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MFG On Removing All Darkness, Inside And Out

Channelled by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 07/05/13

We would like to tell you about some of the goings-on behind the scenes as the cleanup of Planet Earth proceeds. There are issues of which many of you are completely unaware, and they are areas of great concern if the civilization is to move forward in Love and Light. The issue we speak of is the secret government - the covert operations which have been conducted by the group you have called the Illuminati. We prefer to call them the Dark Hats because there is nothing of Light about them.

Some of you know their origins and history, but we will give you a brief description here.

The ones you know as the Fallen Angels, led by Lucifer, were not evil, but were rebellious against the idea that all beings should be connected with God. They wished to try complete independence, to live without having to rely on the I AM Presence in their lives. They were what you might call the original atheists, but they were well aware of the God they were rebelling against, since they were our own dear children. They came to Earth during a period of upheaval, and taught their beliefs to others.

Among those others were the Reptilians, a race of beings also created by us, who were exceptional for their intense passion and creativity. They were a part of the racial mixing which was to become you, the humans of Planet Earth, known as The Creator Race. The strengths of the Reptilians was in their high levels of intuition, perceptiveness and psychic powers. They were intensely loving, fiercely loyal, and gifted intellectually. They were also fiercely independent, and their encounters with Lucifer led to disastrous ends.

Some of the Reptilians, though not all, decided that they would free themselves from their connection to God and to the intensity of their passionate feelings by experimenting with their own DNA.

Tragically, they used their scientific abilities to remake themselves into a race without the connection to their hearts which allows all beings to feel Love for one another and for their God. Incidentally, their philosophy - that love is to be avoided because it will lead to pain, and that sensitivity is weakness - has become a mantra in your own cultures to this day.

Once freed from the requirement of Love and its corollary feelings of compassion, forgiveness, empathy, nurturance and reverence for life, they became the source of evil which went far beyond the intention or control of Lucifer and his followers. It was the Reptilians who took the idea of independence from God to its opposite extreme, and as we have described in Kathryn’s book, the behavior which results is what is now called psychopathic or sociopathic. They became intelligent beings without Heart - an extremely dangerous combination.

It would not have been possible for them to maintain their practice of evil in every area of life on Earth if they had taken part in the after-life process which everyone else experiences. As we have described to you earlier, at the end of every life, all God’s children ascend to the 5th dimension to be welcomed back to the dimensions of Unending Love, and to review, with the help of your Guides and mentors, the entire experience of your life. As you re-experience your actions which caused others pain from their point of view, you are taught in the most profound way to feel empathy for others and forgiveness for yourself, as you experience Our forgiveness and compassion.

In order to avoid any learning or contact with Us, the Reptilians devised a plan to remain in the 4th dimension, close to the Earth plane, where they could recycle quickly into the same families, maintaining the human bloodline true to its Reptilian ideal of heartless intelligence. This way, they were able to gain great power and control, and their influence has been felt in every area of life.

Theirs was the idea of maintaining the use of fossil fuels rather than permitting free energy discoveries to be given to the people. Theirs also are the manufacturing processes which pollute rivers and steams, killing wildlife in the name of profit, as well as the use of spraying chemicals in the skies to control the population. Any excuses which encourage the misuse or overuse of the precious resources which Mother Earth has so abundantly provided, and every idea which promotes “the economy” over the wellbeing of the population as a whole has its roots in the Reptilian project. The idea that “the economy” based on money must be fueled by consumers was a clever ruse for funneling ever more of it into their own secret projects and private purses.

It is now coming to and end because the 4th dimension has been collapsed to eliminate any refuge from the afterlife review process in God’s higher realms of Love. It cannot continue beyond the lifetime of the beings which are alive today on the planet. The top tier of Reptilian leaders have already been removed and taken for trial and/or restoration to wholeness in Our image, and their lieutenants are now being removed as well, however, some smaller parts of their high level secret programs have been maintained by moving them frequently and by playing a clever cat-and-mouse game with those whose work it is to capture and expose them.

The work of rounding up the remaining minions is now in the hands of those brave investigators in organizations such as your own CIA, which has been frequently infiltrated and shadowed by a parallel organization of “Black ops” Dark Hat operatives. During periods in which Dark Hats were in charge of the highest levels of the U.S. Government, such as the Nixon, Reagan and Bush years and the later Clinton administration, there was little separation between the official government organization and the Dark Hat underworld. That is now being dismantled day by day, and more arrests will be made around the world as the truth is revealed.

You are aware of the current upsurge of the Arab Spring which has brought 30 million people into the streets in Egypt to demand genuinely democratic government. Never before in the history of the world has such massive participation by the people been so organized and effective in presenting its message to the world. This is the beginning of a worldwide uplifting of consciousness; no nation will be able to remain secretly oppressive of its people behind barriers of silence. Independent media sources - private citizens with cell phone cameras - have made secrecy a thing of the past, and the effects are being felt in every country of the world at once.

We have given you this overview to help you understand the political and practical implications as well. While things are moving fast, and change is inevitable, there are still some dangers to our Lightworkers. The zealous underlings we mentioned still have possession of some technological tools which can be used to disable or handicap those who are dedicated to service in the name of God. They are targets of various forms of etheric and material implants which can be used to interfere with brain and heart connections.

Those Lightworkers who are involved with Dark Entity removals or who have had contact with “Black ops” individuals are especially at risk because of their high visibility and their effectiveness in reducing the power of the Dark Ones. Of course, this is not a new phenomenon; it has always been the case in the struggle between good and evil.

We are working with the Arcturians, with Sananda, Archangels Michael, Gabrielle and others to restore our Beloved Ones to full health, but it is a challenge for the Lightworkers themselves, who must do the internal work of tracking down and dismantling the foreign objects, with our help. The intricate structure of these “implants” requires that the victim themselves take the lead in the removal of it. It also requires a high level of self-awareness to identify immediately the presence of feelings and attitudes which are “not me” so that the invading object can be dealt with.

This is yet another reason to develop your self-awareness and not be swayed by the traditional belief systems which encourage illness and an attitude of submission to medical experts, who of course have no knowledge of etheric implants, but who would be happy to medicate you so that you will be less aware of external interference with your normal functioning. Turn to Us as your first line of defense.

We do not wish to create fear of Dark Energy or implants by giving you this information. Please read carefully - we are encouraging self-awareness, not fear. Fear is always an invitation for Darkness of all kinds, within and without, so do not permit anxiety or any feelings of victimization. Turn instead to consult with your Angels, and to get help from Us if it is needed for any reason. We are here for your support, comfort and healing.

Things are indeed shifting quickly. It is a time of great celebration and hope. Continue to communicate with Us in your I AM meditations, in your prayers and in every moment of your daily lives. We love you more than words can ever describe; turn instead to the feelings of your heart, where we speak to you of Love.

With Healing Masters and Angels standing by in willing service to you, We are your Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, July 5, 2013, 1 am.

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