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Channeled Interview with the Pleiadians: Increased Energy, Expanding upon Dedication and the Various Laws of Manifestation

This is another longish effort from Wes and his Pleiadian crew; some excellent and timely information for anyone planning to join the ranks of Homo Galacticus...DT the ET

Channelled and Posted by Wes Annac On May 3, 2013

pleiadians1Wes Annac: Hello on this day, dear friends. Per the discussion we were beginning to have as I drifted off into peaceful meditation, I would like to know about scripted nature of our reality as it plays out currently. 

The Pleiadian High Council: With Love, we will be happy to provide our perspective on this matter for you and all absorbing this communication. As we were beginning to discuss with you, your reality plays out in a scripted manner, yet in one that is being Created and determined by you in each and every moment.

Dearest Wesley, we trust you remember the “choose your own adventure” stories you read as a child. Correct? (1)

Wes: Indeed I do, dear friends. 

A Scripted yet Fluid Reality

PHC: Your existence on this Earth is much like the format those stories were given in.

What we mean is that you experience a fluid reality that is entirely of your own Creation, and you are pulling potential reality-threads toward yourselves to manifest or discard based on your thoughts and emotions in every moment. You are Creating your realities based on such thoughts and at the same time, the events you experience as a result of your actions have been scripted and planned out ahead of time, by you and by subconscious aspects of your Selves who are helping to coordinate the events that play out in your Lives.

It is so interesting to watch the Earthly experience play out from our point of view, as you are learning so many lessons and undergoing so many self-Created tribulations that you can solve when allowing and working with the higher dimensional perspective beginning to descend down unto your planet at present.

You are absorbing Light that is continually-pure in structure and as you are also Creating your Earthly experience in every moment based on what you are giving out, we trust that many of you will be able to find an easier maneuvering around and Creation of your Lives as the Light energies continue to permeate your minds and spirits.

Embracing Peace & Utilizing Motivation

Wes: Many thanks for your answer, dear friends. At this very moment, while I feel I could ask you a plethora of questions I am also feeling a deep sense of calm descending down upon me. I’ve felt an interesting mix of driven and calming energies lately, and I’m wondering if the calm and peace I’m feeling is temporary or not. 

PHC: Well, dearest soul, you know that peace will always be permanent.

Nurture the peace you find within yourself at this time, dear scribe, as you and every other dear soul will indeed finding it grow in influence as you find yourselves embracing  it more and more. It will be much easier to understand and embrace peace when the collective energy levels have sufficiently lightened and your entire collective has been informed of the existence of higher dimensions beyond the sphere of your conscious understanding.

While peace is and will forever be a permanent aspect of your experience, the depletion you feel accompanying it is as temporary as the fading lower dimensional experience you’re feeling it in.
Your bodies are undergoing very rapid and intense changes from carbon-based to crystalline, and it is important to rest when you feel the need to and as well, to work away when you feel the drive to do as much as you can to anchor the higher realms you are looking for.

Do not ever think you are not doing enough to spread Light and truth, dearest souls, for your actions up to this point have been needed indeed and the good you have already done has earned you the right to take the time required to adjust to the increasing levels of energy you’re finding in yourselves.

Temporary Depletion Signals Increased Energy Levels

As strange is it may seem, increased energy levels in your bodies can indeed account for temporary depletion, as your bodies are assimilating these energy levels while they are being increased in every moment. The energies Creating and sustaining your realities that are coming through you are being continually purified, and it can be draining on your dear bodies and spirits to do so much even when you feel as if you are doing so very little.

It is indeed ok to feel depleted, as it is a necessary facet of the lower dimensional experience and of evolving from such experience, but we must stress that this depletion has always been and will always be temporary.

What feels to be depletion now will soon be replaced with the most wondrous of pumped-up energy, vigor and vitality that you will not expect to have found, and we say this to each one of you despite your current age. You are finding and feeling states of consciousness in yourselves wherein age is not a factor, and the youthfulness we know so many of you wish to feel again will indeed be found as you foster your growing connection to the higher realms.

This is in part why we will appear to be so young when making ourselves known on your world; because we do not experience aging and at the same time, we experience no depletion or draining of our natural Source energy as it is constantly replenished and the very concept of being or feeling drained is not prevalent in our minds, hearts or temples.

Wes: Thank you very much for your answer, dear friends. It’s good to know that peace will rein forever and that the accompanying depletion I’m feeling is only temporary. 

Now, as I mentioned above, accompanying the temporary depletion has been one of the strongest drives I’ve ever felt to help bring change about on this world. I see that this drive has been felt for decades on this world, but I feel more ready than ever to contribute as much of myself as possible to the Earth’s restoration. Do you have any comments on this seeming, sudden “emergence”? 

PHC: You are finding the higher dimensions, dearest Wesley!

Confronting the Forces of Oppression from Without and Within

You and all those around you who have been feeling and tapping into the increased motivation to see change enacted on your world are responding to your increasingly-pure ascension energies quite favorably and just as you mentioned, the impetus to bring forth change has been felt in plenty of awakening Earth souls who have, in nearly every time period, seen and felt the need to introduce and be a part of something that is based more in the interests of the people and less in the interests of souls who only wish to keep you in states of mental and spiritual limitation.

A natural response to your ascension energies has always been to stand up to tyranny and oppression, as your outer-world truly is reflective of your inner and the stands you are taking against the forces of tyranny and oppression in your outer world are mirroring the facing of personal and inner-held “demons” so to speak, that have been accumulated during past Lives and bottled up for you to eventually confront.

Dearest souls, the time to confront your own personal issues as well as the forces of corruption that have ruled your planet for far too long has now come. We know that you can feel this, and you have the support of the higher realms by your side at all times and in all endeavors.

The cabals thought themselves able to suppress and outsmart the “hippie” generation who did indeed help to introduce many of the concepts of the higher realms, while faltering in other avenues of their experience. The cabals thought themselves to have been able to suppress (the influence of) these souls with the introduction of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s eras but truly, the message of the higher realms has never been stifled and has always proven to grow and grow in influence until the entire planet is awakened.

A Call to Expand upon One’s Personal Drive

This drive; this motivation that is being felt in so many of you is meant to be taken and expanded on as exponentially as you possibly can. We make now, a call to each of you dear souls who have been feeling the increased drive in yourselves to enact change across your beautiful blue world: it is time for your sacred work to begin, and it is time to expect miracles to manifest in your personal Lives and in your outward realities as well.

Expect, at times, the surfacing of things that may break your hearts temporarily.

We mean this for the world stage and for the personal Lives of those of you still undergoing the necessary surfacing and releasing required so that you can be in resonation with the higher realms you are growing toward. But beyond the difficulty you will experience will lay the utopian realms you have worked so hard to re-find after having descended from such realms to experience the Earth.
You have all taken on the lower dimensional Earth experience for a plethora of different reasons, and many of you are on the Earth to spread the truth and Light you have long begun to feel within.

So many souls from the higher realms incarnated during your sixties era in a plethora of different countries and while again, some souls of that generation did indeed falter in their efforts and allowed their spirituality and higher dimensional understanding to be usurped by way of drugs, addictions and unhealthy sexual habits; a plethora of souls have advanced since that time and have fully developed their understanding of the higher dimensions and of the energy that increased dramatically in purity in such time, allowing a plethora of souls from the higher realms to suddenly be activated for their missions.

Your Efforts Have Not Been in Vain

So many of these souls are still on your planet in this very moment, and many of them are reading this communication. Stand strong in your efforts, dear souls, for the movement you were a part of has never faltered and is growing to its strongest point of influence. Understand and know that your efforts for generations have not been in vain, and that what you are doing is Lighted and needed.

Wes: Very interesting dear friends, thank you. I have to say that I’m ready to expand upon what has already been done, and I think the majority of the people reading this could say the same. 

PHC: Indeed dearest soul, and while the cabals have tried to pacify the souls born of recent generations by way of brainwave-dimming low frequency technology and a plethora of other means, the influence of the Light has and will prove ultimately successful in helping to awaken a populace that has been controlled and their understanding of Life and the Universe around them, distorted quite purposely.

The cabals do not want you dear souls to gain awareness because they do not want you to awaken to their actions and misdeeds, nor do they want you to understand the dimensions beyond your conscious understanding that they themselves only have a slight grasp on.

These souls think themselves to have a grand understanding of the higher realms because they have exposed themselves and their descendants to the lower realms of fourth density-negative but truly, their distorted understandings of how to reach the higher realms have only seen them feeding pure service-to-self-based acts of maliciousness and greed.

Lending Your Healing Energy

We encourage each of you to lend your positive and healing energy to these souls to an extent, for every soul, no matter how lost they have become on their path, deserves that healing energy and deserves the continual opportunity to rekindle the flame of Love that has been so lost in the cabals.

The awakening humanity is no longer being controlled by the cabals, but it’s important for you as well to rekindle the flame of Love and to pair it with the awareness you are finding in yourselves so that you can offer the cabals forgiveness and Love in the time ahead, in hopes that they too will eventually be able to find their evolution.

Of course, in due time they and every soul within every realm of Creation will find their ultimate evolution to the realms of full consciousness, but the cabal heads specifically, even while undergoing containment and a softening of their hearts, do still have karma to experience for the actions they have committed.

Indeed, this karma will not come about in the form of the awakening public shouting “off with their heads!” because truly, that will not help your collective to work past the states of consciousness feeding vengeance, separation and hatred as such things have only fed the influence of darkness on your world for centuries.

However, these souls have monumentally oppressed, hurt and killed fellow souls in the name of money-making, sacrificing and greed and as such, have manifested exponential karma for themselves to experience. We do not say this from a point of judgment as again, we possess a perspective of understanding that every soul will find their evolution in due time and we understand as well that karma is a non-judgmental energy that simply gives back to you what you put out.

Karma, the Golden Rule, and the Law of Attraction

Wes: I’d like to discuss the Law of Karma just a bit more before wrapping this up, as I’ve noticed that in essence it parallels the Golden Rule and the Law of Attraction in that what we put out, we are given back. 

PHC: Indeed dear soul, and the three concepts and Laws you have mentioned above are human terms to describe the same mechanism set up in your reality.

An essential aspect of your freewill experiment has been for you to experience most everything you Create for yourselves or for others to experience, and while you are acting under a Law of Grace that sees you experiencing only a portion of the negativity that has been manifested in an effort to salvage the positive aspects of your experience; being given what you put out has been a crucial aspect of your experience so that you could ultimately learn and grow away from the lower dimensions.

As you find the higher realms increasingly, you undergo lessons that see you purging the old limitations, thoughts and feelings that once held you in bondage to the lower dimensions you have been experiencing them in. You begin to understand things about your experience from different, more evolved perspectives and eventually, you begin acting less in alignment with mental or lower-emotional will and more in alignment with the Divine Will of the ultimate being of consciousness and Oneness that is you.

In essence, you develop into a purer and more evolved form of your Self and that process requires experiencing almost everything you put out for yourselves to experience. The most important lessons you are all undergoing at this time are being given to you because they are necessary for your ultimate growth away from the lower realms, and because you have set out for yourselves to experience such things by way of your actions in your outward reality.

Undergoing Necessary Learning and Growth

Your existence and the reality around you are evolving along with you and as such, the outward reality you find around you is itself ready to be purged of the old negativity and dross and is pushing more than ever for you to experience the lessons within it that will see it and you able to grow back into the purely magnificent states of consciousness we know you are all so ready to find and feel again.

Your outward realities too are aspects of your ultimate Selves, and this is one reason you are given events to manifest in your outward realities that garner inner-growth and understanding for you. You will increasingly begin to understand that your outer and inner realities are one and in due time, humanity will come to find the understanding of the Oneness you all possess between each other.

Wes: Understood, dear friends! With so much Love and appreciation, I’m going to go ahead and let you wrap this up while the energies are still strong. 

PHC: With Love and appreciation, dearest Wesley.

We will again ask you to nurture the ongoing understandings and realizations about your Selves and the reality around you that you are beginning to find, as we can feel that every one of you are reaching enormous strides along your growth as you greet increasingly-challenging lessons for you to undergo and experience, and your Lives are absolutely never stalled, even if you think that they are.

What we mean is that you are constantly experiencing; constantly Living; breathing; growing; learning; in every moment you are doing all of these things and dear souls, it is just brilliant to watch and behold.

You are learning and growing and finding so many advanced understandings that for the most part, you would likely not expect yourselves to have found even a few short years ago.

Momentum Has Only Grown – Keep the Faith

Decades have passed since the emerging of the hippie movement and of every other movement that garnered widespread focus and attention on the rebuilding of the Earth and on recognizing just what about it is not in resonation with what you all wish to collectively build and experience, and the momentum to solidify and strengthen this movement has only continued to grow as more and more souls have joined in and offered themselves to the restoration of your dear planet.

You have long grown to understand many of the personally-held etheric realms so many of you are finding within yourselves, and we recommend utilizing the astral connection you are forging as you will be able to meet with departed Loved ones in your personal astral realms, and will even be able to communicate with we souls of the higher realms.

Indeed, along with continually sending our impressions down and attempting to communicate with every aware and unaware soul on your dear planet, we are also making fruitful astral contacts with you dear souls in your sleep realms and in your personally-held etheric realms, and you can begin to attune to these contacts, as well as the streaming impressions we are sending you in every moment and the increasingly-pure energies they are attached to.

Indeed, a plethora of different souls in the higher realms attach their impressions to the overall energies that are sent down for humanity to absorb and decode, and you will find a wide variety of contact with each one of us individually and with our various collective Organizations. You have done so very much to attract our vibrations back to the surface of your ascending planet, and you are Loved and respected endlessly for the wiggle-room you have helped the higher realms to be able to find on the surface of your world.

As we make our final impressions for this communication, we ask those of you with little or depleted faith to keep on keeping on and if you feel you need to, take some time away from anything and everything that will put you in a state of worry, confusion, stress or anxiety.

Everything occurring in your Lives at present is necessary for your ultimate spiritual growth and when allowing yourselves to look at matters from a zoomed-out point of view, you will see that absolutely everything has happened for a needed and ultimately-beneficial reason.

Wes: Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

(1)-“Choose your own adventure” stories are basically what the title implies – a book one can read that is, for the most part, already planned-out in terms of what is going to happen and how the story will generally go. However, a feature accompanies these stories that lets you choose how they are going to play out; based on an action in the story you choose to take.

For example – a story would say something along the lines of “you walk up to a turtle laying on a rock. Go to page twelve if you want to pick up the turtle, or go to page sixteen if you want to walk past it and continue on.” If you went to page twelve, a new aspect of the story would unfold involving the turtle. If not, the story would play-out very differently as you walked along past it.

Whatever you chose took the story in a whole different direction, and it is a pretty good metaphor for how our Lives are generally planned, yet allowances are made for what we are going to Create and do.

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