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St. Germain: There is a Divine Plan for Earth That is Being Enacted Now

Apart from Linda’s interviews with St. Germain (or Germaine, as you prefer), I’ve always regarded Mike Quinsey’s as the most reliable. Here is Mike’s first ever interview, with the master of the violet flame, who’s played so many roles in Earth’s evolution. Mike also channeled Diane of Sirius, Ela of Arcturus, Ker-on of Venus, and many other galactics. Steve Beckow

Mike Quinsey Channelling St. Germain - 01.02.06

St. Germaine 23A New Year has commenced and with it are new energies that were not there at the start of 2005. You have drawn to yourselves higher energies that have effectively raised your vibrations. The more that you can receive, the more is directed to Earth and through you it is grounded. You have a greater expectation than before, and you only have to look back a few years to realize how far you have come. The stage is set for the final acts in the play of duality, and the lead role shall change hands. Now the time commences for the Light to start showing itself with full force.

There are changes yet to occur before the main events can take place, but you are well along the path that will open up very soon. We let the dark tear themselves to pieces as they attempt to hold on to the power they still have.  They know their plans are falling apart but still try to keep them on course. The reality is that they have long been aware of the Forces of Light and realize that they cannot outwit them. They knew that sooner or later they would have to relinquish their control to them, and have been aware of the greater plan for Earth and Humanity.

This year will be one of many changes that will enable the last cabal to be removed. It is still a delicate task and we wait the precise moment it can be achieved without repercussions against you. Our actions will be swift and we shall take matters into our own hands for a short period. Our clear intention is to pass power over to our allies, and those who are destined to lead you forward are fully primed and ready to perform their tasks.

Even in the course of the last year many more people have awakened to what has been taking place. Therefore those who stand up and speak for truth are now supported by people from all levels of society. There will always be those will still wish for the old ways, even although they see how their freedom is being curtailed. They do not know any other way, and are not inclined to seek through spiritual understanding. We ask nothing except that you accept that you have a Creator, and that there is a divine plan for Earth that is being enacted now.

In short time we will have corrected many false doctrines, and once the truth is known there will be the formation of a Council of Churches. It will bring them together in a common understanding of the truth, and the realization that your history will have to be rewritten. To this end we shall give you irrefutable proof of your link to the Creator and how you have found your inspiration and growth in many different civilizations. You will also learn how life is forever ongoing as you evolve, and how you all help each other to progress. The thoughts and actions of a single person affect everyone else, and the balance of Light and dark is forever changing.

We know how impatient Human Beings can get, and how your emotions can move in different ways so quickly. There are still ups and downs to come, but the underlying movement will carry you forward to success. Also bear in mind that there are souls who are not destined to stay the course, having chosen to leave in ways that will enable a speedy transition. There are still karmic lessons being learnt, and until you are completely out of duality this will continue to be so.

You are now required to give power to your vision of events that will see the end to the cycle of Light and dark. Many of you know what is planned, and currently your support is needed to oust the last cabal. This will be the first and most important step that will signal the beginning of the end. This will happen in the course of this year, and we foresee the continuing indictments as playing a large part in bringing this about. The dark energies permeate much of your society, and this is a world wide problem. It will however change, and cannot continue to exist as the new plan unfolds. The changes will be far reaching, and what everyone sees happen in America will eventually sweep the world.

Humanity is so far down the line in preparation for the evolutionary shift, that nothing can now stop it. This is your guarantee that this cycle will end on a high note, and that Ascension will come as planned. After all the thousands of years you have been working towards this time there is nothing left but the blink of an eye, and you shall see the glory and feel the happiness of success. Peace will be brought to Earth, but peace which is presently beyond your understanding.

Every life form will be affected, and were you not told that the lion would lay down with the lamb. All energies will work in perfect harmony, and you will see that perfection manifest in everything around you. Have you ever considered that you have the ability to affect the weather with your own energy, and how it would respond to the one energy that was in perfect harmony? These days will come to you as the Light permeates Earth and you grow rapidly in a new consciousness that is referred to as “superconsciousness”. You will become whole again and ready yourselves for the great leap forward.

The Creator’s Plan is conceived in perfection, and you are its beneficiaries and you will return you to the status you held eons of time ago. You will have no problems adjusting to the changes, as they will bring you back to the level you were previously and it will be very natural to you. Be assured, that even those you leave behind, who choose a different path for themselves will also one day wake up to the full realization of their potential and tread a similar path.

Dear Ones I am St. Germain and I am one who works from the higher realms, and I am part of one great body that carries out the Creator’s wishes. We have many names and appear to be separate, but we are One in the Light and All is connected. We serve those who aspire to return to the Light, and you are presently the ones who have our focus and attention. We are here to help in every conceivable way and that we shall do, and we have answered your prayers for help. What is transpiring is the final act of lifting you up, a service we perform with the greatest Love, for you are part of us and we are part of you, we are All One. My wishes go out to you all for a fulfilling New Year, one where all of your wishes come true and joy and happiness descend upon Earth.

Thank you St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey.

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