Wednesday, November 27, 2013

It's Showtime!

 From Sandra Walter's Newsletter Today:

          Comet ISON is making its way around the Sun this Thursday

After the opening of the Aion portal last Saturday, this is one HIGH VIBE week! Intense energetics are in play to create this major acceleration of the Shift. Personally, I AM still integrating the profound Heart activation from last weekend, and meditating as often as possible.

This gateway is wide open, and getting wider, so if you have ringing ears, movement in the heart center, blissful states of grace and the sensation of *this is it* - you are not alone. Distinct thinning of the veils is in progress, so be sure to communicate with all of those lovely beings, lights and orbs that are visible 24/7 now.

                                                         Worldwide Focus This Week...

Assist in bringing in the new light ~ receive it with an open heart, release what no longer serves, and send love, harmony, balance and peace through the collective and grid systems. Gatekeepers and those in service, receive and anchor through November 29.

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