Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 305

Channelled By Aisha North On May 1, 2013

The time of your Gathering is fast approaching, and the energies that you have all brought down to this planet via your physical vessels are already starting to announce their presence to you. So you will all have felt this in some way in these last few days, and it will all start to intensify somewhat as the big day draws nearer. For, as we have already talked about, this is something that in many ways will be like a culmination of something that has been going on for a very long time. For you have already been anchors of light for so long now, and the energies you have been instrumental in pulling in, the strands of light as we have called them, are already here, and now, this weaving and connecting together is in full swing. 

This will not come as a surprise to any of you, as you have already felt so much more connected to this beautiful grid of fellow lightworkers, and indeed, also with us who currently reside behind the screens as it were. But now, everything will indeed start to speed up, and as we gather all the threads and continue this complex process of connecting and interconnecting them all, it will be as if portal after portal open up, and you will feel yourself stepping into room after room on this journey towards completion.

So now, the vistas are truly starting to expand in so many ways, but if you yourself have not felt any of this up until now, it may be because you spend a little too much time looking down at your feet, trying to gauge which way the land falls. And that is not strange, for this will in many ways be a little bit like learning to walk, or indeed, learning how to ride a bike. 

We all know that in order to find your balance, it is indeed best to focus your gaze on a point far ahead, and try to avoid the temptation of looking down at your feet. It might feel like it is the best thing to do in order to make sure that nothing will trip you up, but in fact, the overall balance is far better achieved if you literally lift your gaze and fasten it on the horizon. That way, not only will your own balance improve, but you will also be better able to see just how far you can actually see now.

For everything is indeed expanding at a rapid rate now, and unless you actually become aware of it, it might be a missed opportunity for your own growth. So let go of the need to keep gazing so intently at yourself, and let yourself open up to be more fully able to take in the awesome surroundings. For they have truly changed so much during these last few days, we guarantee you it will take your breath away if you manage to take in the full scope of it all. For you are no longer riding inside that dark and dreary tunnel of yesteryear. You have exited at the other end, and there, the vistas are breathtakingly beautiful. So fill your lungs with this fresh air of freedom, and let your heart sing to the tune of this new and improved world that surrounds you. For this is just the beginning dear ones, this is only the first glimpse of what you have in store as soon the train you are travelling on will finally pull in at the station of your dreams.

(From Aisha: you can read more about the first Gathering here:

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