Saturday, December 28, 2013

Nephilim Message To Humanity

Channelled By Karen Doonan 12-27-13

Beloved ones we are the Nephilim and we come to guide and to support and to help you understand at a human conscious waking mind level the vibrational changes and shifts that both the planet earth and the human vehicle into which you have incarnated now moves through and beyond.  For ALL changes and shifts at all moments of each moment and many of you are filtering this out at human conscious waking mind level. The changes to planet earth are necessary for the changes to the human race, both interlinked and both interwoven with each other, for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS.

The vibrational changes to the energetic signature of the planet now expand, grow and unfold, for the planet must be at a vibrational level of support in order to anchor the changes that now unfold RAPIDLY upon and within the planet earth. ALL is not as it appears and the appearance of your outer waking reality will shift and change and morph as you begin to align fully with and through the energy signature of planet earth. It is no longer enough to be consciously aware of the planet on which you walk, you must now begin to view the planet as part of YOU for ALL ARE ONE and ALL JUST IS in TRUTH.

The heightening of energies is designed to illuminate all that no longer serves and we guide this clearly to ALL at this time for the old 3d earth may try to teach that somehow you are being “punished” or that you have done “something wrong” and we guide this is not TRUTH and is not supported in the New Earth. YOU are creating this life experience moment to moment and the universe is working to help align you with TRUTH at all times. The alignment is necessary in order to find and achieve BALANCE and this is something the old 3d earth moved you OUT of at all times. Balance is the key to the unfolding of the New Earth and we guide for ALL to find balance each moment of each moment.

Those who are here to help birth the New Earth through, within and around the human race now move fully into position, many of our children in human form are now moving in vibration in order to LIVE and SHOW TRUTH to new levels of their BEing for human language from this moment will work to contain and suppress. For human language was DESIGNED to separate, to control and oppress at various levels of your human life experience. We guide for all to detach from language at this time and to begin to view the world at a symbolic level for ALL upon and within the planet earth is symbolic. Do you understand our guidance at this time beloved ones? Do you understand that by moving out of language and working at a symbolic level you can bypass the teachings that seek to control and to suppress this your human life experience in TRUTH?

We place the symbol of the golden ankh, the seal of solomon and the coding of 222 within the HEART space and ask that ALL become more consciously aware of all that is now unfolding. To look beneath what APPEARS to be unfolding and work with what IS at all times. The confusion, chaos and disruption working as a blindfold to the New Earth and we ask for you to become more aware of the blind folds and to take them off when you find them.  For the old 3d earth will try at all times to pull you from balance, to attempt to blind YOU to your OWN POWER and this is not supported in the New Earth frequencies.

Moving through the fog of the old 3d earth will show you clearly WHO YOU ARE in TRUTH and as you begin to unwrap the blindfolds and allow your eyes to adjust to the brightness you will begin to REMEMBER in TRUTH. This process now speeds up RAPIDLY for ALL upon and within planet earth for the New Earth energies are now expanding and anchoring more deeply into, within and across the planet and therefore the human race.

ALL ARE ONE and ALL are now preparing for reunion at a human conscious waking mind level. We guide for support at this time and to help you align with all that now unfolds around you, through you and within you as you work to create HEAVEN upon EARTH in this your human form upon the planet’s surface. Miracles are birthed as you dissolve the blind folds, as you achieve and maintain your balance and we walk with you at all times for ALL ARE ONE in TRUTH.

BREATHE and BE and understand that ALL symbols are placed before you at this time as an aid to memory, these memories sit at SOUL level and are worked with at a human conscious waking mind level at all times.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved

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