Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Arcturians: Unity Consciousness and Forgiveness


 Channelled Via Ute Posegga-Rudel


UnityForgive14sigDearest brothers and sisters!
We are here to share our joy with you! From our perspective, in the higher dimensions, we can see that more and more human beings are awakening to Unity Consciousness.

To you we speak and to those who desire to enter Unity Consciousness, as you are tired of the fear and suffering that the illusion of separation creates. Your heart is awakening already to the intuition of unity although you are not yet experiencing it.

Unity Consciousness is naturally awakening with the implementation of higher frequency in your holographic body-mind which allows the dormant human DNA and the ascension codes to be activated. As a result, Truth becomes naturally obvious while the heart opens up to higher consciousness and to the depth of the integration of Divine Principles.

These Divine Principles are the building blocks of a Divine Creation, in Which Unity Consciousness is a prior condition to everything that arises.

Please understand that Unity Consciousness is a matter of higher intelligence inherently present in all evolved Beings who accept the laws of light and love as the basis of existence.

So do not judge others. Your brothers and sisters who still live in separation have not yet understood this, because due to the evolutionary state of their heart and the functionality of their brain they are not yet able to feel and know their own true Divine condition. They rather live in a state of being locked up in themselves, perceiving everything that is not their own body-mind as other and entirely different from themselves.

They have not yet access to their deeper Self and State of Unity, prior to their body – mind. So they are functioning on a level of consciousness that is limited by the sole identification with it. And this is the very basis for suffering, destruction, war and misery. Because the separate self lives in the ill illusion that it needs to make ‘others’ their enemies, in order to survive.

Therefore it is the goal and sign of evolution to transcend the false sense of separation. The realization of Unity Consciousness that starts in the heart as the intuition of Oneness, is being expressed as the Love of One, a state of unconditional love where everything that is not being lived as the Radiance of that Love-Consciousness is being forgiven and forgotten. You realize that your ARE Only That Love-Consciousness, as it Is your True Nature. In the Light of your True Nature you recognize that the signs of the lower self are mere shadows and unreal, and do not exist in Divine Reality.

It is the awakening from the dream of illusion. Forgiveness – to forgive yourself or somebody or any situation – is therefore a natural and blessed activity. It occurs with the understanding that you Are a Pure Divine Conscious Presence Who has awakened from the dark dream of the unreal. Therefore, to forgive yourself and others is nothing but to recognize Who You Truly Are.

Do not worry if your loved ones still live in separation, and if you care about the ascension of mankind as a whole! The concept of the chain-reaction of humanity’s awakening is real! It is a natural frequency phenomenon that ignites one by one as soon as their time has come to awaken, according to their karma. And it is you, the seeds of light, who have chosen to be here to trigger this process for all humanity by your sacrifice to clear your own karmas and thereby also that of humanity.

It is the very Nature of the Divine to Emerge in all Its Creation, to the last one that lives in darkness. When the illusion is recognized, there is natural awakening. Because you have allowed the body-mind to be ignited by the Currents of Divine Light and Information, imprinted with the codes of Ascension. It is given to you by the Grace of the return of the Divine Mother, the feminine aspect of Divine Consciousness, Who is the Power, Light and Energy of Creation.

You all are living in this time to be blessed by the Grace of Great Change in Which the Divine Itself will Govern all life again by empowering all beings with it’s own Presence.

The Divine Light and Consciousness that is pouring down on your earth, is growing exponentially, as you know! And so, dear ones, it is important at this point of time, to take advantage of this enormous help! Open up to this Divine Empowerment and practice discernment for what you Are and what you are not. If you haven’t discovered it yet, – you are being given plenty of opportunities to face your shadows for the sake of letting them go, by forgiving yourselves and everybody and everything else.

To turn in each moment away from the shadows of a false self as they arise, and focus on the Truth of your own Immaculate Divine Nature and that of your brothers and sisters, is the forgiveness that your are asked to engage from moment to moment now!

This is the fastest way for humanity’s ascension to Unity Consciousness. Each gesture of forgiveness ignites a still sleeping heart that needs to forgive exactly what you chose to forgive, as you are One Humanity.

We thank you and we bless you for your dedicated service!

We Are the Arcturians!
Message conveyed by Ute
Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved.

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