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Comet ISON: The Return Of Christ Consciousness?

By Stephen Cook – November 28, 2013

ImageCredit: Waldemar Skorupa on Spaceweather.comComet ISON has certainly got many of us talking, thinking and, importantly, feeling as it begins brightening up and plunges into the sun’s atmosphere.

At 1.45pm Eastern Time USA today (November 28, Thanksgiving Day) the comet will be “little more than a million kilometers above our sun’s fiery surface”, according to Space Weather (1).

As it travels along, it is “releasing gigantic clouds of gas and dust, moving at 680,000 km an hour (425,000 miles) with a tail that extends more than 8 million kilometers behind the comet’s nucleus”. As a comparison, that’s 21 times the distance between Earth and the Moon!

Such a huge cosmic entity must have an effect on everything around it. Energetically. Physically. Cosmically. Naturally, it will also have an impact on all of us – and quite possibly in ways that we have only ever imagined. Many are saying this very recent discovery heralds the return of the Christ Consciousness. Steve Rother (see Alice’s video post below) tells us The Group has told him it is here “to ‘seed’ Starseeds around the globe”.

Appropriately and somewhat ironically, Comet ISON was only discovered  last year – on the spiritually-celebrated and balanced Fall/Spring equinox, September 21, 2012 – by two amateur Russian astronomers Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novichonok. It garnered its unusual name  simply because the astronomers used the reflector at the International Scientific Optical Network (ISON) to find it.

But even without Vitali (think: vitality, as in life) and Artyom (think: artistic atom) discovering it for us just last year, we’ve actually known about its path and look for quite some time…
There  are crop circles from several years back that gave us clear and accurate clues to both. Some are eerily identical to recent scientific images of this miraculous and mysterious cosmic traveller.
comet ison crop circle 1

As Cynthia Schlosser explains in her Spiritus Sanctus News (2):

“A comet is made up largely of ice.  As it travels through the cold cold vacuum of space, it stays largely intact.

“As it approaches heat, like our sun, it evaporates water from the fiery heat and forms a large tail as shown below in the crop circle.

“This water contains amino acid chains which is what science has discovered seeds new life on planets like ours.

“…The dusting of our planet with these minute divinely coded water crystals is similar in essence to the fairy tales of old, where magic pixie dust worked miracles.”

This all  ‘feels’ particularly true to me. During a breath work journey just three days ago  and I ‘got’ that we are already IN ‘The Event’. And I felt a tingling energy that lasted for several minutes after I came back from my session.

So, is Comet ISON simply the opening act to ‘The Event”?  I know I feel it is. So do others…
Maintaining that the seeding of Christ Consciousness has begun, Sonja Myriel RAoouine (3) writes:

“I, for my part, see the SON in I-SON … and more. I-am-the-SON – and this I is EACH of us … the Seeding of Christ Consciousness which will culminate in the Winter Solstice and Christmas Celebrations.

“Will we still see ISON around Christmas? No one really knows now, because no one can foresee if the Sun will melt part of it and break it apart or not.

“Fact is, that it is NOW nearing the Sun and it is leaving a trace of amino acids and water in the heliosphere.

“And, it was welcomed by a sixpointed STAR formation of our planets around the Sun – and thousands of lightworkers were actively participating in global meditations (on) that day.”

My fellow Australian Dana Mrkich (4) asks: “Is it affecting us energetically? Well, my feeling is – the Sun is, solar flares are, planetary movements are, why not a comet…

“When I ask what ISON’s energy might trigger in us, it feels like a clear, sharp arrow (representing Who are you…really?) focusing in on its target (calling you to ask yourself Where are you going?), as everything in the periphery falls away in a blur labelled ‘the past’ (What or who do you need to let go of in order to become who you really are and get where you really want to go?).
“While these are all basic questions to be answered by everyone over the course of their life journey, there is a ‘quickening’ happening. These questions are tapping on our shoulders, the answers are nudging our sides.

“It feels like the whole universe is working together to help us wake up. Forget about that snooze button on your bedside table…it will keep ringing, for everyone, (every 5 minutes, so it would seem) until all aspects within us and outside us have shifted. Sometimes the trigger is a personal event, sometimes something that is happening in your country or the other side of the world, and sometimes it’s the sun, planet or a comet apparently.”

Rev. Christine Meleriessee from the Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery (5) elaborates:

“As each of us are standing on a new threshold of life within our world, it is important to reflect back through the year to see how far we have come within our own personal enfoldment.

“The awakened ones are holding this light within their own fields so that others can receive it. 

The important aspect of these changes is to fully intuit it within our self in all levels of our creation; otherwise, what is happening can be lost as it was in Atlantis and Lemuria.  We can stand as the lightworkers saying that because we are awakened and work with the light, that we are the ones that are the torchbearers for this light to be held within the planet.

“This is so very true.  But it is important that we go deeper into the core of our being just as GAIA is doing.  We must purge and remove the parts that do not exist any longer.  Oneness must come from within first and then it can be shared with others.  Otherwise, we are not achieving the highest goals that are being guided through the essence of God’s Light or the Source of Beingness which we are all a piece of this creation.

“As we are being affected by the Comet ISON, these thoughts are being projected to me to share.  We are a very powerful group of beings that have been placed upon this Earth; we have tried before and we failed.  It is imperative to fully accept the fact that we don’t know all the answers as the true statement of a Master is, “I do not know where I am going or what I am doing, but with God’s Light my pathway shines bright through my Higher Essence showing me the way”.

“Take time for this amazing entryway of light to help you to expand more into your Higher Self, Your Monad, and your I AM Presence.  We are not just the physical body and we must re-mind ourselves of this fact every day.  It will help you to move further as you become the Multi-Dimensional Being upon the New Earth.  We are within a deep state of healing; now is the time to fully allow the transformation to take place, step by step.

“As we experience the essences of ISON coming into our creation, take time to reflect about your own inner self.  What you are experiencing is representative of the many timelines that are igniting because IT IS TIME….”

And blogger Russian-born Eugenia Oganova (6) tells us that, metaphysically speaking, comets are Light-bringers – and Comet ISON is indeed activating the highest of all light, the Christ Consciousness

“Comet ISON is the Blue Star that was awaited by the Hopi (they called it Kachina) and Maya elders for millennia, and it is said to be the “bringer of the extra-terrestrial life”, the completer of spiritual childhood of human race.

“Now, since we know that it is not going to crash into the Earth, it sounds like the prophesies are wrong? No, they are not. It is just that the “extra-terrestrial life” has nothing to do with the typical Hollywood-type aliens it has to do with the activation of the StarSeed consciousness on Earth, so that our Solar System can be welcomed into the Galactic Family.

“That Galactic Family is the Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Light, the enlightened beings who work with the Solar Council and the planetary and Solar elders (which we call “ascended masters” – humans who went through the process of enlightenment).”

“The brightness of the Comet ISON is linked to the consciousness development on Earth. The Solar Council of enlightened beings who oversee the development of the Solar System was expecting a much more impressive show than what we are getting. The reason for it is us – humans…”

Eugenia adds that we were all “energetically instructed” to take responsibility for our actions, to “grow up” into spiritual adults via what she describes as two types of mystery schools.

“From the time of Atlantis there were two major mystery schools on Earth: of the Red Dragon and of the Yellow Dragon. The Red Dragon represents the schools of metaphysical knowledge, Light, individuality and Self building. The Yellow Dragon represents the schools of devotion, Love, connectedness and selflessness. Human beings always had the choice of these two schools of metaphysical spiritual knowledge.

“But in truth there is a third school. It was hidden over a very long period of time because it relates to the StarSeeds, to the enlightened beings who support the Earth but are not of the earth.
“This is the mystery school of Unity Consciousness, where individuality of the Self (knowledge and Light) come together with the connectedness of the Whole (oneness and Love). This is the true Individualized Oneness, where we see ourselves as fractals of the universal hologram. Hologram is a condition upon which the information for creating the whole system is stored in each of its parts. Hologram is a pattern that is whole and complete all to itself.

“Our planet, the genetic code in our bodies, our Universe – all are holographic in nature. So this third hidden mystery school of Individualized Oneness, or the Unity Consciousness (also sometimes called the Christ Consciousness, and unrelated to the church) is what the Comet ISON is here to activate.”
I feel so, too… and I ‘get’ that we are now entering a very  rewarding, exciting and blessed time…
(Interestingly, I finished this article and posted it at 11.44pm my time in Sydney; which was 4.44am Pacific time US.)

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