Friday, December 20, 2013

Winter Solstice – Dark Becomes LIGHT In TRUTH

Channelled By Karen Doonan


We now approach in human linear terms the “winter equinox”, the period within the old 3d earth “calendar” that sees the shortest day of the year unfold,  symbolically the “darkest” part of the winter, from this linear day forward the days become “longer” and LIGHTER.  It is to be remembered that on planet earth at ALL times ALL is symbolic, from the labels on your clothing to the road signs, ALL are symbolic to various levels of your BEing. As you begin to awaken and anchor more and more LIGHT within the cellular structure of your human vehicle you begin to see ALL symbols in TRUTH and as you work with them then you create the miracles that you are TAUGHT within the old 3d earth CREATED reality are not possible. 

At this time I would draw your attention fully to the winter equinox and the heightening energies, for the New Earth energies are now heightening and expanding in preparation for the INFLUX of LIGHT codes that will see the full anchoring of YOUR New Earth reality at a human conscious physical waking level. For those of you who are in transition and are now dreaming your dream into the physical waking reality this will see the universe now send you various symbols and signs to confirm that your dream will be SOLID and will appear in your outer waking reality. It is birthing through you, around you and within you at all times, what is required to solidify this dream in your outer waking reality is the energetic signature of Mother Earth for she is the host planet for your creation. 

The INFLUX of LIGHT that now begins to unfold, expand and deepen across and within planet earth will now see this process RAPIDLY accelerate around you, through you and within you and this process may be very challenging to your human logical mind which has been TAUGHT to keep your dreams within the unconscious/subconscious realities.

Energy JUST IS and the levels of creation begin in the higher dimensional energetic platforms, this is at SOUL level where there is only the LOVE that IS, as you begin to align fully with YOUR SOUL, as you begin to anchor more and more energetic levels of frequency of your SOUL within your human vehicle then you are able to move your creation from the unconscious/subconscious realities into the CONSCIOUS waking reality in which you reside at solid physical level, where the human vehicle resides.

At all times during your incarnations into the old 3d earth reality you are TAUGHT that dreams are fantasy, that they reside within the mind and are not able to be transferred into the outer waking reality, this is DISTORTION for ALL is created from the unconscious/subconscious realities, this is why the teachings of the old 3d earth were created to run within these realities. Whilst you run an unconscious/subconscious teaching you are BLIND to it but it is a frequency that CREATES a reality that you bring into the physical waking reality, the reality  in which the human vehicle resides.

This distortion is not TRUTH and is not supported within the New Earth and so anything that is not TRUTH will not fully form within the outer physical reality, it does not have a solid foundation in which to anchor. The New Earth foundation is the LOVE that IS so only TRUTH is supported, anything that you try to create that is NOT TRUTH is not supported and will begin to manifest and then dissolve once more. 

This causes high levels of frustration within the human vehicle as the human logical mind goes into overdrive trying at all times to solve something that APPEARS to be in the outer physical reality but is in TRUTH located at subconscious/unconscious level.  The dissolving/almost manifest/dissolving cycle that is created SHOWS that a distorted frequency is active and needs to be dissolved. Once this is dissolved then you will EXPAND in energetic signature, heighten your frequency, gain clarity of vision and be able to move fully into place as guided by YOUR SOUL.

I would guide you to process my words through the heart space for your human logical mind may try to filter out my words, so entrenched in the OUTER, PHYSICAL reality that APPEARS to be real but is in TRUTH a mirror of what is running within your energy signature. TRUTH JUST IS and YOU ARE, each reality that is experienced at a human conscious waking level within a human vehicle upon this planet is INDIVIDUAL, this again is something you are TAUGHT to filter out by the old 3d earth frequencies which TEACH you “same” and APPEAR to show this in the outer waking reality. This is not TRUTH and not possible as each individual human vehicle is unique and interprets the frequencies of this planet in a unique way.

At this time I guided to offer telephone support for those who wish to gain clarity of vision and work at a higher level with their SOUL. For further information on this please click here.

YOU are the CREATOR of this your human life experience, EVERYTHING that exists around you was CREATED BY YOU from the frequencies that you are processing within the subconscious and unconscious levels of your BEing. To change your OUTER waking reality you must first of all dissolve that which is running hidden deeply within your human vehicle.  Frustration, anxiety and confusion are the signs that the human vehicle is running these “hidden” frequencies and as the energies now heighten in preparation for the WINTER EQUINOX then these frequencies will be highlighted more and more deeply for they are not TRUTH and therefore cannot be taken into the New Earth reality. 

I ask for you at this time to detach from the outer waking reality and to move fully into the HEART space in order to discern between TRUTH and illusion for only the HEART KNOWS TRUTH. Then begin to work with the mirror that your outer waking reality is, for in order to find TRUTH on planet earth you must FEEL TRUTH. From this ALL else flows, expands and manifests.


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