year's portal of 12-12. This is what I received:

"Beloved Light Beings! This year's portal of 12-12 brings special Gifts and opportunities for all of those Ascension devotees, who have been focusing only on the New, and merely on the embodiment of Divine Love. This doesn't mean that they are somehow special or chosen. It simply means that they have done enough preparation work, that their body vehicles can Now hold the amount of Light which is needed for the full integration/seeding of the Light body Merkabah/Star of David/Star tetrahedron, which has been an ongoing process of expansion since this Summer.

Walking through this portal and the Gateway between now and the December Solstice requires the full letting go of the old ... leaving it "behind the gates", so to say. With this, one can walk in Purity and complete devotion/integration of the multi-dimensional Self. The only reason that so many multi-dimensional Soul gifts have resurfaced within many individuals, is because the make-up template of the 12-stranded DNA has been completed, and with this sealing of the Light body Merkabah, this process is now coming into a phase of completion, and the December Solstice will kind of capitalize that and prepare You for the New Year of 2014, which will be more about the sharing of these multi-dimensional gifts. It will be a new journey.

The year of 2013 was the first year of the ascended Gaia, and the number one year for those who stepped into co-creating with it. It is not so for everyone, of course, for it was a Soul based choice and Divine Reunion with the Self ... one where the devotee had to be ready and well prepared. So 2013 was sort of like a discovery year within the grand initiation, when many were feeling like they are going through so much of the New while being blindfolded, testing the grounds and looking for that "perfect spot" to plant the seeds of the New. In 2014, these seeds will begin to sprout, and the results of that first growth within the New Earth template/Light grid will begin to show ... especially from now on, after the full sealing of the Star tetrahedron/Light body activation within the ascending Souls, who are connecting to their personal and Universal Merkabah.

Much trust and patience is still required, and all perception of time is moving away physically, as the new consciousness of "inner time" is beginning to take form within many. Blessed are those, for they have remembered who they truly are, and they choose to embody it. So be it ... and so it is!"
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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