Thursday, May 2, 2013

Stephen Cook Announces Radio Special: New InLight Radio Special “Lift Your Spirit” Premieres This Sunday

 Stephen Cook - host The Light Agenda

Stephen Cook, host of the 2012 InLight Radio series The Light Agenda, is back with Lift Your Spirit, a special Sunday evening program YOU can be part of.

The show will air from 5pm (Pacific) / 8pm (Eastern time, USA) THIS Sunday, May 5 on InLight Radio:

Lift Your Spirit FinalWe’ve all been looking for evidence that things are changing… On Sunday night’s Lift Your Spirit: From 3D to 5D and Beyond, you’ll meet some (extra) ordinary, every day people (just like you) who provide evidence of their own personal change.

“As we each look to how we can lift our own spirit, I’m going to be interviewing some very blissful men and women whose daily lives have literally gone from 3D to 5D and, quite possibly, beyond – dramatically changing for the better – since December 21, 2012,” says Stephen.

“The aim of  Lift Your Spirit is to do just that – to give us all a lift – and for all of us to hear from those who are evidence of  ‘the shift’ in action.

“I’m also really keen to hear from other people who feel they have undergone a similar shift in the first few months of this year. So I’ll be opening up the phone lines during the latter half of the program to allow even more people to join the party and share their Ascension experiences with all of us.”

Live listeners can call in on (323) 784-9697 to share their personal Ascension progress. For those who may wish to share their story on possible future Lift Your Spirit shows, send an email to: with the subject line: My Shift Experience, detailing the tangible shift that’s now occurring in your life.

That’s Lift Your Spirit: From 3D to 5D and Beyond, THIS Sunday May 5 from 5pm (Pacific)/8pm (Eastern time , USA) on InLight Radio:

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