Friday, December 27, 2013

Sacred Geometry Of Frozen Light

Channelled By Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Everything within and upon the planet earth has a sacred geometry, a light, and a sound. Your very snowflakes are sacred geometries that come to give you the gift of ungradement. Snow is solidified light patterns. Light that has landed like miniature frozen crop circles.

This solidified frozen geometric light comes forth to infuse you with sacred patterns of ancient /future knowledge. Imagine trillions upon trillions of snowflakes, each one holding a different geometry, a different pattern of living light.

When you look up and see these magical snowflakes open your mouth like a small child and let them land on your tongue. They will give you sacred solidified light equations to help you move into another level of self and soul.

As you walk upon them a crunch is heard, as the geometries break apart in activation. Imagine yourself walking through every crop circle that was ever created all at once, what a thrilling experience that would be.

You are asked to enter the quantum fields of reality where you direct the orchestra, where you direct the energies, where you direct the creations without fault, without fear, without falling, or without failing. You are each Maestros of Light. Nature has held the sacred text and the sacred truths until humans were aware enough to embrace them in love. All of life has messages hidden within it. It is time to release the bounty that lives within the rocks, the clouds, the sky, the snow, the trees, and the water.

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