Friday, August 2, 2013

Lifting the Veils: Understanding our Guides and Angels
Our guides and angels are perhaps the most prevalent but least understood energy supporting our spiritual evolution. Their identity and origins shed light on an important energy in our daily lives. Each individual’s higher self plays an important role in how their guides and angels communicate. All the past lives we have experienced on earth exist within an Akashic framework in the higher self. Some souls extend all the way back to Lemuria while others started with the Atlantean era; still others date back to the Egyptian era. Older souls have the highest incidence of guide and angel intervention into thought patterns though all souls have the ability to gain access and effectively use guidance.

The difference between guides and angels is that guides primarily focus on physical-plane activity and the functioning of the ego. Angels work more with the dream state and the intuitive flow of subconscious activity. Guides are derived from the most frequent past-life crossings and are not incarnate. The reason they are not incarnate varies from their afterlife ‘bardos’ denoted in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. When guides are released from the ‘karmic illusion bardo’ - the first afterlife phase -they can either go into a meditative phase for an extended period of time or they can gain more important experience by functioning as a guide for an incarnate being. The karmic illusion bardo reviews the most recent lifetime where all the challenges and achievements are paired to their contract for that lifetime.

This guide ethic is in place when you hear about a son or daughter who has lost one or both parents and then sometime later they feel them around or see them in their dreams. The closer the time frame is to current incarnate interaction, the stronger the guide vibration. These guides normally extend, however, all the way back to the 14th century and the Renaissance. There are varying vibrational inputs from guides depending upon the movement of awareness. The more stagnant the conscious development, the more guides stay in place. As we move into higher conscious awareness, guides change and past lives within the higher self play a more functional role in our development. An advanced soul can change guides every year, moving farther back into past life crossings and periods of highly-evolved consciousness. 

Each past life within our higher self has a given frequency. Some lifetimes were somewhat mundane and others were relatively famous. We can only take advantage of our most important past-life energy when we are evolving quickly in our spiritual lives. Guides connect to the closest subconscious planes around our physical body. Both the emotional and mental planes focus their intent to create events in our lives. Some events result in divine connections such as past-life crossings with friends and loved ones who are incarnate. Guides also help us by shining awareness on habits, attitudes, prejudices, and assumptions that tether us to lower-vibrational realities. They also assist us in healing sorrow, depression and anger so we can cultivate inner peace.

Angels come from three different levels. The most basic and common come from our indigenous area where we live. These are nature spirits who follow us when we walk. They come from trees, flowers, and many other types of foliage. You may occasionally see them when they appear as orbs of light around your head when you are walking. These angels work with us to teach us to commune with pets; they hover about as we feed wild birds and animals; they help us become good stewards of the environment and teach us to access the joy in every day. They help us defuse past emotions and opinions that are useless in our future. 

Foremost, they teach us unconditional love, which is a primary ethic for ascension.

The second tier of angelic support comes from actual souls from the angelic realm who have multiple incarnations and have served favorably to ascend as an apprentice to the archangel vibration. The seven families of archangels are Michael, Chamuel, Jophiel, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Zadkiel. These are intergalactic archangels who have served on many planets, harvesting many angels to go forth to other planets that need realization. This second tier primarily works in the dream state in what is known as the astral subconscious plane. Only about 30 percent of our awareness in our dreams flow to our consciousness. Angels work with the other 70 percent in non-REM dream periods. They establish the REM state to help us understand where we are with the evolution of our consciousness.
The third tier of angels is the archangel vibration where many angels achieve archangel status. 

Although we do at times make definitive contact with known archangels, the majority of input into the upper etheric subconscious plane is from new archangels ascended from the earth incarnation process. These angels work with us as we manage to emancipate through the astral plane and enter the Fifth Dimension. They serve as tour guides for the harmonics that stage many different functions for enlightenment. We sometimes receive divine assistance when our vibrational frequency lifts us to symposiums with ascended masters, or allows us to enter holographic stages for virtual reality periods. In these elevated realities, masters teach us how to bi-locate on earth-grid patterns so we can do healing work around the globe. They also show us how to access time planes to better understand ourselves in past and future probabilities.

Namaste, Peter

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