Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Archangel Michael and Yeshua ~ Love Has Taken a New Leap ~ November 4, 2012

Allow yourselves to rest periodically on this arduous journey, for that is not something you should feel at all hesitant about. Sustaining the pace that you are embarking on can be sometimes difficult and since you are maintaining your physical bodies at the same time that you are increasing the light quotient in your Light Bodies, attention must be paid to keeping both of them healthy and integrated.

We would like to take you on a journey deeper into Love now. You may have noticed that our presence, along with all the Ascended Masters and all Beings of the Spiritual and Galactic Realms, are entering into your field of vision and perception even more now. Even those who feel they do not connect with us are getting nuances and feelings of our presence.

We say to those who feel that they don’t actually connect with us, to relax and absorb yourselves into the Light and Stillness, and you will get more of a glimpse of us as you practice this.

Even if you don’t yet perceive us, you are becoming much more connected with your Higher Selves and with Source. The connection is getting stronger as we speak and from that and with that, you maintain a greater sense of knowing of your magnificent Divine nature, along with all the knowledge and insights that allow you to be at Peace and at One with all.

And with that, comes a greater awareness of what Love really is. It is You. It is your birthright. It is your motivation for all you do, dear hearts. You are feeling this, and you are participating in this and you are OF this. You are Love in every aspect of your being.

It is not a separate thing anymore, as you are discovering. It is in your very being. It is what makes you alive. It is deeply a part of your essence. It is your reason for living. It is all you need to move forward.

As you prepare for even more influx of energy in the coming days, you will be well-served to relax into the feeling and knowing of being In Love, and Of love. Hold yourself in the center of the universes and bask in the radiance that is your Divine Essence and feel the expansion of your being as you relax into the presence and truth of you as an elevated entity of magnificent proportions, of and with such deep Love for yourself and for all beings, sentient and insentient throughout all the universes.

You are beginning to fathom and grasp the deep Love we have always had for you and because you are the same as us, you are beginning to know, feel and maintain that same deep Unconditional Love for everything in your wake.

It is becoming such a part of you that soon it may not be possible to differentiate yourselves from us, for as we have always told you, we are One. But now you are getting it at a deeper level, and for this we applaud you.

You are magnificent and we owe the saving of Mother Earth to you and we pledge to you our undying support and allegiance, forever and always.

We are forever your loving and devoted comrades in Peace and Love,

Archangel Michael and Yeshua

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