Monday, November 18, 2013

We Are the Trees

November 18, 2013 by  
Dear Friends,
I had a pleasant walk today at a nearby cranberry bog and came upon a large tree with deep roots and I could tell it was an ancient tree. I sat on one of the tree limbs and climbed on part of the trunk, feeling the energy of the tree. The tree began to speak to me. This is what it said.  ~ Love, Goldenlight

We are the treesIMG_4483 We are a part of Gaia’s body
We assist in grounding the electromagnetic frequencies of the higher dimensions into my (Gaia’s) body
We have been here a long time we have an ancient wisdom that goes beyond your ages on earth
We are the between worlds nerve receptors between the old 3d world the new 4d world on earth and the inner earth beings
We exist on the inner earth as well
We transmit signals to our inner earth tree family to communicate what is happening on the outside of Gaia’s body
We wait for your return to full consciousness
We are patient
We have no need of time
We send our grounding stable energy through Goldenlight today
Whatever will be will be
Our wisdom transcends time
We are the ancient ones
Do not try to remove us all from mother earth
We will grow again
Our ancient energy cannot be cut down
We exist beyond time
We have stable grounding energy to offer you during this time of transition
Come to us lean on us we cannot fall we will support you energetically during this shift

And offer you our grounding energy
We are of The Earth
The Earth is One Being
She is known to you as Gaia
We are the ancient ones
Come to us we are always here
Channeled by Goldenlight, © The Golden Light Channel.


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