Friday, July 5, 2013

Archangel Michael: Let Your Prayers Be for All

Channeled By Ron Head On July 3, 2013 

Today we wish to speak of the reticence of those in positions of power to relinquish their positions even when confronted by the will of the masses of people whom they think they govern.

You are being made aware of these protests by your social networks and alternative news sources even though there is still precious little about them in your newspapers or on your television networks. For yourselves, we urge you to combine all of the reports you do see into as complete a picture as you can. You will become aware that this is a huge movement indeed, and this has not escaped the attention of those who would control you from behind closed doors.

Our message today is twofold. First we would point out to the men behind the curtain that this is a force that is becoming so large that they cannot possibly control it. Stemming the tide in one location will not stop the tide itself.

Secondly, for those of you who support and pray for the success of what is occurring, we would point out the following. Even though you are vastly in the majority, you can bring down upon yourselves vast resources that you have given to your governments. This is not at all desirable. You can and will achieve your aims peacefully if you so choose. Your peaceful actions will surely show each breach of peaceful behavior by those who stand in your way in the worst possible light. Something they also are aware of.

That is the reason they sometimes insert agents into your own ranks to stir up violence. Be aware of these tactics and expose them whenever you see them. For those not directly involved, and we wish that could be every one of you, please support peaceful and loving success with each beat of your hearts. We assure you that even if that were all that happened, it would be enough to insure the outcome. Nevertheless, send unconditional love to all involved.

We stress ‘unconditional’ and ‘all involved’. There is no one involved on either side of these situations who is not a divine child of the universe, regardless of his or her beliefs or actions. Therefore, let your prayers be for all. Perhaps just let your prayers be for the wondrous new world you and they are building.

Call upon the support of any or all of us and it shall certainly be yours. We hold love and admiration in our hearts for every dear soul who has placed herself or himself on your Earth at this time. You are the New Earth. Be safe, well, and at peace.

Good day, dear friends.

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