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What IS Jesus Up To These Days?

A lovely holiday greeting from our friends at The Golden Age Of Gaia website.  Many thanks to Steve and Co. Here's wishing a Prosperous Boxing Day to all of you!  DT the ET

Merry Christmas to All!

Christmas is a time of great jubilation for some, a time of sadness for others. 

For those who gather with family or friends, it’s a supreme moment of sharing, bonding and joy. For those who lack that contact, it can be a hard and often lonely time.

That’s mitigated these days by the rising energies. At last we’re able to feel the love inside that releases us from our dependence on outer circumstances as was the case in deep Third Dimensionality.

And what is it that’s releasing us from that dependency? Well, it’s the very same thing we celebrate on Christmas. The (gradual) return of the Christ Consciousness.

I don’t mean the return of a being some named “the Christ.” What Jesus brought in his lifetime walking the roads and hills of Judea was the Christ Consciousness itself.  When he spoke on An Hour with an Angel last January, I asked him:

Steve: What was your relationship to the Christ?

Jesus : I am the light that burst forth [which is the Christ]. I am the light that came from the heart of One, from the heart of God. And my purpose in all this relationship was to simply ignite not only what has been referred to as Heaven and Earth, but far beyond.

If you look to my essence, dear friend, all you will see is light. That is all there is. And it can assume relationship, and after relationship it can assume various forms. But it is – its light was beyond the Christ light. (1)  Can you think of it as a tiering? It was an implosion, explosion of light, and it has never changed. And it will never change.

S: And when you say, “I am the light,” who is “I am”? Are you speaking as Jesus, or are you speaking as the Christ, as the light?

J: No, I am speaking as the light. (2)

Although we don’t speak of it as such, what he brought was what we might call the First Coming.
Not the first coming of the Christ Consciousness per se. That also came with Buddha before Jesus and with Krishna perhaps before Buddha and many other times. 

But in the Christian context it might be called the First Coming. 

Now we celebrate the Second Coming. Not the second coming of Jesus but the Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness. 

What is the Christ Consciousness? 

The Christ itself is the eternal soul, what Jesus meant by the Prince of Peace and saviour. We talk about all our non-physical bodies as “the soul.” But the soul really refers to the essence of us, what Hindus call the Atman and Jesus, the Son of the Father. 

It’s the only begotten Child of God. It and the Father are one. But the Father is greater (vaster, more expansive) than it. In fact the Father is all that is and the Christ is the Father individuated within each being, human or otherwise.

Christ Consciousness is the realization of the soul, the solving of the puzzle “Who am I” that all of us came to solve. Jesus knew that soul and he talked about it often as the Pearl of great price, the Treasure buried in the field, and the Mustard Seed that grew into a great tree. He wanted all of us to have the benefits of realizing it too, to “live life more abundantly.”

He fashioned parable after parable to tell us how to realize it. Once we have even a glimpse of the light that the Christ is, we sell all our desires for anything other than the full experience of it. With the spiritual energy and other wealth we gain from that first sight, we bear down and meditate and soon that sight, that mustard seed, turns into a great tree {i.e., we “buy the field”); soon it will give us all the treasure in Heaven and Earth; soon it will lead us from the Son or Christ to the Father.

He has not left us, he told us in 2012:

“Yes, I teach you, I guide you, I help you. I help you every single day, whether you know it or not. I help you to maneuver and to deal with this world that you live in. Whether you feel that you are on top of the world, on top of your journey, on top of your game, or whether you are lost, I am still with you, and I am guiding you. And I have many voices, and even many faces, but they have always been the same message.” (3)
This time we live in is the Second Coming – right here, right now. We’re assembled at the banquet of the bridegroom and our lamps are full. The Mother, the Holy Spirit who descended on Jesus in shape like a dove, has set that banquet, made our cups and lamps full, and now invites us to witness the Second Coming when it arrives.

The Christ Consciousness is coming to all who open to it. Enlightenment, sahaja samadhi, Ascension is offered freely and is the Second Coming.

Or you can call it by its Biblical names – the Rapture, the Resurrection, our Salvation. 

Jesus said on An Hour with an Angel a few days back that he had to die to ascend. He tells us:

“The reason I come to speak on the eve of solstice, which is why they really chose this date to say I was born, is that it is an eve of rebirth. It is an eve where I tell you that you are reborn… into human form, into physicality. I left my form behind. But you do not need to.” (4)
The Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit, has decided to end the need to die to ascend and now has invited us here on Earth to be the first in the universe to participate in a new experiment where we ascend with this body.

And we responded by asking her to take us all. 

Everyone in the galaxy has their eyes on Earth. And we lightworkers are setting the banquet table. As you feast tonight, know that the celebration you’re acting out is a preview, a prelude, a foretaste of what is to come – Ascension. And how you feel together is equally a foretaste.

As the Buddha said, may all beings be happy. As Lao Tzu said, may all touch ultimate emptiness. And as Jesus said, may all find the Kingdom of Heaven within.

May all beings ascend and may they all have the experience of seeing Heaven brought to Earth and its treasures of wisdom, love and joy opened to us all.

Holly 22
At this time I wish to acknowledge the contribution of the regular and contributing editors, IT gurus, and everyone else associated with the Golden Age of Gaia, the staff of the Hope Chest, the moderators of the Golden Gaia discussion group, transcribers and translators, (5) the makers and maintainers of the wiki (6) and “Contact Us,” (7) the Com Project, (8) the hosts of InLight Radio, Linda Dillon, Patricia, and the Council of Love, and everyone else who, through a fit of absence of mind, I have at the moment forgotten to mention who have made this wonderful sharing that we all do possible.
And most of all I’d like to thank you, the readers and listeners, without whom we’d all have no job to do and be totally miserable! Merry Christmas to all!


(1) Beyond the Christ Light is the Mother’s Light. Beyond the Mother’s Light is the Father’s Light. An avatar is a composite being. In his case, Jesus embodied himself as the human vehicle, Sananda Kumara of higher-dimensional Venus as the pipeline or step-down transformer, so to speak, on the other or unseen side, and the Divine Mother, who embodies in all avatars.
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