Sunday, December 1, 2013

Creating A Vortex Of Energy With Sacred Spaces

Channelled By Holly Hawkins Marwood 11-28-13

“Greetings Dear Ones,

We are the High Council of Orion.

Today we speak to you about a topic we have spoken about before, yet we are going to speak about it a little bit differently and a little bit more deeply than we have shared prior to now. This is one of creating sacred space. We invite each one of you to create sacred space in your life, in your home, wherever you are. We invite you to do this because not only does it give you a place of sanctuary in your home, in your office, and most importantly, in your life, but actually what you are doing as you create a sacred space is, literally, create a vortex of energy that allows that which you are striving for to embody itself in a more tangible way in your life. For one could say an altar, or a sacred space, is the place where you imbue the energies of your intention of connecting at the higher levels, which is true, yet the consistency, the action, the intention and the constancy of your energy in that space, the way you interact, imbue it and spend time in it, not only gives you the reminder of sanctuary but actually, in fact, creates an energetic vortex.

For example, if you create a sacred space in your home, your office or wherever that is a space or altar dedicated to the angelic realm, as you spend time there and connect with the angelic realm you imbue it with the energy of connection. Yet, if you see it from our perspective, you would also see the vortex of energy that's created as a direct line from the angelic realm to where you are in your life

It's magnifying and intentionally bringing in a pathway of that energy. The example we give is that at the angelic realm, yet your sacred space might be devoted to the Divine in all of its forms and faces. It might be dedicated to the elemental realm of gnomes, fairies and others who are mystical and magical creatures.

We could go on, but the idea here is that as you create the sacred space understand that it transcends what you are doing or what you are intending on the physical, human level and actually creates a pathway of energetic reality into your life through this vortex.

Beyond that we would say to you that if you create this sanctuary, this sacred space, within your home, understand that when you are away from it, yet you think and connect with it from the place of your heart, you are then taking that vortex with you. These beautiful objects of art, of nature in its many forms that give you reminders of your aspirations also give back to you, through the energetic infusion in your life. As you have your sacred space in your home where you spend that time in prayer, contemplation, reading, meditation or resting, understand also that when you are away from it, if you think and connect with that energy, you are connected also with that vortex that you have created. It transcends physicality, so you can connect with your sanctuary whether you are physically in it or not.

We invite each one of you to create the sacred space, the sanctuary, the vortex within your life wherever it might be: a corner of your closet, a room unto itself, a small space next your bed. The size does not matter. The connection and the infusion of your energy, in connection with the higher realms, the realms beyond that you are striving for at that moment in time in your life, is all that is necessary.

For some that will be represented through art, through statue, through nature, in the form of flowers, in the form of rocks, crystals and water. For some it will be through the sense of smell and light through candles and incense. Understand that your expression, in an authentic way, is all that is important there. Your connection, through your heart, to that space is what opens up the portal, opens up the vortex of the energies flowing in.

You've been to those spaces that have been imbued over hundreds, and perhaps thousands of years, where the energies feel tangible. It’s because of the consistency of the induction into the vortex of energy that makes it palpable. You can create that same reality in your own life that reflects your unique connection to the realms beyond, understanding also that they can change and transform as you change and transform. They need not be static. They are as dynamic as you are on your journey back to Oneness.

Be blessed.

We are the High Council of Orion.”
© 2013 Copyright Soul Genesis

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