Saturday, November 30, 2013


On Thanksgiving a new white baby was born! It was born on Nov 28, in the early morning on Thanksgiving at 3:30am, Aaron was on night and morning watch , he saw Peace keeper and a little baby standing next to her and daddy was laying down next to mommy. they're doing great and it cold here . we have 2 people watching them and mother and father and baby are doing great. It was cold in the teens last night but they can handle it. WE have closed the area down for a few days for the mother and baby. I have to go as I am on watch now. Love to you all, sorry we did not let you all know sooner be we were with them all day and night. We watch for Lookie Loos, hunters, and mountain Lion and wild dogs. It is a Good Day! Blessings Cyn

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