Thursday, November 21, 2013

Archangel Michael On Nova Being


Written by Steve Beckow

archangel-michael-desktop1I had a personal reading with Archangel Michael yesterday but many of his answers had general significance and applicability.  I reproduce here his comments on sacred partnership on Nova Earth.

I asked him what lightworkers would be modelling around sacred partnership and he replied:

“[What the new sacred partners will be doing] is that you will be modeling what we would call the Nova Being form of sacred union, of partnership. It is partnership in the new realm.

“And it is partnership that is based on a full recognition – emphasis on full. Not just recognition but full recognition – of each other.

“And each other within the context of your individual plans, your own designs, your own missions, your own desires, and your joint missions and desires.

“But it also showing how you can be demonstrating, how you can be in sacred partnership and work together, be together, live together, create together. And not to the exclusion of community.

 “What has often happened in the past is that there have been extremes. There are couples who can co-exist – and I use that word because it is not peaceful co-existence in my sense of peace, in the Mother’s sense of peace. But they believe that they live in peaceful co-existence as long as they don’t have to be together twenty-four hours a day.

“Now we are not suggesting that anybody needs to be with anybody twenty-four hours a day. But what the new realm suggests is that you can be  – two hours, twenty-four hours, it matters not.

“Then there are others that say, well, we can be together and we can work and we can play together but it is to the exclusion of others.  It is to the exclusion of working with a team, working with a community, with the globe, with the collective.

“And so the new form of partnership is how do you engage in freedom, in love, in creation, in co-creation in ways that are expansive and inclusive, exclusive and inclusive, that are unitive.” (1)

I asked him how two people could be with each other in ways that were fresh, empowering and ennobling. He replied:

“[Practice] laughter. Sweetness, kindness, and consideration – in the very specific sense and in the greatest sense.  So you are truly to each other and within yourself not only demonstrating but receiving the blessings of someone who is living the divine qualities.

“So anything that is not of the divine qualities, anything that is not of kindness, consideration and love, you say to each other, you have the permission and consideration to say, not in words of anger, not in words of fear, but in a way that says ‘That doesn’t feel to me like love.’

“So it is not being on high alert, but in a comfort zone, a harmony that is comfortable enough that you can say ‘That does not feel right’  the same way that, when you are sharing a bed, you say ‘Can you move a little?’ And of course you do. And it is in that way that you accommodate each other so that the bodies, minds and spirits can meld and come together.

“There is something that is very important, both to [the new couples] and as [they] model and that is honoring and praise. And we don’t mean flattery. For you know that flattery is often false.

“But praise that says to each other, ‘I see you. I see how you did that, how you processed that, how you took things into consideration, how you extended yourself to somebody else. I admire that. This is a beautiful thing that you are doing and it reflects the beauty of who you are.’

“So it is not to fall into commonplace. Simply there is acceptance of the wholeness of the other person but there is also the recognition and the speaking of that honoring.”

I suggested that sometimes praise can be used to steer a person in a certain direction. And he replied:

“It has to be selfless praise. It has to be heart-generated and genuine. Because I could say to you, ‘My, that was a wonderful, insightful piece that you have just written,” and you could say, “I want to please Michael so I will write more like that.”

“And that would not be my intent. My intent would be to simply acknowledge the effort and the purity that you have put forth. So there is that childlike capacity in human beings to repeat things that give you praise and that is not really the sole purpose of praise.

“Because you do not want to simply direct someone in a certain direction and then they forget that they really wanted to go off and explore this whole other sphere.”

This is a beautiful vision of partnership and a glimpse of how things will be when we’re totally anchored into the Fifth Dimension.  In what age past would we have had such generous and detailed assistance in such an intimate area of life from an archangel? For me the answer is “never.”


(1) All quotes are from Archangel Michael in personal reading with Steve Beckow, Nov. 19, 2013.

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