Monday, November 11, 2013

A Short Update on the 11:11 Energies


Channelled By Aisha North On 11:11:13 
Today will be an interesting day for many, as you will find yourself looking at a number on your calendars that will start to stir something deep within. As usual, we do not like to give you any details, as this will indeed be a very individual experience. Suffice it to say, the numbers that you will see today signaling today’s date, 11.11 is indeed not by accident.

For these numbers do signify a portal, an opportunity, something you can choose to embrace energetically in a way that will enlighten you further. You see, these dates that mankind are so fond of do not in itself signify anything but numbers on a screen or on a piece of paper, but for us, it can be very useful indeed in order to give you all a focal point.

And so today, as you have designated this very day to be a day marked by 11.11, we will indeed give you all a chance to enter an even faster flowing stream of energetic upgrading that will help to further you a little bit extra on your journey. Again, this will be a very individual experience, but it will also be a collective one as there are many others using this marker of the 1 to sit down and connect even deeper with themselves, and through that, to the collective. So we give you all an invitation to do the same, as we know it will be beneficial to you all in all kinds of ways.

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