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Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies Of July 2013

Posted By Jennifer On July 2, 2013

jenniferhoffman300x225As we begin this new month we also begin the second half of 2013. Rather than asking ‘What’s next’, a better question is ‘What’s left?’, as in what’s left to learn, understand, release, recalibrate, adjust and clear because it feels like that is all we have been doing since January and even long before that. 

Even with this month’s Mercury retrograde, we have some gentler times ahead of us as we move into this new period, but certain conditions apply. July is a fantastic month for clearing and preparing for new beginnings, (which may not arrive until September) that can be done any way you like, with grace and ease or with a healthy dose of chaos.

Lately many people have been asking me how they can know they have done their clearing work, have ascended and some are afraid that they will miss, or have missed, the entire event. It is an ongoing process and there is nothing to miss, nor is there an event that will mark when this is completed. What we are doing now that we have not been able to do before, is see where we have made progress, where our final steps are and we are in a place where we can transition to completion.

This comes at a price though, and the price is to let go of the need to heal and to be healed, to see the mirror of our healing in others, and to think that we are finished once everyone is at the same place energetically, emotionally and in the same frequency and vibration. The other price is a value issue. 

What we can receive and experience is blocked by our self imposed limitations. It’s all there for us now, if we don’t receive we either are not asking, or not asking for what we really want. Maybe we’re asking but we’re not open to receiving because we have issues around deserving and worthiness.

This is our journey of acceptance and self-awareness, where we stop judging ourselves and others for who and what we are, for where we think we are, or should be on our healing path. In July we have a strong water or healing element that offers two avenues for this final healing and closure,  gentle and flowing, or a raging torrent. If we are in the gentle flowing aspect, we practice acceptance and detachment, acknowledging that everyone is where they need to be, at every moment and we focus on where we are on our own path. The raging torrent speaks for itself and it can be a tough paddle upriver if we are going against the flow, or a wild ride if we’re racing downstream without a paddle. 

And while we may end up at the same destination, we won’t feel as good or enjoy the process as much.

It’s also a month for self-awareness and there are two aspects for this too, the critical, harsh, judgmental self or the loving, worthy and deserving self. Once again, we have to choose but in this case the destination is not the same. We will not be able to enjoy the love, peace, harmony, abundance and joy that we can have, all of the time,  if we are critical, harsh, judgmental, and unloving with ourselves. We are worthy, you are worthy, I am worthy – say it until you believe it. The only way to change the world is to begin with how we talk to and think about ourselves. It all starts with us and unless we are willing to see ourselves in the same light, love and truth as we are viewed by our Source, the Universe, our guides and angels, we will limit our access to every good and wonderful thing that is available to us.

Whatever we want to or are thinking about releasing from our lives is as ready to let go of us, as we are ready to let it go. In July this involves the big three, home (where we are grounded, live and how we view ourselves in the world), relationships (including jobs, intimate partners, and family) and the balance of spiritual and material energies in our lives. If one of these areas is out of balance we will feel it this month and we’ll know when we’re paddling upstream, against the flow. How do we know? Where are we not happy, feel out of control, out of our element, out of synch with our vision of joy, love, peace and abundance for our reality?

As we fine tune our vibrational frequency, finding our perfect range of our joy, peace, love and abundance, we narrow the range of frequencies we allow to connect with us, while expanding our ability to receive blessings in these areas. If you find this confusing, consider it this way: The more you know what brings you joy, peace, abundance, and love, the less you scatter your energies in search of these things, so you can focus your energy very specifically and with great clarity, and become an attractor instead of a seeker. As the song goes, you’re not ‘looking for love in all the ‘wrong’ places’ and you can be in joy and attract more joy and blessings to you. Have a wonderful month!

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