Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Fourth Initiate Level

Channelled By Peter Phalam On 12-22-13

The Enochean theories received from anonymous avatars in the Egyptian Dynasties and other theories from Chinese Dynasties, Mayan Empire and Aboriginal avatars all have common paths of our existence. Most notably, Alice Bailey created the Blue Books which extended these theories into an ideology of the Christ Consciousness Hierarchy. Enoch created Book of the Watchers, Book of the Parables, Astronomical Book, Book of Dream Visions and Epistle of Enoch. All of these ideologies have been channeled into many beings and many different methodologies. 

What I am trying to explain today are the four levels of evolutionary journeys. The 2nd level is a primary level of awareness of religion or atheism - whatever applies. The 3rd level is what I call the ‘Veil Initiation’ where the juvenile veils placed in the mental, emotional and astral subconscious planes around age 7 are or have been removed. The cause of veils still existing is determined by belief systems and the limitations of doctrines imposed on the being. Veils will still diminish regardless of the density of the belief system; they will just take an inordinate amount of time.

Older souls who have managed to migrate away from fixed belief systems and are not limited in choices of spiritual freedom all have their veils dissolved by now. There exists connections between guides and angels and, to some degree, in most elder souls, the connection to the Higher Self and communication from the akashic framework of past lives. It is only the degree of their psychic evolution that allows the level of communication through their intuition or clairvoyant or clairaudient skills.

The 4th initiation level is called the ‘Crucifixion’ level and Jesus gave us some insight to what that is all about. It is not about suffering although many have made it seem that way. It is taking the weight of the crucifix off our shoulders and living life on an ascension path. We are about to discuss many aspects of the 4th level of initiation in terms of your mental positions on this reality. We will look first on quantitative and linear aspects of your personal awareness and full perceptions.

The quantitative aspects deal with how much you have in regards to time. Are you at all concerned with what possessions exist with you and how long they will last? Is time a continual hindrance, with pressure on scheduling dates? When universal time exists in our evolution, none of this exists. This is the first position we take entering the 4th initiation. Quantitatively, we always possess exactly what we have asked for or think we are worthy of. The quantitative level also applies to the range of the existing ego which exists along a spectrum ranging from stubbornness all the way to viciousness. If there exists any energy of retribution in your heart, you have not approached the 4th level.

The illusional values that remain in your consciousness are continuously tested so this is an excellent point in your spiritual life to view reoccurring events that bring up the same emotions and attitudes. Relationships often create the most difficult blocks to spiritual progression. The universe is in a perfect position to move you into a relationship just as long as you are not placing special energy into the event. Things need to just happen around you without specific agenda other than spiritual compatibility.

The complete inventory of the life can be done simply by placing your life into a bibliography that you create, so that you can realize when guilt arose or fear arose and you allowed your ego to chase. Our movement towards our God Self demands only that this separation from light concludes with a pure spiritual attitude. What helps us at this point is realizing what we consider reality is actually a dream and what we on a limited basis perceive in our dream states is real. We can recreate the environment and character of our dream as long as we want and even call it reality if we choose. Do not be fooled by the enticing energy of the ego to get you to believe it is true.

In my next blog, I will examine the Ascended Being who was initiated onto the 4th level and how this being perceives this Earth and life. My final comments concerning thought patterns you might consider using in meditations or long walks. Merely repeat to yourself, “I am perfect and have never done anything wrong, it is only others who wished to see imperfections within me. I have always done my best in this difficult karmic environment.” Namaste, Peter

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