Thursday, July 4, 2013

Just A Rumor But…..

Dinar 22
“RV was released this afternoon after 5 PCT. Public CE [currency exchange?] on Friday!! YIPEEE!!”

- NESARA News, July 3, 2013

[Ed. - Excerpted from a recent channelled conversation between Brother Beckow and his boss, Archangel Michael (transchanneller was Linda Dillon.]

Steve Beckow: The first area, Lord, is this question of the Iraqi dinar revaluation. There are so many rumors floating around. Some people say, well, it’s not going to happen until after full restoration. Other people tell us, day by day by day, that Wells Fargo is interfering with it.

Can you tell us, please, what is happening with the re-val, and if Wells Fargo is preventing it, are they ever going to be overruled and the revaluation made to happen?

Archangel Michael:  This gift of abundance and economic freedom, which is part of a larger package of restoration, as you know, is part and parcel of the restoration.

SB:  Yes?
AAM:  So it is not if or when or who can stop it; it will simply be. Are there some who would like to see it delayed? Yes. It matters not.

Now, what can be done? Well, I suggest to you on this side that there is a great deal being done. But on your side, so often — and this is part of the shift — so often when you hear or learn of interference, there is anger and petulance, disappointment, disillusionment. Now, understand, that is of the old realm.

So how do you deal with what you think is interference, on any level? Dear hearts, you blast what you perceive as the irritant — because that is all it is — you blast the irritant with light and love. You allow them to heal at the speed of love. And it  is instantaneous.

So you do not go to a place where you are giving the interference energy by reflecting back to them their own framework. What you do is you simply continue on, and it is as if you were blowing them out of the way with light, with laser light, with love, with laser clarity and love.

So they are teaching you your capacity to shift things. But there is very little actual interference on this front. Most of it has been taken care of. So simply send love, but also be the observer. And also open your hearts to the multitudes of other ways in which abundance will flow. And we don’t mean just monetarily.

But let us suggest to you why we are using, and why you are using, money, financial abundance. And we have observed this, when I have said to you, there is a resurgence of hope, and hope is a necessary ingredient of this shift, of creation.

If you do not hope, if you do not trust, if you are not in the love, then there is nothing to draw upon.

So do not spend time other than simply very rapidly sending light and love to all parties who are a little slow, and then move on, and make your plans of what you are going to create and do, because this is where lightworkers are being given the opportunity to demonstrate, in physicality, what creation of Nova Earth looks like.

I cannot be more clear than that. (“Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 2/2,” June 11, 2013, at

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