Tuesday, December 31, 2013

An African Speaks to Africans

Thanks to Nazira/Louisa Vasconsellos for this latest message from 'The Chief.'   DT the ET

Channelled By Nazira 12-26-13


Nazira: Someone with an African accent calls. I am ready to communicate. Please introduce

Unknown: When the whole world is free, you will see me. I will know you and you will know me. We will ride in chariots, in caravans, on ships. We will fly, from sea to sea, because we will be free.

Nazira: Another clue, please.

Unknown: When the sun sets, people look to the west. Now look to the east. See the grandeur, the peace, the force with which mankind and Nature battle for supremacy.

Nazira: May I please have one more clue?

Unknown: I am your grandfather.

Nazira: I do not know which one.

Unknown: I am the grandfather of all souls who wish to come to me. I removed Apartheid, I bring love.

Nazira: You are Nelson Mandela.

Mandela: You have it. Let us speak together for a few minutes. Let me tell you what I see for Africa, and you may tell the African people. They heard me once, now they may hear me again.

[Nazira: In 2006 I channeled Abraham Lincoln for 3 months with news for the American people. Nelson may be planning the same thing. ]

Peace is worth waiting for. But you do not acquire peace by fighting. Is there a better way?

Nazira: What does a woman do when an enemy points a gun at her?

Mandela: She looks into his eyes. She says, “You too have a mother. Do not shoot. Go to your mother. Take care of her.”

Nazira: Tell me more, please.

Mandela: There is a growing movement in Africa to join all the citizens together. The slogan AFRICA FOR AFRICANS is taking foot. Once the seed takes root, it will grow.

I speak to my people.

Show unto others

that an African

will not kill

another African.

Show unto the world,

A child is precious.

We look after our children.

We teach them,

And give them a trade.

Speak to the elders.

Tell them,

"Join with the children around you.

Play with them.

Tell them African stories.”

I will be with you until you are at peace, and live a bountiful life.

Please look for your leaders now. There are two or three leaders in each community. Invite all the leaders to meet in a group. Give the group a name. Decide on a plan of recovery.

I am as close as your heart. My love for Africa and my love for you are identical.

Nazira: You are giving me the idea to read your words on YouTube and provide an email address for the potential leaders to use. Am I correct?

Mandela: Yes my new friend. Magic will follow.

Farewell for now. Thank you for opening your heart.

(Recorded and transcribed by

Nazira, a telepath with past lives in Africa.)

Webpage: http://mandelaspeaks.blogspot.pt

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