Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The High council Of Orion: It Is Time...

Channelled By Holly Hawkins Marwood 12-24-13

Transcribed by Paul Marwood 
“Greetings Dear Ones, We are the High Council of Orion. 
Now is the time for each and every Soul on the planet who is resonant with this to step into their personal power and knowingness and really begin to work with the energies beyond the third dimensional realm.

 Begin to trust that the unseen energies that are in and around you are just as real as anything you perceive as “real”, in your third dimensional world that you can experience with your five senses. Now is the time to really begin living into the Truth of what you’ve been learning and studying, not looking for salvation from without, not looking to be rescued, not looking to be saved by a new political leader, a new way of thinking, a change in the government, or even assistance from the beings in the star realms to come down and wave a magic wand.

Now is the time to begin living into your new reality and that doesn’t happen by being saved by external changes or external sources. This is the time of personal empowerment where you get to stretch your understanding and your knowingness to begin working with energies beyond the physical to see how beautiful and how empowered each one of you are as a Light Being unto yourself.

Begin working with positive thought and visioning. Begin with saying things only in the positive. Begin with the cessation of complaints. Begin with holding the space that all solutions are available, even if they’re not seen yet, even if they’re not understood yet. The solution is always there. Begin working with energies of manifestation and the law of attraction. Begin working with energetic healing. Begin working with different forms of working with energies such as pendulums, and even cards, such as tarot cards. Begin asking for guidance and assistance from your Angels and your spirit team.

Begin asking for assistance from your gurus and from your God, not from a place of being victimized, but from a place of understanding it is now time to work with the unseen realms. It is time to throw off the coat of feeling small and insignificant and victimized by your humanity and break through that shell and into the beautiful expression of the Light Being that each and every one of you are where you have the potential to exist and thrive in the third dimension, but also in the realms of the energetic world around you, where you work in collaboration and work beyond what you have known so far.

It’s a beautiful opportunity to not withdraw, but to expand and push yourself to live into the Truth of who you are as an Infinite Being here on this planet at this time to affect positive change. That positive change is affected and brought forward by you stepping forward and connecting to what appears to be “unseen” and begin to harness those energies to uplift your life now.

Feel that empowerment. Feel that joy, excitement and knowing that you are, in fact, a creator God of your life and also of life on the planet at this time. Every Light Being is important now. Waking up to it and contributing is essential at this time. Always holding forth the vision of pure positive potential in every aspect, in every action, every interaction, every experience.

Enjoy the journey and we support you in expanding into your fullest potential.
Be blessed.
We are the High Council of Orion.

© 2013 Copyright Soul Genesis

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