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Archangel Uriel And Ra Horus Speak of the Pineal Gland

A timely channelling and the illustration is worth the price of admission...DT the ET

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Channelled By Stewart Pearce On June 22, 2012
“The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the center of the darkness of being.” CARL JUNG
The Angels of Atlantis convey exquisite love-light fractals to you about the colossal energetic changes that are presently occurring within your Galaxy. Accordingly, similar refinements are taking place within the physicality of all living beings on Planet Earth, as with Gaia herself, and soon you will wake to a different kind of morning. For this is the time for a gargantuan soul-stride in the race of Homo sapiens. This is an epoch that heralds a quantum evolution within the inner-folds of creation. This is a period of time-shift that will alter the landscape of the perpetual ever-unfolding face of eternity.

Outstanding advances will draw your attention to this ‘shifting’, even if you are currently seeing wholesale systems chaos, unusual weather phenomena and behavioral challenges that defy human credence in three dimensional reality. As this shift endures, Mankind is gifted an invitation as grand as the miracle and mystery of the largest crop-circle. You are pledged a calling card to a profound inner sanctuary that will draw you into the very eye of sacredness. This entry-pass will lure you into the centre of the brain’s anatomy, deep into the sanctified vista of the Pineal Gland itself.

The shrine of the Pineal Gland is located in the center of the human brain between the two hemispheres, and is secreted in a cache where the two thalamic bodies meet in rounded configuration. This locale is one of the most profound nexus within the field of human knowing. For this is a portal where the eternal and the immediate are experienced as one – this is a centre of attention known as the Eye of Horus!

Horus’s eye evokes clairvoyance, heightened vision, cosmic awareness, psychic ascension, thought transference, the all-seeing notion of dimensional travel, and in Atlantian times was a fully functioning organ of great insight. For this visionary nexus can peer through all dimensions, transcending the space-time continuum, and enabling human beings to see a modus by which weightless travel throughout the Cosmos is achieved. Indeed, the glyph of the Eye of Horus is both a literal and metaphoric representation of the sacred Pineal Gland, for both are wedded in a marriage of far-reaching proportion.

On the physical plane, the Pineal Gland is activated by light, has retina, pines and cones, and is connected to the visual cortex of the brain. At this level it serves the terrestrial function of controlling the biorhythms of the body, directing hormones in corrdination with the other endocrinological glands, to regulate the body’s thirst, hunger, sexual desire and aging process.

On the non-physical plane the Pineal Gland, touched by the effervescent vibrating light of the Kundalini, connects with Divine thought. This exquisite pinecone shaped organ, actually brings vibration from the higher octaves into the physical vehicle of the human body. Therefore, not only is the Pineal a receptor, it is also a transmitter, and when used with great wisdom, allows human beings to project their consciousness through the ALL THAT IS, just as we lovingly do!

This means that you may visit distant loved ones, send light messages to other star systems, travel inter-dimensionally, access libraries of thought that exceed terrestrial intelligence, receive powerful data about the enfolding destiny of the Galaxy and beyond, heal powerfully lower vibrational inaccuracies, and accelerate your ascension process far beyond present understanding, and into fifth dimensional flow. For this flow is prismaticaly vibrating with the love-light of the Source, and is brought into existence by the anointing of the Christos, from which Horus springs.

This sacred lineage now caresses all our lives, as we live by the light of the Source, and are bathed in the light recalibration of the Solar Deity. This lineage of Horus is given as a unique gift, for your odyssey has drawn you through countless initiations, and has brought you to qualify for a higher octave alignment through the prophecy of Horus as the flame of God. See Horus, as an emanation of the Christos, accompanying Archangel Uriel, whose function as the faithful Companion, guides your lives through the development of all twelve chakras.

The Atlantians steadfastly ritualized the connection between all chakras, for then you humans will be constantly moved them to the supernal conviction of the non-local reality of love – that love is all there is. This love is the exquisite consciousness of all that exists in harmony, and so evokes companionship, communion and concert as core ingredients within the Cosmos.

With this in mind it is hard not to take the splendor of the Cosmos personally, beholding as we do the exquisite Star vibrating at the core of your lives. Furthermore, the gifting of higher frequency light is present to pulse and flow the acceleration of your cellular evolution. And so the prophecy of Horus, in parallel with great Thoth’s KYBALION (the mystical teachings of the great Master Alchemist) is fulfilled. In this, those who are initiated by the higher frequencies will ecstatically and instantaneously become the Homo luminous – human Angels living as fifth dimensional beings.

To assist you all with this transition, Archangel Uriel has given an Angelic Sonic Meditation to help open the Eye of Horus, to increase the ecstatic flow of force within the superhighway of the multi-dimensions.

May you rest in peace as these energies travel through you……… with much love



  • Find yourself in a sacred space, whether this be within a natural landscape or your own private sanctuary
  • Create purification in this holy space by burning Frankincense or Rosemary – Uriel’s favourite essence, and light a candle. If you desire, play soft ambient music that elevates your mood, caresses the ether, and evokes this special intention as a sacred act
  • Prepare your body by standing or sitting with your spine aligned, feeling grounded with the Pranic Cord open – see this as a beautiful shaft of pink light moving through the whole of your spine and connecting with Mother Earth, and then with the Solar Deity
  • Create a Mudra by placing your thumb and first finger together. Feel your Heart Chakra open, exuding exquisite love-light into your energy field, and through the space around you
  • Expire all your breath through your lips on seven counts, and crossing your eyes, look upwards towards the centre of your forehead, then downwards and relax
  • Then inspire in on seven counts, changing the Mudra so that your thumb touches your second finger relaxing your eyes and filling your field with light. Imagine yourself within a beautiful White Orb, representing Horus’s Eye
  • Breathe out again, look up towards the centre of your forehead crossing your eyes, then look downwards and relax
  • Breathe in creating the Mudra of your third finger and thumb touching, feeling the pink of Uriel light filling the whole of you being, and pause
  • Feel love in your heart before you expire, then breathe out, and when you expire look up crossing your eyes, then downwards, then relax
  • Create the Mudra of your fourth finger and thumb touching, and inspire the pink light feeling love in your heart
  • Then look up towards the centre of your forehead crossing your eyes, then downwards, and relax
  • Create the Mudra with all your finger tips touching and expire
  • Feel love in your heart as you inspire, and when full of light look up towards your Pineal Gland crossing your eyes, then look downwards and relax
  • Create the Mudra of placing your hands together in pray, and expire the breath
  • Feel love in your heart before you inspire, and when fully breathed, direct the sonic chant OM into the centre of your skull, gently bathing the Pineal Gland in a fusion of Divine Sona
  • On the next inspiration of the love light, visualize the whole of the Orb of White Light within which you rest, suffused with the all-seeing Pink Ray of the beneficent force of Archangel Uriel.
  • Then expire and inspire gently, three more times, feeling the Angelic force moving through the whole of you
  • On the third inspiration PAUSE seeing the Orb of light expanding through the whole of the space around you, and chant OM a further three times
  • Then rest and record your reflections and oracular musings – processing the entire experience and the absolute joy of the encounter – you may feel in unique communion with the whole of universal order
  • Then to conclude, close down the Pranic Cord, seal your energy field, and rest
STEWART PEARCE (copyright)

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