Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Manuscript Of Survival – Part 333

Channelled By Aisha North On July 4, 2013

As the days go by and you are all exposed to the increased velocity of the incoming energies, you will find how door after door seems to be flung open. Some of these doors are doors that have been hidden from view within, while other doors are more out in the open, and these doors concern things not associated to you, but to the world at large. Again we say the time for change is indeed in full swing, and you will all be touched by this in some way.

As the velocity increases, the perceived ferocity of all of this will for many also become apparent. We do not mean this in any negative way, rather as in a force of nature that is relentless once it has started to march towards completion. As we have touched upon earlier, the light cannot be stopped now, and no matter how hard one tries to bar the door, the lock has been opened and there is no way to hold back the changes that come a-knocking now.

Many will be able to testify to this already and it takes courage to stand up in the gale force winds of change that are making their mark on so much now. Courage is something you have all shown yourselves to have in abundance. At times the courage may seem to have gone into hiding, but underneath all of this hue and cry you will all be able to find a way to connect with that ironclad core of steel that supports you now. You are no longer like those who have built their house on sand. You have torn down the old flimsy structures you used as supports and you have replaced them with girders that are stronger than steel. You  know that nothing can topple you now.

Still, there will be instances when you also might feel less than secure in this knowledge and, as always, reaching out to others like you will be of great help.You need to remind yourselves that you are no longer the same person you used to be. You have changed so much during these last months that it is almost as if you changed identity completely.

Outwardly, nothing much will have changed, but we venture to guess you have all gotten to know the real you a far bit better over the course of the last weeks.This will only continue, and you will get ever more familiar with the real you over the next couple of days. Please make sure to take time to do just that, no matter what these days and nights bring, for it is important not to lose sight of the core issue here. You are first and foremost on a mission to reconnect with every layer that you have collected within this outer human layer, and there might be more than you are currently aware of.

Do not get too distracted by any outside, or indeed internal hullabaloo, lest you loose track of your path to full reconnection. It may seem that you have finished this journey, but we think you will find that whenever you have completed another level of this exploration game, you can feel sure that there are even more treasures to unearth. This is indeed a treasure hunt for all intents and purposes, and what you will find, shall not only bring you much joy, it will also be of immense help to this whole planet. So seek, and ye shall find, and what you find will be more precious to you than all the riches the richest amongst you have amassed in any other way. It is all within, but it is larger than expected, so get ready to be blown away by the magnitude of it all.

Channel: Aisha North
Webpage: Aisha North – Channelings and Words of Inspiration

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