Friday, August 2, 2013

Metatron: "Fountains Of Youth And Passion"

  Not for the squeamish!  DT the ET

Metatron Excerpt Courtesy Of 

James Tyberonn

It is time to rediscover passion and joy, as did the Masters of the Golden Age. It is time to regain the balance. Life is not meant to be only work, rather the equity of well being and contained within the raptures of bliss. Joy has a geometric code and pattern, and you can discover joy & indeed groom it!

Happiness is acquired, and we tell you that the energy of passion is the driving engine of manifestation.  Passion  is the fabric of  your life- fervor & is an essential part of  heart-courage and will. You are not meant to be indifferent, sad or apathetic ! Learning to create & project joy is a huge accomplishment ! And indeed  joy has a geo-coded essence that can be received  in certain portals.

Delphi is termed an  'umbilical' for this purpose, to nourish & renew life-force ! Delphi  offers such codes of bliss ! The ancients knew this !

When you enter into periods of fatigue or apathy you MUST  work out of them. Find joy, do not spiral into indifference, for every moment of life is precious and purposed!

You will find that life expectancy will increase by up to 25% even in the present generational sojourns on the planet. It is wise to regenerate the body and take more active roles, and change the belief system that your life ends at  'retirement age'. In truth it begins one of the most profound and important stages of your life.

We assure you that in current times, humans will live to well over the century mark in the vibrant energies of the New Earth .

There are indeed points on the planet that are literal 'fountains of youth, points of energy regeneration. It is wise to frequent such 'regeneration points'. None are more potent that the Aegean waters of Greece and the umbilical at Delphi.  Delphi has been termed a 'Naval' center for millennia.  That is because it regenerates life force.

You are never too old! We tell you that the so called 'senior' years have an absolute purpose to utilize & share the garnered wisdom of the present life time. More advanced societies revered the 'Elders' and there was wisdom in such acknowledgement. Your present societies have forgotten this, and that is most unfortunate.

LeMurians, Atlanteans and other advanced societies retained physical life for hundreds of years. And the physical condition and appearance of a 400 year old Poseidon was akin to a present human in their early 40's. There was vitality and life force. Yes, the Atlanteans had a medical light technology that regenerated the body to live millennia, but even those who did not have access to this technology lived many centuries by following a specific mind set and physical regime,  and that included frequenting portals & harbingers of life force.

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